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Meet our "ChristianCafe.com baby".

Hannah was born July 28, 2014. She is 3 months now and very pretty! We'll never forget how we met. God bless you all!

Eyela and Robert celebrate the birth of their daughter Hannah
"Cafe Baby" Hannah, daughter of Eyela and Robert

Eyela-smile290 {Singapore} & Robert-allforjesus779 {California} October 2014

[Editor's note: See July 2011 for Eyela's first testimonial.
See also September 2012 for their wedding update.]

I am happy to tell you that a lady I met in December of 2005 on ChristianCafe.com and she and I are still together.

I had a message from someone on [another site] that said if I wanted to know more about her to go to ChristianCafe.com. After I found her I wasn't interested but that is how I found Susie in the process. It has been a wonderful relationship. Thank you very much.

Bill-billg104 {no location listed} October 2014

I married someone I met through ChristianCafe.com.

I am very grateful for your help!!

Shirley-lovemexico251 {Wisconsin} October 2014

I don't want continue on ChristianCafe.com any more...

because I found someone special, thanks to your site! I am very very thankful to you that I found her!!

Esa-esa107 {Finland} October 2014

I would like to delete my account.

I did meet someone special and don't need any more responses. Thanks for your assistance.

Karen- wellspring751 {Alberta} October 2014

I am met a man on ChristianCafe.com.

I am enjoyed the site the last 3 months and don't plan to develop anymore relationships. Thanks!

Sveta-avigeya240 {Belarus} October 2014

I met my husband on your site.

Happily married for 2 years... just had our second baby girl.

Tabitha-prisnrofhope522 {Washington} October 2014

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