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Before joining a Christian dating website, many Christian singles check around the ‘Net for dating sites reviews. From there, they can quickly read about various dating sites and which ones are worth their time (and money). Dating review sites are a great way for singles to find out the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly, about dating and relationship sites online. was recently featured in one such review site and we thought our readers would like it check it out at

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Stages of grief. Moving on after a bad relationship.

stages of grief

Nothing can make you feel better and you feel stuck in a bad situation. How you should deal with grief and how to recognize the stages of grief. Making sure you are ready to move on after a bad relationship or experience.

Dear Jim: How do I know that I am ready to move on with life and make healthier choices (or why do I feel stuck)?

There is a process ( Stages of grief ) that we ALL must go through as we move from one point in life to another. It has to occur every time we experience a change/loss in our life. It does not matter whether it is losing our favorite toy, our job or a relationship. After my divorce, I had no idea what I was “going through” – just that I was loss in some sort of process. It was not until I learned the Stages of grief or the Steps in Loss (Grieving) that I was able to see/feel what was happening. The following chart helped me to find where I was in my process and gave me hope that I could move through it. Let me show the chart and then give a brief explanation as I understand the steps:

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Hell – Do Christians go to Hell?

Hell and Christians

Do Christians go to Hell? Even after accepting Jesus, many Christians ask such questions.  Sometimes we encounter “supposed” Christians, but their actions are hardly those of real followers of Christ.   By accepting Jesus as their Savior, are these people going to heaven, even if their actions shows the opposite of how a Christian should behave?

Dear Jim: What actions would cause a Christian to go to Hell?

Singles write to me from time to time and share some very terrible events in their lives. The negative impact that someone has had on his or her life is so devastating. Some acts that are done to others are unspeakable. I want to be very sensitive to those who are the recipients of abuse and even attempts of murder. Let me share some thoughts that address two major areas that result from these sinful actions:

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