Over 30 and Single? God Has Control

over 30 single

Christian singles expert Lisa Anderson from the Focus on the Family ministry Boundless provides a couple minutes of advice for those finding themselves over 30 and single.

How can Christian singles no longer in their 20s feel content? Realize that God has control of the situation. There’s work being done “behind the scenes” that is part of His story for you. Continue living life and trust God with his plan for you.

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The Gift of (Temporary) Singleness: Embrace It

Embracing the Gift of Singleness

In today’s singles advice, Dr. Jim Rives talks about embracing the gift of singleness after a broken relationship – viewing it as a growing phase of your journey.

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From weeds to…

There is a field near where I live that is covered with weeds and some plants that came from old cotton seeds. It is not much to look at and is not attractive or of much use. However, I recall only a year or so ago when this field was filled with rows of beautiful Pima cotton. It was a picture of God’s masterful design and commanded everyone’s attention because of the healthy, lush green plants standing at the same height and fullness.

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