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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Authentic online dating Christian websites aren't easy to find. Most of the singles on such websites are secular singles. However, when you join you'll see right away that you're dealing with a Christian ministry and business. In fact, it's owned and operated by Bible believing Christians. We've been assisting the online Christian dating community since way back in 1999. 50,000+ now ex-singles have met their better half with us. Is your special Mr. or Mrs. Right here right now? Come find out!

The Internet has given singles the opportunity to connect in ways they never could have before. With a simple profile on a reputable dating website, you can browse thousands of other singles like never before. The dating scene for singles nowadays has changed dramatically for sure. You can communicate instantly with someone across town or your state or country and even across the world. So, if you're seeking your future spouse online, and want your matches to be Christians, we're the website for you. We provide great opportunities to connect with potential matches from the comfort of your own home or on the go with our exciting Christian dating app.

Creating your single profile on our online dating for Christians platform will make your search for true love exciting and fulfilling, especially if you make a great dating connection. You simply need to create your own account. Telling others a bit about you and what it important in your search is easy to do with our drop-down multiple choice questionnaire. And, you can flesh out what's important to you on our free-flow written section. There, you can write as little or as much as you want. From the moment your profile is complete, you'll be able search, browse, communicate, chat, post a prayer, participate in our community forums and so much more. You'll see why so many Christian daters consider their #1 dating portal online.

When you're single and want to meet someone special to start a long-lasting relationship, come check us out. Are you available but have nobody to mingle with? And, are you ready for the big commitment of marriage but haven't found your soulmate yet? Well then, our matchmaker service is worth a try. What have you got to lose? Our singles are ready to mingle and share their faith, values, and interests. They love Jesus and desire to meet others who feel the same when it comes to looking for a Christian mate. Come mingle with our thousands of potential matches who are online right now seeking someone just like you.

Online dating for Christians makes it easier than before, but to find authentic Christian community is hard. Many dating websites are actually secular businesses acting like it's Christians behind their websites. The word "Christian" doesn't mean they are believers. So, be careful to whom you give your business. We are are the real deal. As we mentioned, we're a Christian owned and operated company that has the love for Jesus Christ as our top priority.

Don't give up on love, for you know that true love has no limits, right? That's why we exist, to help make love come alive for our Christian singles! 25,000 marriages (and counting) shows that it works with us. Our singles community is alive and exciting. You'll meet Believers from all walks of life and denominations. Could one of them be your special someone?

Join us today, and find our! Come start your relationship with someone just perfect for you. It's free to try and a lot of fun. C'mon in right now!



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