Snow Or Snow Job?

sin and how to make it right
Pastor Jim discusses the importance of recognizing our sin and giving it over to God to make us clean and pure again, just like fresh fallen snow!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Snow presents some interesting comparisons for our consideration. I heard someone share on the radio this week that snow is an equalizer. It makes everything appear beautiful. No matter what lies underneath, it blots out the ugly and presents a picture that can make artists become famous when they capture it on canvas.

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The Biggest Voice: When God talks to you.

internal voice
Everyone has an internal voice that we hear in our heads daily. The question is, is this a positive or negative voice? Pastor Jim explores this issue and provides advice on how to interpret that voice within.

Your Internal Voice

You and I have it and we have heard it over and over again. No matter how much noise may be exploding around us, we never have any trouble hearing it clearly. It is our internal voice and it carries on a dialogue with us every waking moment. The question is not if we hear this voice, but what is the voice saying?

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Love: Have You Found It?

looking for love
Wondering why you haven’t found love yet? Pastor Jim explores the some of the possible reasons you haven’t found ‘it’ yet, and what might be standing in your way.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

If you have not found what you are looking for, one strong consideration is that you are looking in the wrong places, or you do not really know what you are looking for love to find it.

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