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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Christian dating free websites are not easy to find, and one that works to match you is even harder. However, we've been online since 1999 and thousands upon thousands of single Christians have been connected and found love, all because they started their free trial profile with us. Be one of our newest love stories and testimonial. Join us today and search for your better half from the moment your profile is created.

We can't promise you we can change your singleness status, but we can certainly guide and assist you in connecting with thousands of potential matches who are seeking someone to love. We're a team of Christians who care and desire to see equally yoked marriages happen. We exist precisely because we do our upmost every day to help our single members connect with other singles of faith.

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Bachelors and bachelorettes, who are serious about their commitment to their faith in Christ, are seeking someone to start a serious relationship with. Could you be one they are looking for? We've had over 25,000 marriages happen because of singles matching, so we definitely could help you do the same. We're one of the best (if not the best) and most reputable Christian dating free online matchmakers online today. If our thousands of former singles trusted us to connect them with their true love, we think you should, too.

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