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Cameron and I have been meaning to write in for a while now.

"We love each other so much, thanks ChristianCafe!"

"We love each other so much, thanks ChristianCafe!"

"We love each other so much, thanks ChristianCafe!"

I was introduced to this site by a friend and thought I would give it a shot. Met some great people...after a few months...Cam wrote to me......we believe with no doubt that the Lord brought us together. After 5 months of writing and 2000 km between us....we decided to meet. Cameron rode his motorcycle all the way to Victoria, B.C. from Saskatoon, SK (took 3 days)....we met...had a 9 month long distance relationship.We were able to see each other about once a month and spent many hours on the phone! Realizing, to go forward in our relationship one or both of us would need to make some sacrifices.We decided to meet in the middle. Now we are living in Calgary, AB, are engaged and our wedding date is October 19th! God has been so good to us! One, out of the many, great things about Cameron is I now never have to pay a pianist. I sing and he plays. His mom loves that! heehee! I have met the man of my dreams!! He's pretty cute too! Giggle!!!!

Cameron: We both never thought we would meet our future spouse online, but are both extremely glad we were open to the idea at the time. I must say that it has not been easy to close the gap between us, as we both had to totally uproot, giving up our jobs and surroundings to be together. But Jenn is all I could ever ask for and I would do it all over again for her. Ok, don't worry, I won't get any mushier that : ) God has truly blessed our relationship and for that we are very thankful. Great site ChristianCafe.com! God bless!

Jennifer and Cameron September 2002

We praise God for the way ChristianCafe.com provided the opportunity to "connect!"

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It all started when I wrote Tim, telling him he seemed like a "good egg" with a heart for God...he couldn't resist and wrote back. Little did I know he raises chickens and ducks as a hobby!!! We "talked" online for a few days, writing lengthy epistles back and forth...advancing to instant message, then microphones on our pc's, along with Ma Bell...and we cannot seem to stop talking! After meeting in person the first time, we both knew where we were headed. Taking a trip together, 8 hours in the car, was the test!!! We couldn't wait to tell our families about the wonderful gift we have found in each other...of course, with both of us past forty and never married, we individually had thought we might always be single. June 28, 2003 will formalize what the Lord has already accomplished in our hearts! Our reception will be full of music from the praise and worship band/team I sing with, along with some other special musical "expressions!"(We are writing words to convey our story using the tune to "On Top of Old Smokey"...who'd have thunk it???) It is our desire to encourage those who come to the Cafe...it is worth every minute it takes to make sure your profile reflects who you really are as a child of the King...and please, don't forget to include the picture!!! Bathing all your heart's desires and relationships in prayer...don't let your insecurities keep you from fulfilling God's best for you!!! As Jeremiah 29:11 tells us (paraphrased!) "For I know the plans I have for you...plans for a bright future and full of hope." His promises do not come back void! Blessings to those who use this service and to those who have the vision and ministry to make ChristianCafe.com all it is...a conduit for God's love to His children!!!

Lisa and Tim September 2002

I went to ChristianCafe.com at the suggestion of a friend in a Christian chat room.

I value male friendship and that is all I was looking for when I came here.....I looked at men that I thought were living a strong Christian walk.....I met Dan while purusing within a 100 mile radius of my home.....We had many things in common so I thought he would be a nice man to fellowship with..Much to my surprise...we thought we had known each other all our lives....We met and knew it was to be...so in July I became his bride...May 1st we met here....June 2nd we met in person....the rest is history..with God in the middle!!!!

Vickie and Dan September 2002

Your site is very well conceived and allows the full spectrum of those that identify themselves as Christians to find each other.

