Christian Forums provides Christian forums to allow Christian singles to fellowship and discuss topics of interest. Members can add their thoughts to already started discussions or create their own topic for others to respond to.

Christian Chat Forums for Singles

Many Christian "roundtables" cater to all Christians - whether single or married. The Christian Panels at are for singles, so discussion has greater context since all commenters are single and looking for their Christian match. This may not matter so much for categories like 'Travel', 'Sports', 'Music' and such but for those such as 'Ask Men', 'Ask Women', 'Single Parents', (etc.) it really allows for a more focused and meaningful discussion.

Variety of Debates Topic Areas

Discussions on are divided into various categories:

Dating & Relationships

The Dating & Relationships section contains subcategories that include Ask Men, Ask Women, Critique My Profile, Single Parents, Under 30, Over and Under: 30 to 49 and Fifty Plus. Members can post new discussions about singleness and dating within those subcategories.

General Interest

The General Interest area is broken down into subcategories that include Current Events, Health & Fitness, Music, Travel, Book Reviews, Sports, Cooking & Recipes and Movies / Television. These areas are there more so for general discussion among members. Maybe a connection regarding music or a certain hobby will build interest in another member!


The Christianity section contains subcategories such as Bible Study, Devotionals, Praise Reports and Ministry Ideas. Members can post new discussions regarding Christianity and faith within those subcategories.

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Why Participate?

There are a number of great reasons to participate:

  • Engage in lively discussion on topics of interest to Christian singles;
  • Feel encouragement from other Christian singles - and be encouraged yourself!;
  • Get to know other members on a more meaningful level;
  • Get your dating profile noticed (participation = more interest in you!);
  • Make Christian friends! - it doesn't have to always be about dating.

What are Members Saying about Cafe Forums?

"I truly enjoy the Forum feature and am very happy you have added it. I look forward to getting to know members in a more meaningful way through this medium. Thanks for adding the Forums :)"

"just wanted to say i love the forum atmosphere fun and informative christian discussion. great"

"I love the idea of a forum! You just get to see more of a person when they're interacting... and hey, you get to see more people, too!"

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