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Today on the Cafe blog we talk with British writer ‘HopefulGirl’, who wrote the book
Would Like to MeetDating book. This book details her four years on the Christian dating scene – which included a year on

HopefulGirl, what led you to join a Christian dating website?

At 35, I was shocked to find myself suddenly single, after being dumped by my fiancé. I knew there was a lack of marriageable Christian men (here in the UK, single women outnumber single men in the church by 4:1). However, it didn’t hit home until I decided I was ready for love again, then looked around my church circle to discover the number of eligible bachelors came to… zero :( ! I realised I was going to have to be pro-active about meeting someone. A Christian dating website seemed the obvious place to start.

How was your experience of the Christian singles scene?

When I first signed up to, I was sure God would instantly guide Mr. Right to my profile. Of course, life rarely works like that! The Christian singles scene proved to be fun and frustrating. I chatted with the weird and the wonderful from around the world, danced the night away at Christian singles parties, received some rather startling offers (such as ‘a room and a good time in California’!) and went on lots of dates – with the good, the bad, and the slightly scary! Along my journey, I gathered a bunch of entertaining stories, which I ended up turning into a column in Woman Alive, the UK’s leading Christian women’s magazine, to help other singles.

Did you meet any interesting men?

You bet! And they’re all in the book. There was TinyMan, who already had a secret girlfriend; HaughtyMan, who was just looking for a housekeeper; SkinnyMan, who turned scary when I broke the news that I wasn’t his girlfriend; and a host of other colourful characters. (I give them codenames to protect the innocent – and the guilty!). I wrestled with whether dating a non-Christian is an option, whether ‘like’ can turn into love, and the dilemmas of long-distance dating – and I discovered people aren’t always what they seem. I also met some lovely guys. My friendships with WittyMan and TechiMan alone were worth the investment.

Yes, but did you meet your Mr. Right?

Well, I don’t want to spoil the end of the book, but I don’t think readers will be disappointed. And there’s one character with whom readers will fall in love themselves by the end of the story… but he’s no longer available. That’s all I’m saying! :)

Want to know more?Would Like to Meetdating book for Christians‘ is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.comAmazon books.

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  1. Thank you for the insipiring strory and so interesting. I would love reading the book. Surely will look for it.

    God Bless you Richly !

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