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Christian Blog, an initiative of ChristianCafe.com, is a regularly updated blog posting items of interest mostly to Christian singles. Topics include Christian dating and relationships, singleness, and any general topic of interest to Christians. So, it isn’t all just topics for Christian singles. Singles from all walks of life can likely find our tips of interest. Likewise, we’ll post some goodies of interest that all Christians will find helpful. What else? We’ll keep you updated on ChristianCafe.com happenings as well. We’re really leaving it a bit wide open and seeing what happens. Glad you’re along for the ride!

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  1. What is the purpose and effectiveness of this site, if people act in a condescending manner towards others. We are all on this site for a mutual reason, and that reason is to find true love, right? There are no guarantees for some as results and responses may vary. I believe that no one should try to look down on or treat others in a derogative manner. If an individual is not fund of someone from the opposite sex, he or she should have to courtesy of asking to be removed or telling that person who is interested, that they are not and would like such a person to desist from sending any form/s of message/s. I think its rude to just block someone so unannounced. If we are all Christians as we say we are then, we should try acting in love.

    1. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, la humildad, la sinceridad y ser gentil son demandas que el Señor la pide en nuestro caminar en todo nuestro ser.

      Además en mostrarnos amor los unos por los otros es algo que también Jesús lo dijo, porque si nos amamos el mundo de esta manera reconocerá que somos discípulos de Jesús.
      No debemos jugar con los sentimientos de nuestro prójimo.

      Gracias por la oportunidad de poder expresarme, aunque no tenga derecho de estar aquí en tan hermoso grupo, en el momento no puedo económicamente. pero nuestro Padre Celestial, traerá ese tiempo

    2. I totally agree with you Andrea. I consider it rude and insensitive to the other person. But I guess this is where you get to see the true men of God which are led by the Holy Spirit and not the flesh. I hope you find such a man who is Godsent just for you. Blessings

  2. I believe we all have a common goal by joining this site, which is finding love as stated, however we are different individuals with different mentality that is why we should also use this platform to guide and correct each other as christians. for an example i just joined the site yet part of me isRania self judging, asking myself if did i join this site out of fear of being alone or this is also an act of faith, believing GOD for a husband? Anyone who knows me may interpret this anyhow but we are here show each other love and support despite your age and how you look.

    1. Rania, i joined this site because i want to meet a christian man, one who loves the Lord. But I have found that so many men do not respond in a gentlemen way. I dont really want to contact someone first. Its scary to take that first step.

      Trusting God will provide the companion He wants for me.
      God bless you

    1. Moses married an Ethiopian. I believe that God blesses a marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. He didn’t say anything about race. If He did, please correct me.

  3. Moses married an Ethiopian. I believe that God blesses a marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. He didn’t say anything about race. If He did, please correct me.

  4. I am a gentlemen, and God is my focus in life. He is the Creator of all we do, and so we need to look to Him every moment of the day, in faith pray for what we truly need. Although I thought I was through with dating, etc, God has called me here. It seems to be a good site, free, etc, like all good things should be. Peace to you, God bless you

  5. good night, I really like this site, I am still waiting for a miracle, yes because it is a miracle … The answer is that I live on miracles, I do not know how God will do it, but by faith it will happen … Be all in the Holy Peace of Jesus Christ, and in this moment so difficult for the world, let us be more faithful in truth, and in Spirit … In constant prayer🙏❤

  6. This site encourages you in different ways. We should continue walking with God , never live him behind. He is faithful.

    To those that are true , honest & ready may the Lord bring them together with their help mates.

    And to those who are still discovering their purpose for God’s kingdom , may the Lord grow us spiritually from within until the day arrives in His own timing.

    To those that enjoy reading , you may want to check on a book by Christopher Ash called ” Married for God – Making your marriage the best it can be .”

    I really thank the Lord for reading it , it completely changed my perspective of what marriage is. Ash warns us that before we think of marriage we should think about God first & our priviledge of caring for his world , & it should not be a mask for selfishness ..There is more to this book !

    Shalom .

  7. I’m dumbfounded by how many versions of interpretation people have of the same Christian foundation as shared in His Word, our Holy Bible. I had no idea there are so many views until I came to this site, Christian Cafe.

    How or why did this happen? How can there be so many varieties of theological doctrines? Preterist, Futurist, Presentist, Triune, Rapture, Sleeping, etc.

    How can we as a Body of Believers in Christ The Lord Jesus find unity in these challenging times?

  8. Are there really guys here who respond “unChristianly/ungentlemanly?

    Maybe they joined the wrong dating app… there’s plenty of sites where you can go do your dirty, worldly crap, but please respect the beliefs and hopes of the people who are in here.

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