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Thank you for making the site available.

In July of last year, just as I was ready to give up on finding anyone, I read a profile of someone from South Africa. We connected immediately. We continue to communicate for almost a year. I went to South Africa in March and we were married. I am back in Canada to sell my house and make arrangements and I will be moving to South Africa to make my home there with him. I just wanted to say thank you again. I never would've met him without ChristianCafe.com.

Marie and Charles married in March

Alberta Christian single Marie and South African Christian single David

Marie-marie8726 {Alberta} & mariefrsn8 April 2015

I met my wife on ChristianCafe.com back in 2008.

We have now been married 6 years and have a 9 month old baby boy!

Marie and Charles with their "Cafe Baby"

 Proud Mom Hailey with her 9 month old boy  Jaron displays his son

Jaron-jaronwayne667 {Texas} & Hailey-hlackerm139 {Texas} April 2015

[Editor's note: See May 2009 for Jaron's marriage announcement.]

Love and Marriage and twins later! :)

My husband and I met on ChristianCafe.com back in March of 2002. We chatted for a few months, met in June 2002 and were married in June of 2005. Eight years later we had twin boys. This June we will be celebrating 13 years of meeting each other and 10 years of marriage and it is still going strong! The most important thing in online relationships is to be your self and answer questions truthfully! And take your time to get to know each other in person. And to think I was just playing around on evening checking out dating sites! My husband and I met in the first 5 days of my free trial. Worth checking ChristianCafe.com out :)

Arlene-afran873 {Oregon} April 2015

What a lovely surprise to come to ChristianCafe.com

and see a genuine gathering of mostly faithful believers who are "defined" by their relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks for all the good profile questions too.

Terry-tothesummit805 {Colorado} April 2015

I found my better half through ChristianCafe.com.

Thanks a lot for being the channel for us to meet. God bless and more power!

ajay640 {Philippines} April 2015

I joined your website in 2001 or 2002.

I met a woman on ChristianCafe.com in July of 2003 who was living in Santa Cruz, CA while I lived in Dayton, OH. She flew out to meet me in person, and we began to date steadily. We got married the following July of 2004 and have been married ever since. We're happily married. Thank you so much for what you do, connecting Christians across the globe. On-line Christian dating works, and we're proof that relationships and marriages beginning on-line can last a lifetime. YOU ROCK, CHRISTIAN CAFE!!!

Jim-jimmdvs725 {Ohio} & Karisse-moemoocow616 {California} April 2015

I want to say a special thank you for meeting a gentleman on ChristianCafe.com a year and a half ago.

We are now happily married. I am so happy that I met a genuine Christian gentleman on ChristianCafe.com.

Ann-tranquil529 {Ontario} April 2015

My soon to be husband, now fiance, met me on ChristianCafe.com in February 2015.

Our wedding is next week! He came to propose to me in March!

Renee-renee206 {Japan} April 2015

I give thanks to you ChristianCafe.com, I have met my man.

We have a special relationship since January 24. This year he will visit me and early 2016 I will go to him. Once again thank you very much. God bless ChristianCafe.com and bless all staff who serve on ChristianCafe.com. Joy in God,

Retno-upique783 {Indonesia} & Michael-Talis492 {Virginia} April 2015

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