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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Church singles have been trusting us to meet and connect with each other since 1999. They know they can count on one of the most popular site for Believers online. When you've been serving the singles community for over two decades, you get good at what you do. We were one of the first Christian dating sites back in the early days of the world wide web. We're also owned and operated by Believers, so we understand and can relate to your desire to connect with those of like-mind and belief.

In fact, our dating platform was designed with daters like yourself in mind. You can connect with thousands of potential matches on our virtual Cafe. We've got members from everywhere, from places you know and places you may never have heard of before. But, the one thing they have in common, besides being single and wanting to connect with their true love (could that be you?), is love for our Lord Jesus. They're with us because they desire to only meet other Christians. So, if you're tired of trying other dating sites that are full of secular people and it's hard to sift through them and find true Christ-followers, then we're the dating site for you. With us, half the battle is already won, because if a person has created a profile with us, it's because they're a Christian. That means no more wasting your time browsing profiles of secular people who don't care about or even want to hear about Jesus.

Creating your very own free trial profile with us means you'll be just a few clicks away from our database that's full of potential matches for you. You'll quickly see that searching on our dating platform will bring a world of possibilities for you. Your search for love will be made a lot easier, knowing that our singles share your faith and values. Connecting with Christ-like people is a productive way to get a conversation going and break the ice with someone new. When you have your faith and church as the top priorities when looking for your perfect match, then our Church singles are for you.

Now, if you're like most singles out there, your life is hectic, It's hard to connecting with other single people, isn't it?. The old ways of going through family, friends or at your church simply aren't effective for most of us anymore. Some communities had matchmakers who specialized in connecting people. But, not anymore. How do you connect when there are no obvious prospects that you know of (or, have any interest in)? Well, we're writing to you today to say don't despair! We were created specifically to assist you by giving you the opportunity to mingle and browse our untold thousands of potential matches who are in the same situation as you. Our daters are with us because they really want to be with someone. We give them the opportunity to connect online with their potential soul mate at our website.

It doesn't matter what level of interaction you're interested in when seeking Church singles. It could be for friendship, fellowship, or romance. Whatever your desire it, our dating site is here to help you. You can browse for your ideal connection from the comfort of your home or office, on on the go with our exciting dating app. Our members regularly report that it's easy and fun to use our database. You can search using numerous important criteria, such as church attendance and involvement, faith-level, denomination, location, interests and hobbies, personal outlooks, physical appearances, and on it goes. We specially designed our matchmaker service with singles like yourself in mind. And, we have had tremendous success. Over 25,000 marriages have resulted! So, if 50,000+ former-singles were able to meet their partners with us, you, too, could have similar success.

Please don't get discouraged because you've tried other dating sites and things didn't work out it didn't work for you. We know it can be daunting out there in the "wild west" that we also call the Internet. Finding single Christians that interest you doesn't have to be hard. Simply by creating your very own free trial profile, we can then put you in front of our exciting singles. You've got nothing to lose, but your potential soul mate to gain! Our dating platform is free to try, including contacting as many singles as you want, during your trial. That also includes reading mail from others who have found you interesting and wanted to say hello! Basically, we treat your trial account almost as if you were a paying member. You can decide at any point if we're the dating portal for you. We think you won't be disappointed!

In conclusion, meeting your soulmate is easy and exciting for us. Say goodbye to your singleness today and find your perfect match with us. We've got a unique, user-friend, but sophisticated Church singles website. What are you waiting for? Join us today and come enjoy our authentic dating site.



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