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Since I am a born-again, defines-my-life-type believer in Christ I was able to sort for men like that and to screen out men that were not. This nuanced sorting capability was very important. I had subscribed to other "Christian" dating services in the past and found out the hard way that many people who identify themselves as Christian have not put their faith in Christ. Even for those that may be in this category on the Cafe, your nuanced profile assists those in finding others of like mind. And I also sense that word of mouth is very much attracting real followers of Christ to this site. With ChristianCafe.com I was immediately surprised by the caliber of quality Christian men that found me. But soon after signing on I met the man that God ordained for me....half a country away. But God worked out all the details even with the distance. Victor and I met on ChristianCafe.com on December 26, 2001, and were married on August 3, 2002. We are a great match, love each other dearly and look forward to what God has in store for us by bringing us together. Although individuals still need to be wise and to utilize prayer, God is using ChristianCafe.com to bring people to together, for friendship, healing, and marriage. God Bless.

Debbie and Victor September 2002

I really feel blessed that I am on this great website.

I have been praying for 7 years to find a Messianic Jewish believer, and I don't want to jump the gun... But I have been speaking with him, whom I pray will be, or is, my bishirt... Which is Hebrew for soulmate... I pray that he will see the light and get over his past, and look forward to his future, with me in it...

Joy September 2002

Last year I tried a membership with you and met a nice man who lived near me.

We e-mailed and talked on the phone, then met a while after that and began dating. We dated for just over a year when we became engaged (this July). Our wedding is planned for May of 2003. I can't thank you enough for having a place like this available. It has made both of us so grateful that we were able to "find" each other. Thanks again, and God bless you!

Debbie September 2002

Just wanted to let you know that my fiancee, Jennifer, and I met on ChristianCafe.com 6 months ago.

....we are getting married in November. From the moment we met, we felt God's hand moving us together...just thought you'd like to know your site is working!

Larry September 2002

I met someone through ChristianCafe.com.

We've been exchanging emails and we really have a lot in common. I have been searching for that special someone and I think I may have found her through your service. I thank God that there are Christian services such as yours and I just wanted to thank you for making a difference in my life.

Mike September 2002

How can I ever thank you for matching me with Charles?

Every time that I would check my list of possible mates, he was always the first one listed there. So I finally decided to take a chance and emailed him. He and I talked for about a month before I decided to meet him in person, we both live in Missouri, me in the northeast, and him in the southwest part of the state. We first met on the fourth of July, and started to see how much we had in common, and how much we were alike. Christiancafe.com kept telling me that we were a one hundred percent match, Charles and I both agree that 100% was too low of a number to show how perfect we were for each other, lol. By the sixteenth of August, I decided to move to the Springfield, MO area (to be closer to him. smile), and we have spent much time together, growing, and learning more about each other. We are now engaged, and are planning to marry in Branson, MO on the fourth of December. God bless you all that have made this wonderful, loving Christian relationship possible,

Linda September 2002

Your service is the BEST I've seen in years of online use.

Stephen September 2002

After nearly two years on ChristianCafe.com, my search may be ended

because I have finally met that wonderful "Keeper" through ChristianCafe.com. If something really wonderful comes of this, we will let you know. Thank you so much- I had almost given up!

Darlene September 2002

Thanks for being so wonderful.

After being on here for 1 1/2 years, and contacting several hundred ladies, I have finally found my soul-mate and after hundreds of letters and calls, we met in person and are engaged. We will be married November 17th , 2002, Without you this never could have happened. September 2002

Jim and Colleen September 2002

I have to compliment your site - it is well structured and intuitive.

A nice job by your tech department. I have met with a lot of very nice people. Thank you. The difference between this site and other dubious "contact" sites is like chalk and cheese...

Andrew September 2002

I met my husband off your network...

Actually, God's network.

Serina September 2002

I have met the one that I am going to marry on ChristianCafe.com.

We are getting married this Oct. Thank you ChristianCafe.com for giving me a chance to meet the Christian man of my dreams!!!

Autumn September 2002

A man I met from ChristianCafe.com is going to marry me this November.

I have really appreciated your site, whose URL my parents gave to me. God has blessed both Erik and I tremendously by bringing us together through you. Thank you so much!!!

