New Zealand to Arizona: Another Christian Dating Success Story!

Here’s an amazing story from the Verde Independent. Both Nadine and Bruce had profiles on Nadine, originally from Arizona, was doing missionary work in Spain. Bruce resided in New Zealand. Nadine sent a message to Bruce, and turns out and they hit it off! Long Skype conversations followed from there. Their actual meeting face to face, however, came sooner than they expected.

Nadine’s father was in the hospital, on life support, so Nadine headed back to Arizona to be with him. Bruce joined her there — and that became their first meeting.

As per the article…

Once they were in Cottonwood, Nadine’s father began to recover. At 12:30 p.m. on the 14th, he was taken off life-support and his breathing tube was removed, but he still could not speak. Bruce told Nadine he wanted to talk with her father and ask for her hand in marriage.

When he returned, she asked what he said.

“He gave his permission, but said you have to do it today,” Bruce joked.

After she had a chance to think it over, chairs were brought to the bedside and Bruce proposed formally to Nadine.

Some people plan weddings for months in advance, but this one took shape in a couple of hours and at only about $100 expense.

By 7:30, hospital chaplain Bob Burnett of the Verde Valley Christian Center was in place and the ceremony was held in the ICU.

Not your typical wedding, for sure! Be sure to read the full story.

We wish Nadine and Bruce (and family!) all the best in their life together! Be sure to read more Christian Cafe reviews as well.

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