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ChristianCafe.com connects Christian singles with a number of Christian chat options. Both group chat and one-on-one chat are available in a number of formats. Group chat is facilitated with Forums and Chat Rooms. One-on-one chat is offered via Instant Messaging, Cafe email and 'Winks'.

Christian Chat Rooms

Members can connect in a larger group setting with real time chat. There are a number of chat rooms to choose from, including 'Under 30', 'Prayer', 'Single Parents' and 'Bible Study'. Of course there is the general chat room as well. This type of Christian chat allows multiple members to discuss topics of their choosing, in a group setting. Participating in this type of chat is a good way to get introduced to other members without the possible pressure of a one-on-one chat. Also with group chat, you can observe how members interact with others during chat sessions, providing some insight into how the member would normally conduct themselves. Chat Rooms are available to paying members.

Christian Chat via Forums

The latest chat mode added to the Cafe is the Christian forums. Members can discuss various topics via a message-board style system. It's a great way to really get to know other members. Maybe something they say in the discussions will spark your interest! Forums are available to all members.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is best when you want to chat one-on-one with another member in real time. The chat window only includes a conversation between you and the other member. The chat window displays the typed conversation back and forth and even indicates when the other member is in the process of typing a message to you. Instant Messaging is closer to meeting someone in person than email is, as the discussion takes place in real time with small parts of conversation sent back in forth instantly instead of long messages over a delayed period of time.

In addition to chatting by typing back in forth in real time, paying members can experience audio chat using microphones or audio and video chat combined. The latter is a good way to really get to know someone as you not only see then visually, but also pick up on their mannerisms. Both of these are combined with the regular typing chat window so you can integrate the two if you wish! Free Trial members can respond to IM conversation requests, while paying members can initiate and respond.

Email and Winks

The Cafe also lets members connect using more traditional, non-instant, communication. Each member has their own private Cafe mailbox so that none of their personal contact information is given out to other members. While communicating this way is different from instant chat, many prefer this as a way to communicate. Of course, this is the best way to chat when both parties are not online at the same time. Each person can respond when it's convenient for them. Those who are at a loss for words can send a simple 'wink' to indicate interest, without writing.

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