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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Are you looking for Christian singles online and are ready to date? Is your faith important to you when searching for your life-long partner? If you answered yes, you've come to the right online dating site for Christians. We at would love to help you in your search for an exciting relationship. Come find great connections on our fun, safe, and easy-to-use virtual dating website. We've matched untold thousands of singles since 1999.

When you're seeking a single matchmaker service, you naturally want the best of what's out there. With us, joining is free. In fact, we offer a great free trial to all newcomers, where you can search, browse, message, and respond to as many potential matches as you want. We think you'll find that meeting our bachelors and bachelorettes will be relaxing and enjoyable. And, potentially life-changing, if you connect with your soulmate. On our online matchmaking service, we've got thousands of singles men and women, who are searching for someone like you!

Sanders and Beverly are sure glad they joined us. They met in March 2020. At first, it was messaging back and forth. It then progressed to phone calls. And, soon a visit in person. That's when they really hit it off! They were married in December 2020! Not everyone connects and marries that quickly, but it does happen!

It all starts with you creating your very own free trial profile. From there, you can connect with singles locally, or across the state, or even the country. We've also had lots of couples connect from across the world! The beauty of the Internet is that you can do all this from your own computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Come join us and connect with our Christian singles today . Start a relationship with someone you've really clicked with and see where it takes you. The main reason people use our services is to connect with others of like mind and faith.

After all, sharing your faith and values are so important in having a successful relationship. Perhaps you've mistakenly downplayed your faith when you dated in the past, and found out the hard way that that can't work. We have a lot of members who've been down that road. They now realize that it's a good thing not to compromise. And, to live as Christ commanded us. Our shared faith is the foundational cores of our lives, and especially becomes relevant in determining the success of a future relationship. So, when single Christians have this in mind, they understand why they need a faith based dating site such as to help them to connect romantically.

Tom was with us on and off for a while and had decided it wasn't working for him. Well, just when he was ready to give up, Judi wrote to him. She was intriguing to him, so he returned. They started corresponding on, and this turned into regular phone calls. They met in person after six months of getting to know each other. That meeting confirmed what they already knew: they were perfect for each other. Four months later, they were married!

So, don't you be shy. Instead, come join us right now and find love. Start mingling with our thousands of born again singles who are seeking a genuine and trustworthy dating experience. Sharing your life with someone who shares your convictions, beliefs, and devotion to Christ is fundamental for your faith. And, it's a lot of fun and super exciting too!

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