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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


When you're looking to meet Christian singles, you can be successful when you're on the right dating website. It all depends on the kinds of singles you want to meet and where to find them. You can join many online dating websites that say they can deliver what you're searching for. However, most of the single people you'll find registered on these so-called "Christian" dating sites are secular singles. That's because these singles sites are operated by secular people who don't know what being a Christian really means.

When you're uncertain where to meet Christian singles, make sure to be really careful and ensure the dating service has Christians operating it. Dating sites may say they have quality singles who are religious. That isn't the case, as you likely have found out already. However, when you participate on, we can guarantee that the singles on our website are only interested in meeting other Christians. This is why they chose us in the first place. Our motto is, "All Christian. All Single". It's why we exist. So, don't be fooled by secular companies who have Christian sites and let you mingle, but the people behind them aren't Christians.

Searching, chatting, and connecting with a special someone that you'd like to share your life with is super important task. It's your second most important decision in life, after accepting Jesus as your Saviour. When you know the kind of person you want to meet (with being a Christian a necessity), and what you desire in a partner, it's that much easier to be successful in meeting other Christian singles.

You're the only one who knows exactly what you're looking for, right? Make sure you're using the best dating site to meet these prospective matches for you. Sure, there are many sites that cater to single Christians, but none will be as authentic as Our members are here because they have their faith as a top priority when seeking true love.

Meet Christian singles with us. It's easy, fun, and exciting, once you're on the best venue to meet and mingle with single Christians. From the moment your free trial profile is created, you'll be able to mingle with other singles for 10 days completely free. You can search profiles of exciting Christian singles, send and receive messages, and communicate for free, including on our exciting dating forums and via instant messaging.

Also, if safety and integrity are important when looking for a great matchmaker service, then seek no more. Who better to help you in your search for your soulmate? A website that is owned and operated by secular people or a dating websites that shares your Christian values and faith and love for Jesus Christ? When your priority is your faith and values when searching for your ideal partner, you need a matchmaker website that also has Jesus as their top faith priority in everything to do with their business.

You'll meet lots of single people with us, who have every intention of living a life according to Bible principles, the same as you do. So, being serious about your faith, and knowing the importance of being equally yoked in marriage, the proper choice for a dating site is It's why we exist: to help you meet Christian singles. Our singles have a clear idea of the types of single Christians they're looking for. That attitude makes dating online with us so much easier and more fulfilling.

Join us today for free and start mingling with other singles right away. It's fun and it's free. All you need to do is to tell our singles a little about yourself and what's important to you in meeting your Christian match. To meet Christian singles, come join us. You'll soon be connecting with our singles. Don't waste anymore time on sites that don't deliver. Instead, try us for free today!



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