Single for Valentine’s? Make it an Opportunity!

Single for Valentine’s Day? Many singles hate this day, as it reminds them of their singleness. What if you looked at Valentines a little different this year? Meaning, how about seeing it as an opportunity?

Listen to the brief interview below where co-founder Sam Moorcroft discusses how to take advantage of Valentine’s Day as a single person.

He mentions, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get yourself out there. Why? Because it’s a great time to do so — There are many other people just like you who have the desire for a relationship being top of mind right now!

So, whether that means asking someone out who you’ve been thinking about, going to a singles meetup, or creating an online dating account, it’s a great time of year as “everyone is in the mood!”

Listen to Sam’s brief interview about Making Valentine’s an Opportunity!


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  1. I think Christian singles should use this time to remember God’s love for them. Also, it can be used to appreciate the love that you have for yourself. Why not by yourself some flowers and candy and treat yourself to a good dinner? It is a good day to celebrate self-love.

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