A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words

With this new blog post: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, we’re having our  former members of ChristianCafe.com, Laura and Chad, speak a little about their “true love” story.  We want to inspire other singles and have them become a part of our growing number of members who’ve started a relationship via our dating website.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

There’s nothing quite like writing a blog about how a couple who wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for ChristianCafe.com! Such affirmation makes us, as mere people behind the scenes, as proud as we can be. We see God’s Hands in our daily work of helping match singles online.

With this wonderful testimonial (and thousands of others), we know that God has been working and guiding us since the inception of ChristianCafe.com. We see our Christian dating site as a tool for couples, just like Laura and Chad, to meet online.

Dating Sites that work. ChristianCafe.com Marriage Successes.

Dating Sites That Work

Christian singles constantly ask themselves if it’s worth creating a profile on a dating site, or which ones work the best. ChristianCafe.com is proof that dating online works, and we present this blog post with photos of some of our successful couples who met through our dating services over the years.

Dating Sites That Work.

We’ve displayed some great photos that our former members sent us (most from their wedding day) so others Christian singles like yourself can know that using a dating site like ChristianCafe.com can make your dream of finding the love of your life come true. We’re encouraging Christian singles who are still in doubt about using a dating service online by showing them that it can be as easy as creating a dating profile.


She Was About to Give Up on Online Dating

give up online dating

Why you shouldn’t Give Up on Online Dating:

Because Maricela, in Bakerfield CA, was about to let her ChristianCafe.com account expire. Right before she did, however, she received a message from Damon, who was stationed at Camp Pendleton.

They Met On “The Christian Cafe”

they met

They met online with us. They’re one of the thousands of successful matches made on ChristianCafe.com, including those who were blessed with the gift of music. Check out some of their great tunes about how they met!


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Kentucky Christian Single Marries Texan Widow

Christian Texas widow with new husband Russ from Kentucky      Russ a Kentucky Christian single, with Rebecca from Texas
Yet another Christian dating testimonial for ChristianCafe.com! Rebecca, a Texan widow of four years met Russ from Kentucky, online. (more…)