How to forgive yourself

forgive yourself
How to forgive yourself

Dear Jim: I have fallen and had sex outside of marriage. Can I ever be pure again and forgive myself?

So many emails are received from singles, men and women, sharing that they have fallen into sex in a relationship and now feel unclean and ashamed. They had no intention of doing this, but in a moment of dropping their guard, they quickly fell into the trap.

When Christian singles make wrong choices.


Choices are made all the time but when it comes to relationships, Christian singles have to be careful about dating choices. One simple choice can change your entire life (for good or ill).  That’s why it’s so important to be careful when dealing with such life-changing choices. Don’t make the wrong choice!

Wrong Choices.

Choices are made moment-by-moment in our lives. Some are very minor or perhaps insignificant, while others set things in motion for tremendous good or harm. Did you ever make a choice you wish you could take back? I can hear a loud positive response to that question!