Community: Prayer posting guidelines

Prayer Posting Guidelines

As a Christian site, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards according to our principles and purpose. Our Prayers feature has turned out to be a blessing, not only to those who have posted prayers, but to other members, and indeed to staff.

Some members set aside time to read the prayers posted each day, and pray for every posting. We thank them for their diligence.

We want to allow all prayers to remain as posted if possible. However, in the event that we find prayers which do not conform to our Christian site principles and purpose, we will act as the sole arbiter and reserve the right to edit or remove such prayers, without notice to the member.

We believe what constitutes a proper prayer request, or prayer of thanks, should be self-evident to our Christian members. God knows our hearts.

However some prayer postings have shown us that guidelines and rules have to be set out to avoid confusion in future.

Prayers should:

  • Be brief. There is a character limit of 2000 for postings. The Lord's (Disciples') Prayer is not long. It is very powerful, though.
  • Not simply be Bible verses. Please use the Forums to post and discuss Bible verses.
  • Be readable. Please try not to write all in block capitals. Space your sentences.

Prayers should not:

  • Promote one particular church group or doctrinal view.
  • Be political statements.
  • Ask for money, however worthy the cause.
  • Disparage another member, belief or doctrine.
  • Be sermons. Members can use the Forums to create new discussions including sermons.
  • Contain email addresses (exceptions may be made in certain situations).
  • Contain web addresses (exceptions may be made in certain situations).
  • Be chain letter type prayers.
  • Be copyrighted material for which permission has not been obtained.
  • Contain personal contact information such as surname, telephone number, etc.

Removal of prayers

If you find a prayer which you feel is not acceptable, or is clearly inappropriate (offensive language, etc.) please give us time to deal with it, before you contact us. Your concern has likely been passed on by others already (our members are vigilant, which we appreciate. We also monitor this page regularly. Please do not respond to a bad prayer by posting your rebuttal. That kind of knee jerk reaction can make a bad situation worse.

As noted above, is the sole arbiter of the Prayers page. A prayer can be removed by the member (see your prayers help page for information) or by staff. We remove or edit prayers which do not conform to the above guidelines.