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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Christian singles loneliness is one of the hardest feelings those in the church have to deal with. Many single men and single women, too, complain that the church is not doing enough to alleviate the pressure put upon them. Nor, a recognition that it's hard to connect if you're a Christian single. And, that just being around other people doesn't ease the feeling of loneliness that today's single Christians can experience.

Trying to meet other singles of faith is harder overall nowadays. Everyone is so busy and the opportunities to connect aren't there like they used to be. Singles end up feeling more isolated and frustrated. Don't worry any longer, though, as is here to help! We were created specifically to address the needs of today's Christian dater. Whether you're having trouble meeting people through family or friends, or at work or your church, we're here to help. Our purpose is to connect you with your soulmate online.

So, if getting into a long-term relationship and/or marriage are on your bucket list, then we're the dating site for you. Let us help you meet and mingle with thousands of potential prospects who are as eager to connect with others for dating and friendship as you are. When Bible believers are ready for commitment, they come to us. We've assisted over 50,000 now-former singles meet their partner online (25,000 marriages and counting!). Come let us help you connect with your true love, too. After all, anything's possible at

Most of us want to be in a relationship with marriage as the goal, as we find Christian singles loneliness hard to deal. Some feel frustrated with the singles scene or not very comfortable using secular dating sites. Or, even using other dating sites that are 'Christian' in name only. Sadly, most of dating sites you'll find out there are secular businesses pretending to be Christian companies to get your business. They don't share your values or faith, or know anything about Jesus as Savior, for that matter.

We think it's important for our members to know who's behind the website that helps you connect with your Christian soulmate. Don't you? Well, rest assured that we share your faith and values! We're Bible believing Christians who founded and operate our matchmaker site, Our top priority is helping our members become equally yoked with their future partner, as the Bible teaches us. So, if wanting your spouse to have the same level of faith, as well as share your values, then come to us. Our daters chose us because they know half the battle is won already. That is, our singles ministry is dedicated to religious folk, who desire only to meet other Christians.

We believe that Christian singles loneliness can be removed from believer's lives by turning to online dating. There are so many potential matches there these days.'s raison d'être is to help remove any of this from your life. Don't let feeling lonely make you think there's no hope. With our singles community, you'll have the opportunity to connect with thousands of potential matches who are serious about finding love online. Could you be what they're looking for?

Whether you've tried matrimonial sites without success in the past or haven't tried them at all, don't worry. We know it can be a little never-wracking to even consider putting yourself out there. With us, you don't need to worry, though, as we've been doing this for over two decades. Come join us for free and become part of the premier dating portal online. We've assisted so many others to meet their perfect match. We could just do the same for you.

On our dating platform are thousands of singles who all deeply desire a meaningful relationship, leading to marriage, when the time is right. Sign up for free and browse thousands of singles profiles right now!



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