First Date Advice: Essential Advice for Single Christians.

First Date Advice
First Date Advice

Embarking on a first date can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when you’re seeking a soulmate or true love online on a Christian dating site like As single Christians, it is essential to approach with a mindset anchored in faith and guided by God’s wisdom. This blog post provides unique and valuable insights for single Christians who want to seek God’s guidance while navigating the realm of online dating. We will explore the importance of keeping Jesus at the center of our search, as well as first date advice to ensure safety and security during those initial encounters.

First Date Tips – Meeting a date for the first time.

First Date - Meeting for the first time

You’ve met someone special on a Christian dating site, you’ve sent messages, spent hours on phone calls and now it’s time for the first date. What should you do and what to expect from those dates? Some great tips from Dr. Jim to make sure that your first date is successful.

Dear Jim: Do you have any tips for singles who met on the Internet and are planing a first date?

Have you head the expression ‘things always look good on paper’? There is an element of this that is true for those who meet others on dating sites and want to begin a relationship.

Although I do hear of some singles that flatly out lie on their profiles, I believe that most profiles are completed in honesty. Let me ask you a question? When you completed your profile, did you finish the task wondering whether or not you had really done a complete and good job? If you are like most, you wrestled with whether or not what you had put done was exactly what you wished to project.

How Long To Wait to Meet Offline?

How Long To Wait

You’ve emailed back and forth via your favorite online dating site and possibly even communicated via IM, SMS, or Skype. So, when do you actually meet in person? How long to wait to meet offline? There’s definitely something different about meeting face to face in comparison to just communicating via text. There are mannerisms and many (many) other things that make meeting “offline” much different than “online”.

First Date and No Attraction: Etiquette

First Date

Pastor Jim provides advice for Christian singles regarding how to react upon realizing you are not attracted to your date.

ยป Dear Jim: I finally met someone in person and am not attracted. When should I tell them?

Relating to others develops many scenarios. The one that most often occurs when using the Internet for dating is that there often develops a ‘connection’ prior to actually meeting face-to-face. This is accomplished by many emails exchanged and perhaps phone calls where there appears to be a rapport and mutual draw.