ChristianCafe Vs. Bigchurch Reviews: Christian Owned or Not? is owned by born-again Christians; BigChurch is owned by the same company that owns Penthouse, the place "famous" for the pornographic Penthouse magazine! This company also operates "dating" sites in the following genres: sex-personals, 'alternative lifestyle/BDSM', among others.

We at, are proud to declare that our site is run by Bible-believing Christians, who follow Jesus' teachings, and will never be involved in such markets.

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Not only is Christian-owned, it also has has one of the largest active database of Christian singles online, more than BigChurch or many other singles Web site.

If spending your time and money on a Christian-owned site is important to you then is the place for you. You'll experience the largest active Christian singles community online while supporting a truly Christian service. Meet more Christian singles at!

We know how important it is for Christians to keep their Christian faith and follow in Jesus' steps. We do all we can to hold to our Christian principals and do whatever is necessary to make sure our dating site as clean as possible for our Christian singles.

Don't waste your precious time and money in a site that is only Christian in name, but have not real Christians involved in the daily tasks of such company. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee where your Christian faith is important.

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Bible Believing Christians Helping Christian Singles

We offer all newcomers a free, 10 day trial (7 days plus 3 for posting a photo), where visitors can interact the same as paid members, for the duration of their trial. This is all completely free with no obligation! With your free trial, you can search for other singles, send and receive messages, participate in discussions in our various forums topics, and much more. By simply creating your free trial profile, you communicate free with ALL members of right now. C'mon and join us today!

We know how important it is for Christians to be aware of and make sure they don't support people or businesses that may deceive them. More people nowdays are using dating sites online to meet their life partner or spouse. It can be upsetting to find out that some dating companies don't let on that their Christian singles version isn't run by Christians and/or is exclusively for Christian singles. And, can offer unBiblical services (such as pornography) elsewhere.

We, as Christians, understand how important is for us to follow God's principals and Jesus' teachings. Secular companies will do everything they can to get your business, including hiding who is behind them, when they are dealing with the Christian community.

But, if you want to be part of a ministry that caters to and for Christians, while abiding by Biblical principals, then is the place for you!

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Please Note: The above information is believed to be accurate as of Apr 27, 2021. We provide this BigChurch review to help you make an informed decision when choosing an authentic Christian dating service. We believe it is important for you to know who owns and operates the dating Web sites you support. Our intention is not to disparage BigChurch with this reviews or their parent company in any way. If you feel any of the information on this page is inaccurate, please let us know ([email protected]) and we will correct any inaccuracies right away. Thank you!