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Married with our first on the way

Thank you for your dating site which brought my wife and I together back in November 2009. Soraya and I became friends for a year before I visited her in New York where she was studying and working. I saw her in winter later that year then the following summer for two weeks getting the best sightseeing out of the Big Apple. When her course had finished she went back home to Brazil/Belém. I met her parents and asked her father for her hand in marriage.

We married in summer of August 2012 and travelled in 2013 for a month around her city and surrounding area. We are expecting our first in March, John. Thank you again for bringing us together. I proposed on an elevated railway outside New York and have never looked back. Every day has been a blessing. If I can offer advice to anyone it is to write to as many people as possible and go on holiday to a city or place you both love.

Richard and Soraya travel through the State of Para Belém; and on their wedding day.

Scottish Christian single Richard met his wife Soraya, a Brazilian Christian
 Richard and Soraya on their special day  The happy couple pose on their wedding day

Richard-ric513 {Scotland} & Soraya-sury130 {Brazil} February 2015

My husband and I met through ChristianCafe.com in December 2013

He was very eager to meet me in person so he flew from Florida, USA to Quezon City, Philippines. We were married January 2015 and are both happy to be together. Thank you ChristianCafe.com!

Aileene and Phillip sharing happy moments together.

 Florida Christian single Phillip met his wife Aileene a Filipina Christian  The happy couple share a laugh

Aileene-klengky225 {Philippines} & Phillip-phillip190 {Florida} February 2015

I was a member of Christiancafe.com 12 years ago.

That's where the Lord guided me to find my husband. We have been happily married for 12 years, and have a 9-yr-old son. God bless you.

Vanías-margie457 {Michigan} February 2015

I don't need your services so a note of thanks.

I met my husband on your website August 1, 2006 and we married in 2008! Next week we will celebrate 7 years of marriage. Life is wonderful!

Sonyaa-bluebonnet296 {Texas} February 2015

I requested for deletion for this very reason: Because of you, I found my true love!

We have committed to each other by deleting our accounts and because of you, he found me. Thank you very much for your dating site at last we found each other. Maybe at the end of this year or early next year we will get married. It's all because God used ChristianCafe.com for us to meet and know each other. We do really love each other and we have a real love in our hearts. We been faithful to each other. God bless you more and more and we hope that more single men and women will be able to find their true love, their match through your dating site. I will help by sharing the good news of your site to my friends.

Evelyn-lyn814 {Philippines} February 2015

Please remove me.

I've found "the Love of My Life"!!!!

Dvonna-daisy174 {Illinois} February 2015

I enjoyed your service. I met a girl, we got married.

That was nearly 7 years ago. Thanks!

Ted-dertexaner587 {Switzerland} February 2015

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