Can a divorced Christian date and marry again?

divorce re-marriage

After a divorce many Christians are afraid to date again as they are not sure if they are following God’s laws about divorce. Dr. Jim points out what God requests from us and what divorced Christians should expect or do to make sure they are doing the right thing in the Bible.


Disagreement at the Initial stage of a relationship.

Initial relationship disagreement
Every single relationship experiences disagreement, however, the ones at the initial stage of the relationship can become big indicators of whether single Christians should pursue a deeper relationship or move on. Dr. Jim explains the best actions to take.


How to make friends

Friends, How christian singles can make friends?

Some Christian singles have a hard time making friends. What should you look for in new friends?  Should you look for friends from your gender or is the opposite ok, too? Dr. Jim gives some insights in looking for the right kind of friends for you.

Dear Jim: Whatever happened to friendships and what should you do to make new friends?

Building friendships has become a lost art in today’s society. I am not sure why, but so many do not have genuine friends whom they can turn to for support and encouragement. (more…)

Helping others or being taken?

being taken
Being a Christian means things like giving and walking the extra mile for others. But does it mean that single Christians shouldn’t be careful about whom and how, and even if they should help others? Dr. Jim gives guidance for those searching for the “Christian” thing to do.

Dear Jim: Where is the line between helping others and being taken by others?

Most Christian single adults are very caring and giving individuals. They try to live their lives the best they can according to the Bible and the leading of His Spirit. At the same time they are also dealing with the reality of the world around them and the effect the choices of others has and continues to have upon them. This combination too often generates some events that are not always healthy ones.

What is love when seeking a soulmate?

What is Love

What is love really like when you are seeking a soulmate? Do Christian singles know where their focus should be and what to look for in a person? What makes a great relationship or a disastrous one? Below are some great points to consider when searching for love online.


Relationship advice: When to share your past.

Relationship and past

When is the best time for singles to let a potential date know details from their past?  This relationship advice is for Christians who are afraid to share their past for fear of losing someone they’ve met.

Relationship Questions: How to keep your expectations in check.

Relationship questions

Many Christian singles use the Internet to search for a soul mate. They can find themselves torn when their expectations aren’t met by the one they thought was going to be ‘The One’. Dr. Jim responds to some relationship questions about online dating, and things to avoid.

Am I a Christian?

Am I Christian
Sometimes Christians are not sure if they are following God and the question pops up: Am I a real Christian? Does just because I’m a good person make me automatically a Christian? Will my life be easy if I follow Christ? Here is some great guidance for Christian singles who want to actively follow Jesus in their daily lives.

Dear Jim: Am I really a Christian?

It’s easy to fall into the assumption when one writes for a Christian dating site that all reading the articles are Christians. God has provided an awesome gift available to all – but not all have received it. Allow me to share some thoughts in how I believe this is the ultimate experience.

First Date Tips – Meeting a date for the first time.

First Date - Meeting for the first time

You’ve met someone special on a Christian dating site, you’ve sent messages, spent hours on phone calls and now it’s time for the first date. What should you do and what to expect from those dates? Some great tips from Dr. Jim to make sure that your first date is successful.

Dear Jim: Do you have any tips for singles who met on the Internet and are planing a first date?

Have you head the expression ‘things always look good on paper’? There is an element of this that is true for those who meet others on dating sites and want to begin a relationship.

Although I do hear of some singles that flatly out lie on their profiles, I believe that most profiles are completed in honesty. Let me ask you a question? When you completed your profile, did you finish the task wondering whether or not you had really done a complete and good job? If you are like most, you wrestled with whether or not what you had put done was exactly what you wished to project.


Top Christian Songs of 2014

Top 10 Christian Songs of 2014

For several years now we’ve been posting the list for the best Christian music out there and for the year 2014 isn’t any different.  We present below the list for the Top Christian Songs of 2014, courtesy of Billboard. If you’re curious who had the big hits in past years, check out the Top Christian Songs of 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009!

Enjoy below the best Gospel songs of 2014.