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Sharing our happiness, same time saying Thank You to ChristianCafe.com. I'm grateful to GOD because He made it possible for my husband and me to meet even it was impossible at one time, but He proved to us how great He is.
We married October 2, 2006 and we have now the greatest gift GOD gave as, our son Christopher James.
James was born June 14, 2007 with a caesarean operation. All the pain was gone when finally we saw our Baby smile and cry.
I'm thankful to ChristianCafe.com, where I found my husband in 2 weeks. We chatted and in due time he came here to the Philippines.
Thank you for the service.. To anyone who wants a fairytale come true, just be patient, the time will come when GOD gives you a partner, you deserve it.
Kathryn-lovelykate580 {Philippines} & Earl-earlleo826 {Indiana} September 2007

Kathryn (Philippines) and Earl (Indiana) Married October 2006, and Baby Christopher James Born June 2007
[Editor: We love to post photos of Cafe Babies (and Mum and Dad too!)]

Josh and I, both single, met on ChristianCafe.com in October 2006. We wrote Cafe mails, then moved to Cafe Quick Messages, then to phone calls. We talked on the phone and wrote messages every day for a month, then we finally met in person.
Our first meeting was so easy and comfortable because we had been talking all that time before we met. God opened doors for me with a job in Josh's hometown. I prayed about it, felt the peace of the Holy Spirit and took a step out in faith and accepted the job. Everything in my life changed, and God blessed us so much! On April 7, 2007, Josh took me to the lake where we first met, read me a passage from Matthew and then asked me to marry him! I said Yes! We got married on July 28, 2007, it was such a special day, it was just so wonderful! We flew to Maui the next day to honeymoon.
The peace you get from waiting on God's timing for a mate is a wonderful thing. Sometimes you have to meet the wrong person first. But you will know without a doubt that you have met the person the Lord has for you, when you feel that peace that only comes from Him. Pray. Wait on the Lord. Find fulfillment in HIM alone because no man or woman can give you that, and you'll waste your time if you actually think you can find someone who can. Know God's love and your love for Him first, then you'll be able to recognize it in each other. And what worked for us was our desire to know each other as brother and sister in Christ, not as potential "dates". Let the Lord guide you through every step. Go into the relationship marriage minded, knowing you're not "feeling out" the person, but really knowing them as another child of God.
He will totally take care of the rest.
Sarah-candiedyam386 {California} & Josh-twentyx291 {California} September 2007

California Christian singles now happily married!
Sarah and Josh Married July 2007

Still In Love. Hello! Just wanted to let you guys know that online love is still strong almost 8 years later. (Sept 23, 1999, we celebrated 8 years this month!) Victor and Beverly are STILL deeply in LOVE!
Victor & I were both new to the Internet, and new to online dating. So we played it safe and signed up as 'friends'. We met online March 1999 & were married September 1999. I dropped everything & moved to Michigan, to be with my TRUE LOVE!
Our marriage is NOT perfect, we have a blended family, and the stuff that goes with that, but I must say I couldn't have been blessed with a more wonderful & very loving partner. This is the second marriage for us both and this time we put GOD first, & He has worked a MIRACLE! Since we found each other online, we work, pay our bills, just about EVERYTHING online. GOD IS TRULY BLESSING!
I say put your heart on the line, and someone will put theirs on the line too! Be Blessed & Keep the Faith, NEVER EVER GIVE UP, it happened for us, it will happen for you too!
Beverly {Florida} & Victor {Michigan} September 2007

Beverly and Victor Married September 1999, Still Deeply in Love 2007
[Editor: We love to post wedding testimonials. We also love to hear about members like Beverly and Victor who are still happily married Eight years later. Happy long term marriage is a true test of a Christian marriage relationship.
1999 was ChristianCafe.com's first year. This is our Eighth Anniversary too, and like Beverly and Victor, we are doing very well!

