Bono & Jesus: they go well together

Bono & Jesus

Back in 2006 in the book “Bono, In Conversation with Michka Assayas”, Bono openly talks about Jesus and what Jesus means to him and who He was. Later on you will read another insert with Jim Daly (from Focus on the Family).  This is a great way to evangelize youth and young adults using the words and beliefs of a great singer and humanitarian.

This wasn’t the first time Bono “came out” as a Christian, as their songs have frequent Biblical content and themes. It is quite inspiring to hear the lead singer of U2 talking about Jesus and what He has done for us all. These are inspiring interviews and are worth duplicating here. Please leave your comment below, and let us know how Bono’s words inspire you.

Here are some inserts from the interviews and what Bono had to say about Jesus:


Online Dating Stories by HopefulGirl

online dating stories

Today on the Cafe blog we talk with British writer ‘HopefulGirl’, who wrote the book
Would Like to Meet. This book details her four years on the Christian dating scene – which included a year on

Single for Valentine’s? Make it an Opportunity!

Single for Valentine’s Day? Many singles hate this day, as it reminds them of their singleness. What if you looked at Valentines a little different this year? Meaning, how about seeing it as an opportunity?

Listen to the brief interview below where co-founder Sam Moorcroft discusses how to take advantage of Valentine’s Day as a single person.

Christian Single Parent Dating Advice

Christian single parent? Join the discussion!
Are you a Christian single parent seeking advice on the dating scene? Ron Deal, Marriage & Family Therapist and author of Dating and the Single Parent is joining Lisa Anderson of The Boundless Show in an online discussion about single parents and dating – from a Christian perspective.

Toronto Area Christian Singles Event

Here’s a video from a Toronto area Christian singles event put on by and C3 Church. Titled “The Bash for the Unattached”, it was a highly successful event with hundreds of Christian singles in attendance from across the Greater Toronto Area, Central Ontario, and beyond!

Christian Broadcast Network Talks Online Dating

Christian Broadcast Network co-founder Sam Moorcroft was invited to speak on CBN News to talk about Christians and online dating. Wendy Griffith interviewed Sam. Here is what he had to say about dating online:

CBN Wendy Griffith interviews

Canadian TV Talks Online Dating for Christians

Canadian TV show Full Circle invited Sam Moorcroft, co-founder of, to talk about online dating and relationships for Christian singles. (more…)

GTA Christian Singles Party: Tonight!

The GTA Christian singles party, put on by and C3 Church Toronto, is happening tonight in Newmarket, Ontario. Even if you’re not from the Greater Toronto Area, but can make the trek, please join us! (more…)

Wendy Griffith of CBN: Christian Singles Discussion is conducting a series of discussions with experts from various churches and ministries about Christian singles in America today. The second discussion is with Wendy Griffith, News Anchor & Senior Reporter for The Christian Broadcasting Network, known as CBN (more…)

Focus On The Family: Singles Ministry Discussion is conducting a series of discussions with experts from various churches and ministries about Christian singles in America today. The first discussion is with Lisa Anderson, Director of Young Adults for Focus on the Family. (more…)