10 Pieces of Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice

Today’s blog post was written by one of our ChristianCafe.com members.

Below is a list of 10 pieces of marriage advice for singles who are seeking their special someone and desire some good tips about making their future union successful.    

Marriage Advice for singles.

Finding a soulmate can be easier than keeping a relationship healthy. The same is true when we talk about matrimony.  In today’s world, we see the devastation of divorce on the lives of couples and especially their children (if they have them).  We understand that we all fall short of the glory of God, but families can be destroyed when two people go into a relationship without the knowledge of how to serve and truly love their spouse as Christ loves the Church.  

Matrimonial success is our goal.

By following these simple pieces of marriage advice, singles can gain an understanding of what awaits them and what should they expect, including the sacrifices they’ll personally have to make to have a successful union.

1- Finances. Both the husband and the wife should know what the financial picture of the union looks like. When two people get married, the status of money changes. When you are a single person you may say this is my money or my debt to pay and I am responsible for this or that. When you’re married this changes to ‘our money and ‘our debts’ as at that moment you are no longer two but one. You are now husband and wife.  Matrimony is made up of the Spiritual, the Emotional, and the Physical, in that order. 

2- Intimacy in Relationship. I will try to be as polite as I can on this delicate subject. God designed sex to be an expression of physical love between two people married to each other, for life. This activity is a gift from Him and is intended for pleasure and bonding.  This privilege should never be used as a weapon against the other, as that goes against Scripture.  The wife at the same time should be shown respect as she is not a ‘play-thing’ for the husband to take advantage of. This activity should be available at appropriate times for both the husband and the wife. Be kind and gentle in this area of your relationship. 

3- Family life. What are the responsibilities of the husband and the wife? e.g. The wife most times will cater towards the kitchen, what takes place there, and perhaps things like colors for the house, the type of furniture, etc.  This is not to say the husband doesn’t do the cooking or house-work, but for most couples it’s the wife. The husband is likely more focused on keeping the car(s) in good condition, fixing things, cutting  the lawn, etc. The wife may need a shelf made or a cupboard door fixed or a leaky tap replaced. Again, these roles can be swapped or intermixed with some couples, but for the most part, this is how things are. Make sure you work in harmony is the key here.

4- Extended Family.  Your parents may still be here on planet earth and/or you may have a brother or a sister and extended family in your life. You may have good friends and perhaps a  few enemies, too. Make each other the primary person in your life and don’t let family or friends get involved in a negative way and pit you against each other.

5- Vocation. What do you do to support the family?  Do you work outside the home? You need to step up provide for your family (men especially). 

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale, it’s a choice. Fawn Weaver”

6- Leisure time.  Do you have common interests? What do you do as a couple together?  E.g.  walks together, or watching the sun go down (or come up if you’re both early risers). Maybe a car show at the beach and a nice dinner? Or, taking time to travel together on a trip somewhere. Or, camping as a family. The important thing is sharing time together. 

7- Communication. Are you free and able enough in your relationship to talk about any topic (including sex)? Can you fully express your feelings to one another? And, can you do this without fear of  ridicule or your opinions being invalidated? Make sure you respect one another’s insights and observations, even if you may not always agree. 

8- God. Is He most important in your relationship? If not, He should be. Drawing closer to God will draw you closer to each other.  Does your matrimony relationship reflect God’s love to others as they observe how you treat each other? If not, why not, and what can you do together to change that? 

9- Prayer life. Do you take time to pray together daily and for each other? Do you read the Bible and do devotions or have a ‘quiet time’ together? We all have worries or concerns, as well as dreams for the future. The importance of prayer cannot be over-emphasized. Couple who pray together regularly have a much better chance of surviving in this hostile world. Did you know that the failure rate of marriages for those who do pray together is only about 1 in a 1,000? So, pray together regularly as a couple!

10- Encouraging one other. Make sure you regularly encourage and build each other up. Be your partner’s biggest fan! When you are interacting with other people, let them know from your words and deeds that your spouse is the best thing that ever happened to you. A lot of us don’t realize how good we really have it in life (especially if you live in the 1st World). So, be grateful. Find three things each day that you’re thankful for and it will improve your outlook. Make sure you are also thankful for your husband or wife and express it to him or her!

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Seek God for His wisdom on marriage advice.

We hope you enjoyed reading these marriage advice to help couple’s unions flourish in these troubled times. Do feel free to write a comment or share this with others.

In conclusion, it takes two people wanting to make a relationship work.  Seek God for His wisdom as this is what He wants us to do. And, be patient and learn to wait on His time.

– By ChristianCafe.com member Bill Hall

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10 comments on “10 Pieces of Marriage AdviceAdd yours →

  1. About finances it becomes difficult, because as a woman am very hardworking and aggressive in life, what if you marry a lazy man? who sleeps a lot and competes with you.

    1. You need to advice him as a wife if He does listen, fine but if he doesn’t then I think to avoid matrimony issues , it best to keep your finances to yourself , the most important thing is doing thr necessities as a wife , and pray for him always. Prayers changes people and God answers prayers also never get too aggressive when it comes to finances your husband might finds it so insulting and Some might even decided not to show respect because ego is another serious problem every existing humans have.

  2. Encouraging each other or celebrate each other’s success is one of the best ways to make the marriage stronger.

  3. My first advice is couples need to communicate, pray together, disagree to agree , be helpful around the house, be open and honest, keeping secrets away from each other it’s unacceptable, make sure your wife or husband ways are lined up with the word of God, take your wife out, pamper your wife and wife do the same to your husband make sure you asked how your day was at work to each other if there is children help out with them if children aren’t yours play the roll of a parent to them they are yours even if it’s from wife or husband if they are teenagers sit and talk to them about life and the choices they make the two becomes one her children is yours and his just the same show and demonstrate love to them daily have movie nights take family walks and teach them the word Of God good examples is the begging of a new relationship and it will show that the anointing is all over your family and other will see and will ask how come and the answer you give is God gets the Glory in everything we say and do it’s in his will for your life Amen🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽‼‼

    1. if anyone has to unload all gossips ,his mistakes and misfortunate incidents in his life he should tell straight ..otherwise they should leave permanently. women cant be always fools for they bare all nonsense of dirty men
      if they have nothing to do with some one they should allow that women to stay in peace let her do whatever she wants.
      if not they should come and talk directly. Who is going to trust them for they were doing marvellous things cheating women,

  4. This definitely was informative to me! I hope all members read this even before meeting up with anyone here or anywhere in this world.

  5. This is very useful piece of information and I hope every couple or single people (but thinking of marriage) got to read this. 😍

    Also, don’t forget to stay stay safe

  6. Really enjoyed reading these tips.
    Prayer is the key,when we are connected to the source everything falls in line.
    Am blessed .

  7. Eu fui casada por 36 anos, acabou pq meu marido faleceu.
    O diálogo era nosso suporte em tudo, e foi um casamento duradouro de muita paz.
    Combinavamos em quase tudo, no que éramos diferentes resolviamos com o diálogo.
    Não deve existir submissão num relacionamento.
    Translation from Portuguese:
    I was married for 36 years, it ended because my husband passed away.
    The dialogue was our support in everything, and it was a lasting marriage of great peace.
    We agreed on almost everything, in what we were different we solved with dialogue.
    There must be no submission in a relationship.

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