New Design

New Design

Which features work on the new design?

With the new design you should be able to:

Which features are not yet ready?

The following features are not yet ready for use but will be soon. Use the normal site to access these:

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Our old server ( is still available and will permit you to access all features, so if you're missing something on the new design, you can still access it on the old design.

The old design works fine. Why make changes?

Yes, the old design works well so rest assured we are not making changes simply for the sake of change. There are many benefits to the changes, the most important of which is a much improved viewing experience for members using smaller screen devices like tablets and smartphones.

So how does the new design help?

If you have a tablet or smartphone, you will be able to see instantly how much better an experience it is to use - the site is much easier to read, pages fit better on your screen, photos are easier to view, etc.

If you use a laptop or desktop computer, you can still use the site almost exactly as before. Some of the menu items have been reorganized slightly, which you'll get used to the more often you use your account. You'll note an increase in the number of people online (hint: all those tablet and smartphone users) which is of course ultimately better for you because there will be more singles with whom to connect! Make sure you're writing to those who interest you so you can start making those special connections.

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