My spouse doesn’t love me

My spouse doesn't love me anymore
What to do when your spouse doesn’t love you anymore

My Spouse doesn’t love me in the way a spouse should. What can I do?

As a writer for Christian dating sites for single adults, I continue to receive e-mails from married people. It is not a good practice for married individuals to be surfing on a singles site, but I am encouraged that some would choose to write to me for advice.

Online Dating – A Guide for Single Parents

A guide for single parents
A guide for single parents

With this article, you’ll discover how single parents can navigate the challenges of parenthood while seeking a new romantic relationship. It also explores the benefits of online dating and offers guidance to find the perfect match. Biblical wisdom and practical advice will empower you to balance the responsibilities and prioritize the children while embracing the journey of love.

The Unique Challenges of Single Parenthood

Single parenthood comes with its own set of challenges that can make pursuing a new romantic relationship seem daunting. Juggling the responsibilities of raising children, working, and managing a household alone can be overwhelming. Amidst these demands, finding the time and energy for dating becomes a significant obstacle.

I keep having sexual activity in dating.

Sexual activity
Sexual activity

I keep having sexual activity in dating, even when I intend not to do so. What can I do?

Email after email comes across my screen with one variation or another of the same scenario. It is how a Christian single adult felt strongly about not having sexual activity in their dating, but ended up having sex anyway. The emails continue with a consistent pattern to them. The story unfolds how the relationship began to turn for the worse after having sexual activity. The relationship often ends after only one such activity, or sometimes slowly grinds on with continuing damage to each party.