Ask The Person You’re Dating for a Credit Report?

Ask your potential spouse for a credit report?

Money is one of the most common reasons for a couple divorcing. Thus, it’s important to be with someone who is compatible with your idea of financial prudence. That said, would you go as far as asking your potential spouse for a credit report? Pastor Jim weighs in.

Would you like to see a Credit Report for someone you are considering dating? Would you provide a Credit Report if someone asked you in consideration of building a relationship?

Sadly too many single adults have made poor choices, or been impacted by the choices of others, that place them in poor financial condition. The force to connect sometimes prompts people to take risk beyond reason. The results are more often than not devastating to their financial health. I strongly encourage singles to stop before taking financial risks and seek wise counsel before taking the plunge. If this were true, would it not be prudent to obtain a financial report before entering into a possible relationship?

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What is love? Am I In Love? How To Know You’re In Love

what is love
College was an interesting time for me, especially that first semester. I can still recall walking into my first English class. The professor appeared a few minutes later and introduced himself to us. Then he gave us our first assignment. He asked us to take a few minutes and to write out our definition for love. I found this very simple exercise to about what is love not to be simple at all.

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