Trula September 2002

I am really impressed with the service,

and I thank our Lord Jesus with all my heart for how much I have been blessed through your lives and through the wonderful time I got to spend on ChristianCafe.com. Through ChristianCafe.com I met sooooo many great friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, and especially I met my best friend, boyfriend and husband-to-be and I am soooooo thankful to God and to you all for blessing me so much in that way. Praise the Lord!!!!! Once again thank you so much! May God's kindgom and glory continue to be expanded through your service to him with ChristianCafe.com and may many lives continue to be blessed,edified and encouraged so much more, as much as Darren and I have been. God bless you all!!!! In Christ,

Jess September 2002

Within three hours of being on your site I had several quick messages.

and one in particular that welcomed me, and lived three hours from me. We chatted more that night on the instant messenger system, called on the second night for a 3.5 hour call, the third night for over 6 hours, every night we talk from 2-3+ hours and we met two weeks after the initial contact, and this weekend (9-8-2002) will be my third weekend in a row to spend time with her. Does this mean that she is the "One"? Only God knows the future, but I do know she already has me on the brink of being "In Love" with her, and I think she knows this. Thanks for your site, it is one of the few sites that actually works and does what they say !! May God richly bless your efforts as he has blessed me with her!!

Paul September 2002

I learned of this website while browsing a singles chat room one day.

Out of curiosity (and free trial) I signed on and said, what's the worse that could happen? I had very little to no belief that I'd meet my "soul mate" thru this medium. I just thought I'd meet some cool people and move on with my life in other areas. Even though I'd met others thru chatrooms and regular online contact, nothing ever panned out. Boy was I ever wrong about this. God had totally different plans for me and my heart. I originally contacted my now "fiance" late June 2002 to request his assistance with regard to where he lived. I had some friends in his country that I'd lost contact with and asked him if he wouldn't mind sending the zip or postal code to a particular area for me so I could try to reunite with them. He was kind enough to oblige and after a few days he sent the info I needed to contact them. Praise God I was so happy when a week or so later they called me at home saying they received the package I'd send w/photos and were so glad to hear from me as they too could not contact me here in the States. We've been keeping in touch ever since. To God be the glory. Overwhelmed with joy I emailed to thank him so much for playing such a large part in my life. From there we began our correspondence. Amazingly we had quite a bit in common. Christian upbringing, family ties, military background etc. I could go on. Even more so impressed with his frankness, honesty, and openness with me. More emails were exchanged and after a while phone numbers were exchanged also. This went on for quite some time and before I knew what was happening he was proposing to me online, I couldn't believe it!! I thought for sure he couldn't be serious. We spoke on the phone and he repeated this proposal. I was, to say the least, mind blown. We have and continue to put God first in all our endeavors and place our future in his almighty hands. I accepted his engagement not too long thereafter. Although we are oceans apart we are planning a wedding by the grace of God mid to late 2003. Because we got engaged in such an unusual fashion he sent the engagement ring via post office and I wear it with pride every day. He is more than I ever imagined a man could be and I know without any doubt that God had his hand in this from the time we both joined ChristianCafe.com, however unbeknownst to one another. Thank you for providing this site for all to participate in. From the chat rooms, to the browsing ability, to Pastor Jim's articles, there's just so much in here that I still sign on from time to time to see what else God is doing in other people's lives and gather insight from the chat rooms. This is truly an amazing tool and one of a kind. May God's grace, peace and mercy continue to be with all involved in this ministry.

JJ & ST Forever September 2002

I live in Florida and I am about to visit what I believe is God's leading soul mate for me in China next month.

Both of us met each other through ChristianCafe.com sometime last month. We have been communicating ever since almost everyday. Both John and I feel very blessed and thank God often for His wonders and answers to our long time personal prayers. We are looking forward to meeting each other and bringing our heart-filled praises and services to God and God's people. Thank you for your dedication in serving Christian singles. I alway talk to singles about Christiancafe.com services. Please keep up your superb work in the Lord. May He, the finisher of our faith, bless your works, families and churches.

