Christian Testimony - April 2002

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 I actually boasted of being browsed over 7000 times and never had met a single person in real life......YET it actually happened last week-end when he flew all the way here to visit me.  

Arkansas Single Christian woman smiles as she stands next to her NY match for their date

Paula's perseverance paid off: look at that smile!

I never thought that I would be writing to you guys that I actually had met someone in person through Christian Cafe.

I met a wonderful man from New York.....the last place a girl from Arkansas wanted to meet a man after 9 - 11.

We met online in January of 2002 which was-----exactly one year and 3 days after I joined on here at Christian Cafe. Because of the automatic renewal...this actually allowed me to be on an extended week past my initial membership and thus we were able to meet each other online.

We are very excited that God brought us together and are pursuing what purpose He has in mind and planning to meet again in May and seek counsel from my pastor and other Christian friends. God is truly awesome and I am thankful for Christian Cafe who along with the LORD made this all possible.

I will add that I had some negative experiences and deceitfulness occur in some of the people I met online. I had all but given up on the internet but not in trusting GOD.

I stuck it out till the end of my membership and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED>>>>> so don't give up single brothers and sisters in Christ because God will bring someone into your life by some means when you least expect it.

Focus on HIM: Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you!!! God bless,

Paula {Arkansas} April 2002

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 My special someone and I were both on, just poking around, and chatting with some other Christians for fun.  

Blonde Christian singles hug tightly on their outdoor date

Peter and Maria aren't letting go now they've found each other!

We each ended up putting profiles on just to see what would happen. Somehow she ended up finding my profile from the hundreds that are on there, and she contacted me.

That was in December 2000. We started emailing each other. After a month or two we decided to meet. We got together with a group of her and my friends, and started getting acquainted.

Seven months later we were engaged, and in less than two months, in June 2002, we are getting married.

Thank you for helping me find the woman of my dreams! We will continue referring people to your site as a great place to meet wonderful Christian people.

Love in Christ,

Peter & Maria April 2002

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  I am so happy. I know that this is the man that God had for me.  

A woman hugs a seated man as she leans over him

Trisha has so much in common with her amazing husband

In March (last year) I met the man that is now my husband on this site. He lived in California, and I lived in Oregon.

He came out to meet me in May, and at the end of May he moved here to be closer to me. We got engaged in June, and we just got married February 25th of this year.

We have so much in common, and I feel very blessed to have such an amazing husband.

Thanks again,, you made it possible for me to meet my husband.

Trisha {Oregon} April 2002

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 I was looking for a friendship, nothing more when I met Kevin.  

A widowed Christian woman hugs a seated man while with her daughters

Irene's friendship with Kevin grew and now they're engaged!

I met my fiance Kevin in Oct. of 2001. Kevin lives in PA and I in Mass. I had just lost my husband five months before and was not looking for a serious relationship, let alone marriage.

I know I wanted to get married again, but not that quickly. I joined on Oct. 5 and contacted Kevin on Oct. 11. At that time, I did not know this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was in an abusive relationship for six years and was married for four. I separated from my husband four months before he took his life.

A friend of mine from church had sent me to I couldn't believe when I opened it and it was a single's page.

My friendship with Kevin quickly grew and we talked everyday for six weeks before meeting in person. We knew before we met that this was the one!!! We felt like we had known each other for years, not weeks.

Kevin is a pastor in PA. I knew there was something missing in my life, little did I know I would marry a pastor.

We love each other so much and know God definitely had His hand in this. It all worked in His timing. We are getting married on June 22 of this year. Thank you for such a wonderful site.

Because of you Christian Cafe, I have met the most wonderful man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I have attached a picture of the two of us from Christmas.

Irene {Massachusetts} & Kevin {Pennsylvania} April 2002

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 I have been reading through the testimonials, and have been smiling the entire time!! I just love how God loves us!!  

My mentor told me a long time ago that God would do 'whatever it takes to move Heaven and Earth to bring (me) His intended (for me) together', and the current testimonials attest to just that for many of your (former!) members!!!

We truly serve a "Whatever It Takes" Creator -- The Cross is evidence of that!! Although I've not been found by my intended (that I know of!) on or off your site, I believe that God is just using this as His 'prep time' for me (and him)!

I've been corresponding with a wonderfully genuine - NO games - Christ follower - whose sense of humor kicks it in - which totally rocks! Not looking for anything, really. Just enjoying the fun, humor, and prayer partnering.

I've met some wonderful Sisters in Christ as well - and who can't use more Christ-honoring friends to do this journey called life with!?!! I thank your entire staff for ALL you've done to make what it is!

Late nights for the IS team...frustrations with vendors in Marketing...larger server capacity requirements (like the other day when over 1000 members joined in one day!!)...weight gain/loss from stress...!!!

