- Christian Testimony - February 2012
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 We met on in December of 2008 and we are still joyfully married!  

Jessica and Trevor are still very much in love

Jessica and Trevor met in December 2008

When I met my husband I was a single mom with a three year old daughter and he was a single dad with a five year old daughter. The first night we talked on the phone we immediately hit it off as if we had known each other for a long time! After a week and a half of talking every night for 6-8 hours on the phone, we finally met in person and it was love at first sight. We became the best of friends and couldn't stand being away from each other. God totally brought our girls together too and they are now best friends; and though we have been through trials and have come from totally different backgrounds, we have seen amazing miracles and tremendous growth in both of us as we have pursued the Lord together. It was so great that my husband and I could talk and get to know each other so much before we even met in person, and the Lord knit our hearts together based on our faith and personalities and not on mere physical affections, though those were there too:) Thanks so much for this great site, it was so worth it!

Jessica-mercy794 {California} & Trevor-trevorever981 {California} February 2012

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 Please delete my details!  

Thanks to Christian Cafe and the Lord's great care for us, I have found a wonderful man whom I shall be marrying on the 25th February this year. Many thanks.

Jill-curlyhead360 {Wales} February 2012

 Rose and Robert are getting married on the 14th of March.  

We met in chat. I must say I will miss the chat rooms. There are a lot of great people that come there.

Rose- tiki341 {North Carolina} & Robert- mrtiki341 {North Carolina} February 2012
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