Christian, Lonely and Single?

Christian? Single? Lonely?Pastor Jim outlines how to overcome being lonely as a single Christian.

Are you lonesome tonight? I can hear Elvis Presley singing this song as he expressed how much he was missing his love. In my mind I can see thousands of single adults howling along with Elvis as they express the loneliness in their lives. Coyotes would have to take a second seat to this choir’s rendition.

Loneliness is a plague for many single adults. It visits them at strange times and in strange locations. They may be in a room filled with people and yet the ache of loneliness hits them like a ton of bricks. Perhaps it is at night when they are finished with the day’s activities and have nothing to focus on but their thoughts. Loneliness makes one feel depressed and can become an unhealthy force if not addressed.

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Cohabitation: Why You Should Not

Cohabitation?Have you thought about cohabitation? Are you doing so to ‘test it out’ to see if marriage will work? Are you doing it to save on rent? A few months ago we posted some advice from Pastor Jim regarding living together before marriage where he lists many reasons why cohabitation is not a good idea – for both Christians and non-Christians.

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Online Dating is Like Shopping?

shopping online datingPastor Jim discusses the “shopping” mentality of dating – and online dating. Are you doing this?

The shopping experience

Most of those who read my articles are in North America or a very modern culture. Life has become very easy for so many of us with so many choices at our fingertips.

A few years ago some friends from Switzerland came to visit me in California. We had never met before and decided to have dinner at our first meeting. The greetings were super as we enjoyed finally getting to meet each other in person. The waiter came to take the order and I received an education!

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How to Start Dating Again: Tips for Christian Women

Start Dating AgainDr. Jim provides some pointers on how to start dating again – after a break up. This post is written for women, but can be reversed to apply for men.


Times have changed, but values have not! I am afraid that you will find more men with less good manners and more into themselves.

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