You've made this an amazing experience and gateway for God's love to abound to many! May His Face Shine Upon You in Continued Blessings and Grace. Because of Him,

gzusfrk692 April 2002

 We are so thankful to for leading us to each other.  

When my wife died eight months ago after 36 years of marriage, I was devastated. was so important to me as I made many friends and shared the grief I was experiencing with others who had been through this valley.

Just 8 weeks ago, God led me to a lady from Massachusetts who had many similar interests, and our relationship quickly grew in an incredible way as we both affirmed Jesus Christ as our foundation.

After six weeks of writing and phone calls, I traveled to Boston from Orlando, and our meeting was more wonderful than I had even imagined. God led us to make a life commitment, and we are currently trusting God to continue to lead us as we work on the details of our wedding.

God has definitely used to connect our lives, and we shall be forever grateful.

Brian {Massachusetts} & Darlene {Florida} April 2002

 I would like to thank you, I have met a very nice Christian gentleman at  

Lois April 2002

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 Now that I am engaged I won't need anymore!!  

I have met a wonderful person through this site and will be marring on May 24 2003.

I am saying thank you for the service you have given me. CJL454 and I will be married and if not for your wonderful site and God we would never have met. Thank you and God bless you all,

Michael & CJL454 April 2002

 I am so thankful to!  

I met a wonderful man and started an online friendship Oct.of 2000 and finally met him June of 2001.

Feb. 2002 we were married!

We are now truly one because God has given us a wonderful gift to be born in Nov. I am thankful to God because without Him I would never have met my wonderful husband!

Kelli & Regis (+ a "Cafe Baby" on the way!) April 2002

 I have tried a number of Single Web Sites, Christian ones included. Without a doubt is # ONE.  

Your Singles site is light years above every site I have visited.

The overall layout and design of the site is terrific. Usability is first rate, functionality is perfect. You allow extended space for Short answers... which is very helpful to singles who wish to give quality answers, without having to condense things into a brief and otherwise useless paragraph.

Providing space for 3 photos is very nice also, and is shows your consideration and understanding of singles who are taking a look at a person. Your... Who's On page is thought out very well. It is informative and easy to navigate, as is the whole site. The Quick Message feature is great as it allows instant conversation with cafe members... real time if you will.

Having the ability to see where each online cafe member is on the site is nice also. I simply cannot say enough good things about Christian Cafe. You have created a master piece. The Cruise Ship trip is an added stroke of brilliance, allowing Cafe members to get together and meet online friends in an safe and comfortable setting. It sort of puts a final touch on things.... further fulfilling the scope and purpose for Christian Cafe. Bravo!

Willy April 2002

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 I have been "chatting" with a guy I met from here at since March 23.  

He is very special to me and my kids. They love to talk with him and he loves to talk to them as well.

I just wanted to thank you for this site.

Iris April 2002

 Thanks to I met my now-husband.  

I appreciate the time I spent here, and enjoyed meeting friends from allover the world. Thanks for everything, and God bless your staff and users.

Jackie April 2002

 In the midst of my turmoil in my life, I met the most wonderful girl.  

Her name is Shana and she was a member. She came to visit during spring break and it was like we were long lost friends. And on March 16 during the afternoon before my concert that night, I proposed to her.

We set the date for August 2, 2003 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

anonymous April 2002

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 A "thank you" can never be too early.  

Through I met a guy on the other side of the earth. We have been writing and talking to each other for some time now and I really hope that he is the one.

Although we haven't met face to face yet, we are planning to, if everything goes right according to God's and our plan, I am flying to meet him to see if we can be more than just friends.

Hope to tell you some good news soon and keep up with the good work of bringing people together. Thank you again!

Keny April 2002

 I no longer need your service :)  

I have enjoyed being a part of but I have met someone from the site and am in the process of pursuing the possibilities of a relationship with that man.

Thank you for always being there to help out when there were technical or other problems I have emailed you about. You're still the best Christian site out there!

No one else even comes close!!

Nancy April 2002

 I was blessed a year ago with meeting edg242 and after many months of prayer and trials here in Christian Cafe we have set a wedding date for May this year.  

I praise and thank our Lord Jesus for his initial email to me that has changed my life forever and I say bless you and your staff for this opportunity.

The Lord allowed me to remain in Christian Cafe for the purpose of moderating the general discussion rooms in the chat forum and I praise God for all the opportunities given to me there to not only proclaim the gospel message but to encourage, pray for, and minister to the needs of so many in this forum.

This has truly been a wonderful time in our life and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and together we say thank you and praise be to You Jesus!!!!

Be blessed my friends and may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless each one in this same way. Blessings to all,

Rapha & edg242 April 2002

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 Thank you for introducing me to the kindest, smartest, and most beautiful Christian woman I have ever met, Esther.  

We are getting married on April 27th here in Metuchen, NJ, USA. I am so pleased with your service that I have made many referrals to my friends to

My fiancee and I both feel that is a great way to meet Christian singles, especially for people for whom their FAITH IN CHRIST is the number one thing in their lives.

