Christian Testimony - July 2015

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 We have individually had many experiences with internet dating over the years and almost gave up.  

Adorable Christian singles enjoy a dinner date

Rouba and Marc look adorable as they share a tender moment

However, we both decided to extend our search reach outside our regions of preference and God did the rest by allowing us to meet. A friendship has developed over the past two months and we are now very much in love.

We wanted to thank for it was through you that we met.

To those still searching, keep trusting God, think outside the box and don't give up.

Rouba-rouba420 {New South Wales, Australia} & Marc-forhisglory239 {California} July 2015

 I met my husband from this site.  

A Filipina Christian single is seated next to a New Zealand Christian single man at a restaurant

Annie and George were married June 15, 2014

I really appreciate the generous time that I was given and the workable system that has given to members. I can say that this is a very positive search engine that gave positive results to Christian members.

I am one of those lucky ones. I met George sometime in December 2013 and we wrote for 6 months until he finally decided to come to Philippines to marry me. We were married on June 15, 2014 and came together to New Zealand on July 16, 2014.

Now I am enjoying my happy married life with him in this beautiful country. Thanks to for the generosity and the opportunity. More power to all the staff and God bless!

Annie-mar895 {Philippines} & George-lanause385 {New Zealand} July 2015
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 My husband and I met on this site 3 years ago  

and married last year on August 1, 2014. Thank you for a great site to meet your soul mate.

Carmelita-angelbaby436 {Texas} & Jon-jonp806 {Texas} July 2015

 I've been a member of for many years, and I'm very grateful for your service.  

I've met my future wife through, for which I'm most grateful to God and I'm very appreciative of!

Thank you again very much for your service over the years, and the service you continue to provide, to not just me, but the many other Christians trying to find that special person in their lives.

Adam-adamonetwo984 {Connecticut} July 2015

 I met Marc on and we got married June 15 2015.  

We are going to have a celebration in September with family and we'll send pictures then. Thank you.

Rhonda-preacherswife562 {Florida} & Marc-talmadim202 {North Carolina} July 2015
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