Help: Posting Photos

Should I Post My Photos?

Posting your photo will give your profile a more personal touch - everyone likes to connect a face with a name! A picture is worth a thousand words.


Receive 3 Extra Free Days for posting your photos (first time posting only). The Real Bonus is that profiles with photos are browsed up to 10 Times more often than those without! Additionally, you'll receive many more replies to messages you send. A number of members refuse to write to profiles without photos, under the assumption that member has something to hide or is not serious about searching for a mate. So be sure not to miss any potential connections!

Choose photos you feel are flattering, in which you are smiling, looking both confident and happy. Additionally, choose a variety of settings and looks to show the unique you. People who are self-confident tend to be regarded as more attractive than those who are insecure about their looks.

How Do I Post My Photo?

Go to your photo page to submit your photos to us.

No current photos come to mind? Have a friend take some photos (or use a self-timer on your own camera), and choose the ones you like best. Mirror shots or selfies are not usually the best choices. Having photos should be important to you, especially when that future relationship could be right around the corner! If you need our assistance you can submit your photos using our contact form if you have problems uploading them via your photo page.

It's a great idea to ensure your Profile photo shows you clearly. Photos which show your face turned away, taken from a distance, cartoons, photos of pets, buildings, scenery, etc. can be used for subsequent postings.

We recognize that not all members will choose to include a photo with their profile; for this reason, the option to post photos isn't required.

Can I Mail You My Photos and Have You Post Them?

1. You can e-mail your photos to [email protected] Please include your username and any posting instructions. Emailed photos take us a little longer to post, but we will try to post yours within 24 hours.

2. You can also try submitting photos to us via our contact form.

3. If you don't have access to a scanner or a digital camera, you can snail mail us your photos and we will post them for you. Include your username plus any posting instructions, if any.

Please send your photos along with sufficient postage to Canada to:

128 Banchory Cres
Ottawa, ON K2K 2V5

If you would like your photo(s) returned to you, please include a note with your photo and a self-addressed envelope (do not include stamps).

How do I Add a Caption to my Photo?

Go to your photo page and enter your caption in the box next to your photo. You can also email us your caption and we will add it for you: [email protected]

How do I Delete a Photo?

To delete a photo go to your photo page and click the Trash Can icon to the right of the photo you want removed.

Note: Once a photo has been deleted it cannot be retrieved (we don't store your photos).

Do you keep Photos Sent to You?

If you snail mailed us a photo we scan it and post it to your profile. We then discard the photo, unless you asked us to mail it back to you.

If a photo is deleted from your profile we do not have a copy of it, unfortunately. You may wish to save a copy of any photos in your profile. That way you'll always have them, should you accidentally delete any.