10 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day

It’s easy to look back and think what we should have done or how we should have reacted in certain situations such as Thanksgiving day.

Let’s look around more and see the real beauty that surrounds us. Simple things such as getting up in the morning, being able to see, hear, walk, love, and be loved, being able to be called a child of God even when we didn’t deserve it, are all things to be thankful for. Let’s not forget that our Lord Jesus gave Himself for us. Without His amazing grace, we wouldn’t be saved from our sins!

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Can a person really change? 11 Steps you can take to change your behavior.

how to change
In this new blog post you will find 11 steps that can be taken to change your behavior. What should you expect from someone who says they are changed and how can you change your own way of life? Here’s a great read for those who are not sure how to deal with changes and for those looking for a changed relationship.

Can a person really change?

Many times I receive an email from a single adult sharing their experience about meeting another person. The person will share how the person that they just met made mistakes in their past but are now a changed person. However, what follows turns out to be in reality a questioning of whether or not the person really changed.

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Feeling isolated? 4 great ways to meet other singles.


When Christian singles withdraw from others, they isolate themselves from the outside world.  Dr. Jim shows us how this attitude can contribute to unhealthy living and how Satan can take advantage of lonely singles.  You’ll find 4 great ways in how to go about to meet other singles and make friends.

Do you feel isolated?

The more I relate with single adults there is one fact that stands out more than others. Too many singles withdraw from others and become isolated. The reasons vary from past hurts, to feeling ‘different’ around others. Whatever the reason the movement to isolation is dangerous.

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Are you struggling with God for an answer?

Struggle with God

When Christians singles don’t see their requests answered by God, it’s important to ask, pray, wait, and praise. But, what are the reason for our struggles? In this blog post, Dr. Jim teaches us how to trust God in times of struggles and why we should rely on faith, always.

Are you struggling with God for an answer?

Often I receive a question from a single adult regarding their struggle with God for an answer. It is very likely that this is a significant area for the person or they would not be struggling as much. Important questions need an answer, but the timing of the answer is often not the timing that we want to experience.

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