The Real Marriage Meaning And What Society Teaches About Marriage

Marriage Meaning

The marriage meaning for Christians: we see how society tries to impose their worldviews on us and our faith. We see how Christianity is looked down upon, or the blasphemy thrown at us, or even lost Christians who don’t follow the teachings of the Holy Bible. And, have their own set of rules and beliefs (which forever get worse). So then, what is the real meaning of marriage for us as Christians?

The Meaning Of Marriage

As Christians, we should make sure we don’t allow ungodly teaching, thinking, or acts to negatively affect us and our families. On this blog post about the marriage meaning, we have some wonderful words from Jennifer Flanders about what society teaches us – and what Christianity teaches us about marriage.

What Society Teaches about Marriage:

(read from top to bottom)
Modern day marriages don’t last
That is why
You should only look out for #1
It is foolish to think
You can live happily ever after
By giving your all
To build up your man
Take whatever measures are necessary
To maintain your autonomy
Don’t worry about trying
To give 110%
Always remember instead
That marriage is a 50-50 proposition
Don’t think for a minute
Your husband will respond in kind
If you treat him with respect
That’s a lie
Being a submissive wife makes you a doormat
I don’t believe
Marriage is worth the sacrifice

Now, what Christianity Teaches about Marriage:
(read the above list again, but this time from bottom to top)


Is marriage worth the sacrifice?

Yes, marriages are worth the sacrifice.

Respecting, loving, understanding, giving, listening, and obeying are just some of the actions we should add to our daily prayers when we ask God to guide us in our lives.

“Marriage is worth the sacrifice”

God on the meaning of marriage for our society.

In the Bible God teaches us how important marriage is and what we should do and avoid as Christians. Society is going so far astray from what the Lord has for all His children that even some Christians are starting to believe the lies the world throws at them.

We should be vigilant and aware of the dangers of blindly accept society’s norms as guidance for living, such as Living Together before marriage. We should trust in God on how to live our lives to fulfill what God wants for us and our society, by reading and studying the Word.

“Be vigilant and aware of the dangers of blindly accept society’s norms”

What Society Teaches About Marriage
What Society Teaches About Marriage

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  1. As a man i can relate to this perfectly in my own situation, trying me best, not being pushy, but still they left the church and me. cannot change people their time is destined, marry the one you want not the one you want to teach jesus love. They should already have a good foundation in Christ before any christian man tries to be with them. Just my two cents. learned from experience. Not going to be afraid of waiting for a woman with wisdom and strong individual faith.

  2. That is true. Bible teaches that women must submit to their husband and Husband must love their wife as Christ loved the Church.

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