The Real Marriage Meaning And What Society Teaches About Marriage

Marriage Meaning

The marriage meaning for Christians: we see how society tries to impose their worldviews on us and our faith. We see how Christianity is looked down upon, or the blasphemy thrown at us, or even lost Christians who don’t follow the teachings of the Holy Bible. And, have their own set of rules and beliefs (which forever get worse). So then, what is the real meaning of marriage for us as Christians?

The Meaning Of Marriage

As Christians, we should make sure we don’t allow ungodly teaching, thinking, or acts to negatively affect us and our families. On this blog post about the marriage meaning, we have some wonderful words from Jennifer Flanders about what society teaches us – and what Christianity teaches us about marriage.

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Living Together Before Marriage: Relationship Advice

Should this happy couple live together before marriage?
Pastor Jim provides advice on the topic of cohabitation before marriage, providing both biblical and non-biblical reasoning.


Demos have become a way of life in most parts of the world. We would not buy a car before we drove it and ‘checked it out’ – nor a television and even a piece of clothing. So many singles come from painful past experiences and they want ‘to be sure’ that they do not experience this again. The logic often develops that if this is true for other less important things, then a ‘test’ drive before marriage would certainly be in order.

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