Help: Video Chat

Help - Video Chat: Connect Live!

How Do I Use Video Chat?

Internet dating isn't always easy, but we're making it a bit easier for you by providing the chance to connect on another level. You can use video chat to connect with someone if you've already corresponded with them and you're both online at the same time.

To start, click the "Start Video Chat" button when you see it and suggest a time to connect when you're both online. This will send the other person a notice you'd like to chat so they can connect live with you!

How do I Report Abuse?

Use the Report button in the video chat to send us your report.

Important: Please do not send us reports if you didn't like the other person, don't like their opinions or if the relationship isn't working out. If something angers or offends you, please be careful in your response or simply do not respond at all. Use the "end call" option in these cases and you can block the member from contacting you again, if it's necessary.

If you need to send us an abuse report, please include as many details as you can in your report and where possible please include screen shots with your report, so we can look into the situation.

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