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Never believed in online dating but I met my husband!!!

Two years ago in April I married my husband who I met on ChristianCafe.com. Now we are happily married and have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

I was always skeptical about online dating and after getting out of a long, going-nowhere relationship I decided to take some time to myself.. Months later when I was ready to start dating I decided to give this site a go. It was very important to me to have a man who believed in God and I was hoping that ChristianCafe.com would lead me to him.... And surprisingly it did... Chad was totally different but God had sent him to me, to learn from, to love and respect as my husband. Thanks ChristianCafe.com.

Jesi and Chad are married and now have a beautiful baby boy

Jesi was a Christian single from Ontario and met another Christian single Chad

Jesi-believer551 {Ontario} & Chad June 2015

We wanted to add to our testimonial that we had a beautiful baby girl!!

She is about to be 4 months old. God gave us this little miracle when we were told we would have to do IVF. We stood in faith and God granted us this gorgeous little girl instead of doing IVF. I was told my tubes were blocked but God did the impossible. We have been married for 5 years and we are so grateful for this site that God used to bring us together.

Danielle and Sam with their "Cafe Baby"

 The happy couple kiss Cafe Baby  Danielle and Sam with their lovely Cafe Baby girl
Danielle and Sam's Cafe Baby girl

Danielle-danielle240 {North Carolina} & Sam-spidersam825 {Georgia} June 2015

[Editor's note: See May 2011 for their marriage announcement.]

My husband and I met on ChristianCafe.com and have been happily married for 11 years!

We are now preparing to leave for the mission field. I wanted to let you know that I'm grateful for your service.

Teresa-tree257 {Michigan} June 2015

I'm happy to report I don't need your site!

Almost 13 years ago I met my husband on it.

Courtney-ijumpforjoy417 {Alabama} June 2015

I found a man on ChristianCafe.com and we are still getting to know each other.

We are both excited and happy. Thank you for this online dating website.

Liza-lilializ878 {Indonesia} & Daniel-prototype704 {Nunavut, Canada} June 2015

I don't know of another Singles website out there where the owners are as generous.

I've tried a few others, but always come back to ChristianCafe.com. It just feels comfortable to me.

Julie-juliana777 {Ontario} June 2015

I met and married my wife on ChristianCafe.com four years ago.

Overley-gooday787 {Texas} June 2015

Though new to the Cafe, I admire your excellent professionally managed services.

so take my sincere congratulations.

Eva-evagreen502 {Bulgaria} June 2015

I found somebody on your website and we were married in 2012.

Thanks for your services.

Drew-drew604 {Colorado} June 2015

I can't tell you how much I enjoy making new Christian friends while I search for my mate!

Joshua-firefighterj868 {Michigan} June 2015

I want to tell you that I found my love here on ChristianCafe.com.

His name is Tim and mine is Vicky. I am from Peru and he is from USA. We fell in love very much and want to tell everyone this site is a blessed site. I hope everybody can find what God has for them. If you have the faith everything is possible. I would like to be removed from this site because I finally find my love, the one I was waiting for all my life. Thank you very much.

Vicky-vidavicky642 {Peru} & Tim-bowhuntnut702 {Missouri} June 2015

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