It's almost one year since my wife and I have been married. Three years ago we met on ChristianCafe.com. Our relationship started off slowly and the Lord worked in each of our hearts over a two year period of courting. Even though we lived 50 miles apart and had other seemingly huge obstacles, we continued to listen to the sweet soft voice of our Father.
Today, we have a wonderful marriage and blended family, and are very blessed! It is very challenging to find a truly committed believer that heart seeks to please the Lord, but continue to trust in the Lord and He will direct your path.
Brad-brad4212 & Olga September 2007

Brad and Olga Married August 2006

I have wanted to write and share our story of how the Lord used your site to bring Jeff and me together. We started talking the first time in December 2003, but schedules kept us from getting to chat much and our relationship faded away until Jeff initiated contact again in late January 2004.
We began communicating regularly, and contact moved from ChristianCafe.com to Instant Messaging to phone calls nightly by mid-March. Jeff lived in Georgia and I lived in Tennessee about 2 1/2 hours apart. He came to Tennessee to meet me on April 2, 2004 and we proceeded to see each other every weekend thereafter until our wedding on May 7, 2005.
We just found out that we are expecting our first child late April 2008. God is good and we are thankful for how He used your site to bring us together.
Becki-becki817 {Tennessee} & Jeff {Georgia} September 2007

Becki and Jeff Married May 2005
[Editor: We look forward to posting Baby's photos in April 2008.]

Re: C'mon back to ChristianCafe.com. Hey, I married a really great Christian man from your site!
Yvonneda-bellelex449 September 2007

Dear ChristianCafe.com, I would just like to thank you for your website. Almost two years ago I met a wonderful godly man in Florida. I was from California. When we first met we didn't take it too seriously because there was such a great distance between us.
Well God did take it seriously! He arranged everything. I was able to take off several weeks of work within a 6 month period (paid) so my new friend could come and visit. He was in the fire department and had lots of time off (paid) that he had saved up, so he was able to come and see me. Our traveling across the country for 6 months miraculously paid off, we were engaged at 6 months and married in the 9th month. I sold my home and moved to Florida.
We are so happy together, happier than we have ever been in our entire lives. Everyday we share together is such a blessing from the Lord.
Just wanted you to know!
Shelly-royalblood945 {California} September 2007

I met my soulmate here at the Cafe in 2003 and were married and have been happily enjoying life. We lived 500 miles apart and we chatted and chatted so much that by the time we met in person we could almost finish each other's sentences!
Once we knew we would be together forevermore we put together a wedding. To personalize our wedding, we incorporated some very special colors, which were chosen carefully for the following reasons:
Red - to remind us of unconditional love from our families and for each other;
Fuchsia - to remind us of friendship;
Orange - to remind us of joy and excitement;
Yellow - to remind us of peace in the midst of chaos.
These four colors combine to represent a sunset which symbolized how, as the sun set on one part of our lives, it rose on another.
As we said goodbye to our single lives, we looked forward to our new life together as husband and wife.
tooshy1980 September 2007

Re: C'mon back to ChristianCafe.com. Just to let you know I went on your site in December 2006 and connected with a man from New Zealand. He came to see me in Canada in April 2007, and I just met his family in New Zealand.
We were engaged about a week ago. So thank you very much. I won't need your services anymore.
Elaine-blest137 {Manitoba} September 2007

Thank you for the offer of several more days on ChristianCafe.com. Actually, I don't feel like I am searching anymore for my special someone. The reason I was going to take advantage of your offer was to send you a testimonial!
I have already met on your site a wonderful man named Bill, who lives in a town 3 hours away from my current hometown. Well, I just happen to have an old family house in Bill's town, that I visit frequently. So, by the grace of God, we met in person 3 weeks ago. We also just spent most of this weekend together.
We don't know what God has planned, but we sure know our meeting was not "by chance". It has just been such a pleasure to enjoy someone's company as much as we have been doing in these past weeks.
Without your site, our meeting probably wouldn't have happened. Thanks for helping us get our paths together. WE believe that is what God wanted.
Jeanne-godsgiftforu867 {Illinois} September 2007

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