Mei-Ling September 2002

I came on this site to meet friends and I have met some great people on this site.

I'm not looking for love but there are so many others who are and they have found someone. So I would encourage the friend seekers and the lover seekers to join this site.

Anonymous September 2002

I finally got a computer for my birthday last December 7th.

Somehow I ended up on Christiancafe.com and did the trial offer, I wasn't expecting anything to happen but something did happen. I had said in my profile that I would like someone who lived on the west coast etc etc... Well God knows best because the only one who responded was from the east coast around 2800 miles from me. I had told myself that he lives too far away, but can be a good friend. Our personalities are similar in the humor area but the most important to me besides putting God first and someone who loves children is...HE MUST LOVE CHOCOLATE! Well he drove out here to Oregon and he asked me to marry him and I said yes. The wedding date is either the 14th or the 21st. Thank you so much Christiancafe.com - without you I would still be alone. God bless.

Anonymous September 2002

A friend of mine in my hometown told me about ChristianCafe.com website back in February, and I signed up for a trial.

Ten days later, I bought a 3-month membership, and renewed it once after that. I was debating whether or not to get the renewal because I still hadn't had much luck meeting anyone. My friend told me to try the chat room, and within a month, Michelle came on the site. She had just re-done her profile a week before we met in the chatroom. She was on the site about a year ago with no luck. Even though we were 1100 miles apart, we quickly started talking online and on the phone, and we feel God really did bring us together. We are getting married Sept. 2002, and I'm moving from Colorado to California to live with her after we are married. If it wasn't for Christiancafe.com, we never would have met. Thank you ChristianCafe.com!

Michael and Michelle September 2002

I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for the wonderful service you are providing.

After only a week as a member I read Mark's profile and I knew right away that this was a man I wanted to get to know. Even when I found out that he lived at the opposite end of California (and I didn't want to move!) we kept writing. Well, God changed my plans and now 8 months later I have moved to Southern CA and we are engaged and planning on marrying next April. The more I know about him the more I love him. Praise God for the connections that you help make. We would never have met without you! I now tell everyone I know that internet relationships CAN work and refer them to ChristianCafe.com. May God bless you in your marvelous work.

Beth September 2002

I have never been on a more "user-friendly" site in 5 years of surfing!!

All the options are easy to understand and use!! This is an amazing site with most of what you need to use automatically doing it for you!! Y-a-a-a-a-a H-o-o-o-o!! Your web master IS the best!! I can't find anything bad or wrong with your service, that's a first for me!! LOL. The support team is great and responds in record setting time!! The entire operation is "Top-drawer", reeks of quality and I can recommend it to all my friends without any reservation what-so-ever!! Well DONE grasshopper!!

Gabriel September 2002

My husband and I met on your site Jan. 2001. We were married June 15, 2002

Without your site we probably never would have met. We can see how God ordained tbe ministry of your site and we encourage others to try it, of course with caution. Leo and I met on-line! Thank you for such a valuable tool. It helps us meet the mate of our dreams! In Christ,

Megan September 2002

This is to let you know that I am married now, and I met my husband on ChristianCafe.com.

We got married in Las Vegas 7/21/02. We met on ChristianCafe.com in April and fell in love. He is truly my soul mate. Thank you so much for the opportunity of meeting the man of my dreams. My life is so happy now. Thank you and God bless.

Anonymous September 2002

I have only been a member for a short time here on ChristianCafe.com.

I have had so much fun chatting with new people and friends that I have made while here. About the second week in July I met someone whom I have become very good friends with. We are presently planning to meet in October. Only the Lord knows where this friendship will go and grow into....but...I do know that we are becoming very good friends. Thank you so much for this site. I have enjoyed and appreciated the experience.

Donna September 2002

Thank you for the wonderful ministry that God has given you to bless others.

May God pour out such a blessing on you guys that you won't be able to contain it. God bless,

Norah September 2002