Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day ideas
Valentine’s Day Ideas.

Valentine’s day can be fun, even if you don’t have a date. You can still enjoy this special day with friends or even by yourself. Today’s post is about some simple Valentine’s Day ideas that can be easily implemented.

Valentine’s Day

Our God is the God of Love. Over and over we read in the Bible the great love He has for His children. Without love we cannot be His followers. We love because He first loved us.

Meeting other singles nowadays is easier and faster than ever before, with the advance of technology bringing people together on your desktop computer or mobile phone. But, it can also be a double-edged sword. More and more studies are showing that people are feeling ever more lonely. However, taking advantage of the positives around how we can connect and meet new people from our home or on the go can work out very well (including meeting your Christian soul mate!).

How to have fun with some simple Valentine’s day ideas

  • Connect with an old friend
  • Watch a Christian movie
  • Visit someone who is lonely/sick/elderly
  • Go for a walk
  • Enjoy your favorite dish/restaurant
  • Ask for forgiveness from someone you wronged
  • Serve others
  • Watch the sunset
  • Memorize verses of the Bible about God’s love for you
  • Tell someone why and what you love about them
  • Treat yourself to a great meal with a friend
  • Do a random act of kindness for someone you know, or better yet, a total stranger
  • Invite friends to your home for dinner and a movie
  • Re-dedicate your love for Jesus

But, you say, what I really want is an exciting way to connect with other singles this Valentine’s day! We’ve got you covered: start off my checking out our great Christian Singles App.  You can quickly connect with thousands of potential matches, right from your phone.

Valentine’s can be fun!

As a single person, there is so much more for you to enjoy this day. Those above are just a few samples of Valentine’s Day Ideas you can do to turn a day that can be disappointing to one that is fun and enjoyable. And, you could make someone else’s day, who may be a little overwhelmed with life. 

Put back the excitement back into your daily life.  Keep busy and be productive, but most of all, be someone others want to spend time with. They’ll see you as an exciting member of the Christian singles community (you could drop the ‘single’ part by having success with us; it all starts with your free trial).

When you invite others to do something special, you’re really telling them how important they are to you.  So, invite someone to do something totally different than they are used to and you could start enjoying a new hobby with your friend.  And meantime,  you could also meet new friends by doing something totally different than you’re used to.

Enjoy Yourself!

Life can pass by very quickly. So, be aware that every single day of our lives could be spent doing what God expects from us, such as helping others and loving each other vs moping around.  So, for this Valentine’s Day start a new way of looking at yourself and your life and how you can plan today for a great future by making simple changes in your daily life. It’s small changes little by little that can make all the difference.

Make sure your joy for life and love for God are the fuel for your spirit. When someone asks you why you are who you are, you can give them the good news about how God’s love (and a good attitude) made you joyful.


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  1. I remember YEARS ago when Christian Cafe wasn’t just getting started! I was there in the early years ~ look at you now 2,000,000 strong, Ṱ𝝤 🇬⁰𝓓 ʙ୧ 𝗍ᑋ୧ 🇬Ļ⁰𝑹Ү
    Ή𝟃ᴘᴘу 𝙬୧ᑰ𝑛୧ડᑰ𝟃у
    ጣ𝝤⸀୧ 🇬⸀𝟃𝓒୧ 。。。

    1. Thank you so much Sol, we give all the glory to God! Here’s to another 20 more years of helping Christian singles connect with their soulmate!

  2. Thanks for the article. This article motivates to continue in my street evangelism ministry with the men with and without disabilities and pray for and search for a wife to assist with the women’s side of this ministry.

  3. But Valentine’s Day is totally evil. Comes from Lupercalia & invented by Catholics. No Christian should be observing it.

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