30 Inspirational Christian Songs

Inspirational Christian songs that inspire!
Cafe staffer Jen put together this fantastic list of inspirational Christian songs. Give them a listen and let us know in the comments below what you think. Likewise, please share with your friends if these songs brought you joy today. What other Inspirational music would you add to this list?

Online Dating Stories by HopefulGirl

online dating stories

Today on the Cafe blog we talk with British writer ‘HopefulGirl’, who wrote the book
Would Like to Meet. This book details her four years on the Christian dating scene – which included a year on ChristianCafe.com.

Still Single in your 30s? Don’t Give Up Hope!

give up
Are you, maybe, in your thirties and still haven’t found the life partner God has for you? Have you lost hope in finding your match for life?

A Boundless reader writes:

“I’ve put a time limit on when I will stop looking for a suitable mate, but is this the wrong idea when the Bible says that there is a season for everything?”