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Christian Blog, an initiative of ChristianCafe.com, is a regularly updated blog posting items of interest mostly to Christian singles. Topics include Christian dating and relationships, singleness, and any general topic of interest to Christians. So, it isn’t all just topics for Christian singles. Singles from all walks of life can likely find our tips of interest. Likewise, we’ll post some goodies of interest that all Christians will find helpful. What else? We’ll keep you updated on ChristianCafe.com happenings as well. We’re really leaving it a bit wide open and seeing what happens. Glad you’re along for the ride!

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  1. What is the purpose and effectiveness of this site, if people act in a condescending manner towards others. We are all on this site for a mutual reason, and that reason is to find true love, right? There are no guarantees for some as results and responses may vary. I believe that no one should try to look down on or treat others in a derogative manner. If an individual is not fund of someone from the opposite sex, he or she should have to courtesy of asking to be removed or telling that person who is interested, that they are not and would like such a person to desist from sending any form/s of message/s. I think its rude to just block someone so unannounced. If we are all Christians as we say we are then, we should try acting in love.

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