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Christian Advertising Opportunities

Advertise your Christian or family-friendly products and services to hundreds of thousands of dedicated Christians.

Advertise to Christian Singles

ChristianCafe.com is a leading online dating service for single Christians. The service is Christian owned and operated. Please read our Media page for more information on the service.

Christian Advertising Opportunities

ChristianCafe.com is generally an ad-free site, however we do have two ad spots available:

→ 300x250 Banner - Sent Mail Page

The 300x250 banner is displayed on the screen following mail being sent from one member to another:

christian advertising opportunity

→ 728x90 Banner - Top of Page

The 728x90 banner is displayed at the very top of the page:

christian advertising opportunity

Acceptable Ads

Only Christian and/or 'family-friendly' ads will be accepted.

Pricing and Purchase

Please contact to purchase ads at the following prices:

  • 300x250 banner placement @ $6.50 CPM
  • 728x90 banner placement @ $5 CPM
Minimum purchase amount is $150. Please include your banner creative for review.


ChristianCafe.com members primarily reside in the United States (approximately 75 percent of our membership), followed by Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Our members are single and Christian, although from a variety of Christian denominations. Most members own credit cards and make purchases online.

Getting Started

See Pricing and Purchase section above to get started.