30 Inspirational Christian Songs

Christian songs that inspire!
Cafe staffer Jen put together this fantastic list of inspirational Christian songs. Give them a listen and let us know in the comments below what you think. Likewise, please share with your friends if these songs brought you joy today. What other Christian songs would you add to this list?

Online Dating Stories by HopefulGirl

An online dating story...Today on the Cafe blog we talk with British writer โ€˜HopefulGirlโ€™, who wrote the book
Would Like to Meet. This book details her four years on the Christian dating scene โ€“ which included a year on ChristianCafe.com.

Still Single in your 30s? Don’t Give Up Hope!

Still single?
Are you, maybe, in your thirties and still haven’t found the life partner God has for you? Have you lost hope in finding your match for life?

A Boundless reader writes:

“I’ve put a time limit on when I will stop looking for a suitable mate, but is this the wrong idea when the Bible says that there is a season for everything?”


Should I Date a Christian of a Different Denomination?


Pastor Jim responds to the question about interdenominational dating.

ยป Should I date a Christian outside my own denomination?

I know of no scriptural reference that says you should not date someone outside of your own denomination. However, I do suggest that there are practical considerations that you should think about and let them guide you.

Single for Valentine’s? Make it an Opportunity!

Single for Valentine’s Day? Many singles hate this day, as it reminds them of their singleness. What if you looked at Valentine’s a little different this year? Meaning, how about seeing it as an opportunity?

Listen to the brief interview below where ChristianCafe.com co-founder Sam Moorcroft discusses how to take advantage of Valentine’s Day as a single person.

OK to Use a Coupon on a Date?

Date Coupons

You’ve done the back and forth online with someone you’re interested in. Now it’s time to meet in person – whether for coffee, a drink, dinner, mini-golf or whatever else. You have a coupon for this fine establishment you want to take your date to. Is it OK to use that coupon on a date? Would your date feel that you’re cheap – or would she think you’re just really good with your money?

Top Christian Songs of 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already, but here we are again at the conclusion of yet another year, with lots of great music to reflect back upon. That’s right, it’s time for our annual list: the top Christian Songs of 2012! The ranking is provided by Billboard magazine (ranked by radio airplay audience impressions).

Free Online Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas! We’ve created four styles of online Christmas cards that you can send to your family and friends.

Do Circumstances Dictate Your Character?

Examining the role that certain circumstances play in shaping who we are and exploring new means of reconditioning our character through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Correlation Between Character And Circumstance

About 30 years ago I recall sitting in a Bible class that my friend and mentor was teaching. He made the statement that ‘anyone would commit any sin given the right circumstances.’ Wow! That statement struck me like a lightning bolt. (more…)

Single for Christmas? How to Survive Questions from the Family

Still Single this Christmas?

Another Christmas is upon us. You’ll likely be traveling to be with family and extended family during the holidays. If you’re single the dreaded questions about your singleness no doubt will be asked by one of your family members. Likely by more than one, to be honest. Especially by Aunt Mabel.

So, how to survive the interrogation about being single for Christmas? Andrew Hess, research associate for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, has a created his Top Ten list of “Ways to Dodge Questions About Singleness This Christmas“.