Still Single in your 30s? Don’t Give Up Hope!

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Are you, maybe, in your thirties and still haven’t found the life partner God has for you? Have you lost hope in finding your match for life?

A Boundless reader writes:

“I’ve put a time limit on when I will stop looking for a suitable mate, but is this the wrong idea when the Bible says that there is a season for everything?”

Some advice?

    • Many other Christian singles have been in your very position — looking for a spouse at, what some would say is, a ‘late’ age — and have found that spouse and are now happily married!


    • The Bible does not suggest there is a ‘time limit’ on your search for a spouse — thus, don’t put one upon yourself.


    • Be on the look out for opportunities — and keep initiating for them!


    • Pray to God to help you spot opportunities… and to find a spouse!


    • In you search, prioritize ‘biblical characteristics’ in the spouse your persue – i.e. physical attraction (etc.) should not be the foremost factor.


    • Seek help from Elders in your church or others who you trust, in suggesting a potential godly spouse you may have overlooked, or don’t know about!


  • Don’t sit idly while you’re single! — Serve in your church, or other places, where you can continue to develop your healthy relationship with God and others.

This is just a quick summary of the full advice offered by Scott Croft over at Boundless. Be sure to read the entire article for more insight into this topic!

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