What Every Christian Couple Should Talk Before Saying “I Do”

The great word: I do
“I do”

Today’s article is brought to you by a guest writer, Kevin Gardner.

4 Conversations Every Christian Couple Should Have Before Saying “I Do”

God never created men and women to be alone. From birth, humans long for connection and intimacy with others, seeking a life filled with love, compassion, and security. This can grow complicated when courting, and eventually dating the person you wish to wed. As you know, finding the one or your soulmate is a nuanced idea that has been spoon fed to young romantics by secular culture. Real, biblical relationships require communication and compromise with the person you have chosen.

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Relationship Questions: How to keep your expectations in check.

Relationship questions

Many Christian singles use the Internet to search for a soul mate. They can find themselves torn when their expectations aren’t met by the one they thought was going to be ‘The One’. Dr. Jim responds to some relationship questions about online dating, and things to avoid.

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