You’ve got – family!


Family is a huge part of someone’s life and some singles can feel lonely when they realize that being single cannot complete them like a family would. However, Dr. Jim shows how every single who feel lonely at times can be assured that they are part of a Heavenly Family. God the Father is with us even in our most dark (or lonely) moments.

Belong to a Family.

Each of us was created to belong. It is something that God placed into our very being and it is a powerful force. I can recall driving around after my divorce and seeing a husband and wife together, or perhaps with children, and breaking down and bawling like a baby because I was not in a family. This reaction went on for several years and it was something that I had to process to find wholeness again.

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Interpersonal Skills – do you have a love statement? Part III

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are very important when we are dealing with people we’re trying to impress, such a as prospective match. Even just listening to someone can impact how that person sees and relates to us. It’s also important to have a buddy support group to help with your people skills.

Do you have a love statement? Part III

In previous articles (Do you have a love statement? – Part I and Non-verbal communication – Part II), we have discussed how we make statements to others through both verbal and non-verbal communication. It was also pointed out that 65% of our communication is non-verbal, the part that has the biggest impact.

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Non-verbal communication – Do you have a love statement? – Part II

Non-verbal Communication

Our non-verbal communication with others is responsible for over 65% of our behavior. Dr. Jim explains the difference between low self-worth and self-centeredness and how we can identify and avoid these kinds of behaviours when dealing with others – and especially with a prospect match. And how to improve our non-verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication – Do you have a love statement? – Part II

Do you have a love statement? – Part I illustrated how both the verbal and non-verbal communication combine to present a ‘statement’ to others. In relationships, or potential relationships, these ingredients become what I call our ‘love statement’. It is the total projection that we present to others.

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