Christian Testimony - August 2019

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 How much I praise God for Christian Cafe and this incredible site!  

Selfie for Christian couple

Kristen and Ray found an instant connection

We had both tried other dating websites but we were looking for a Christian partner. Christian Cafe seems to have better profile questions where you can get a clearer picture of where the other person is in their level of faith and where they are in their Christian walk.

We had both been talking to other people - nothing serious, but when we met on Christian Cafe there was an instant connection within the first few emails. It was different from other people we had met. We were long distance so our first Skype date was 5 hours long. We live in different countries and neither one of us was looking for a long distance relationship but when you meet the right person you just know.

Not long after our online introduction I went to visit, which confirmed our feelings and commitment to each other. That visit cemented our relationship. We got engaged and are now planning our wedding and spending the rest of our lives together. We could not be happier.

We met on Christian Cafe in February and got engaged in April. I know that sounds fast but when you meet the right person you know.

Thank you for your help.

If I had to give a tip for anyone reading, I would say pray and ask for God's direction. I wasn't expecting to meet someone from another country or even another state but our relationship is everything I had been praying for. We both feel so blessed and fortunate to have met someone so perfect for each of us.

Kristen-prettyinpink139 {Wisconsin} & Ray August 2019

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 I joined and met Eric and we are currently in a relationship where we intend to marry next year. YAY!!  

Thank you very much!

Nay-nay545 {Brazil} & Eric-ericp750 {California} August 2019

 I have found someone so I am grateful for the service.  

Richard-richardep371 {Texas} August 2019

 I have found the love of my life, my best friend, my funny man, and most of all my man of God.  

I thank you for all your support. Keep up the good work.

Jeneva-unique360 {Jamaica} August 2019

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 Please close my account.  

I have met someone from here :)

Tina-anita693 {Western Australia} August 2019

 Getting Married!!  

I met my fiance on Christian Cafe and we are getting married on September 28th this year! I am so grateful to the website and wanted to thank you.

Lillian August 2019

 I found someone on 5 weeks ago.  

Greg-phonetician366 {Oklahoma} August 2019

 You make it easy to recommend Christian Cafe!  

I appreciate that you are swift to remove scammers and foul users.

Joey-friendsfirst759 {Montana} August 2019

 Great customer service!  

Your reaching out to your members is what makes different in a good way.

Lynne-lovesgod478 {Pennsylvania} August 2019

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