The Profiles give a member a lot of information on another person, and one can get to know the person also over extensive emails. Two pastors that Esther and I have met with believe that the practice of expressing one's emotions in letters (through email) is a very good way to build the beginnings of a relationship, until the two people meet.

Esther and I first "met" on on Feb. 23, 2001. Esther flew out to see me in November 2001 as a surprise (the best surprise of my entire life!!!) and we realized how much we loved each other after meeting in person that month.

We are getting married on April 27th. May God bless you at!

Without, I never would have met the kindest, prettiest and most romantic Christian woman in the world!

John {New Jersey} & Esther {Africa} April 2002

 I have been looking through other Christian sites and is the only one that I have found to be the easiest to access and with just the right amount of restrictions.  

I love your site. Thank you for your time and efforts. I appreciate all you are doing to help me and everything that the site is for.

Susan April 2002

 After checking out other Christian sites, I'm returning to  

I think yours is the best :)

Wenny April 2002

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Already a member? Sign in here. is very professional and well presented.  

Very user friendly and with a good search facility.

Craig April 2002

 A BIG thank you for my time on!  

I am a BELIEVER in God's working through! I am awe inspired by the testimonials and stories; and the place that just might KEEP me on Christian Cafe is the prayer forum.

I have found a way to reach out to other singles without feeling threatened or compromised, and to use God's grace and prayer power. I have not been seeking a relationship other than pen pal; but I have found MUCH MORE than that.

I have found sincere friends and believers, and not even members of my church! With our global world, we need to have a fearless global GOD FIRST approach in Christian love. is perfect for that!

I have corresponded with members from the UK, Africa and even CHINA! It affirms my belief that God can touch ALL of us. God Bless All of You! All the Best.

Joan April 2002

 Thank you for your honesty and integrity.  

Thank you for being exclusively Christian. Today, I checked out several other "Christian" sites on the web.

One site asked for one's astrological sign, and offered "wild encounters" not requiring any sort of relationship commitment. Other sites advertised as Christian actually take all comers.

I have read about many very eligible friends on, and have written to quite a number so far. Am anxiously awaiting feedback and hope to meet some real Christian men for friendship, and if God grants, perhaps a husband is among them.

But I thank you for the integrity you have in keeping this site Christian.

Connie April 2002

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 We met about two months ago on  

We just got engaged on Friday night. This is the first marriage for us both and we have never dated anyone off an internet site. We are so grateful for your awesome site.

God is using as an awesome blessing to people who want to have Christian relationships.

We are getting married on Sept 21st in Iowa. We would be more than happy if somehow we could have a representative from your awesome company there but if not know we are eternally grateful.

With warmest thanks.

Stephen {Iowa} & Stacy {Iowa} April 2002

  I can't think of when I was more impressed with a company!  

I'm so impressed with you guys! You've handled my account well, gotten my photo up quickly on a Sunday night, and replied personally to my inquiries. But to actually care about what is appropriate for singles to do... as opposed to just doing whatever drives traffic to your site??

Thank you for your high standards in customer service and in integrity. Your site has meant a lot to me in the day or so that I've been a member.

You have many kind and caring people listed as users. I now see you also have them working in your office. God bless, and keep on doing what you're doing.

You are indeed making the Internet a better place for all of us!

Lorne April 2002

 I met a wonderful woman on here and we plan to be married very soon.  

If not for God and this would not have happened. You and my fiancee have made me a very happy man. But I give all of the credit and glory to God.

Thank you again, and I have been recommending your site to several people.

Richard April 2002

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 Thank you for making it possible for God's will to be done through a medium that is often used for harm.  

I am a single father of two children and have been single for four years. My wife left the kids and me for a man she met on the internet and we haven't seen her since.

This has been difficult for the entire family as you can imagine but the kids and I have grown closer to the Lord and to each other because of it. I tried dating people from my church and friends I once knew but nothing seem to be what God had for me.

Someone suggested I try I was very hesitant because the internet was the tool that was used to break up my family. But I kept an open mind and began to use your service.

Praise God I did! I met a great Christian woman online back in January and have met in person several times. All I can tell you is that she IS the woman I was supposed to be married to. We have fallen in love over the past few months and plan to be married within the next year.

Keep up the great job!

Kevin April 2002

 I have found the Love of my life through  

Be assured I will recommend your site to all my friends.

Lou April 2002

 We are delighted to let you know of God's good work through  

We met last December through, and plan to marry in February 2003.

We definitely see God's providence in our having met through the Internet--the "21st century barn dance" for singles---, since both of us are veteran writers and editors who have used the Internet extensively for work, as well as busy single parents with little time or inclination for the standard dating scene.

We enjoy passing the word about to other singles---what an innovative blessing it was for us! Many thanks again for your part in our great happiness. In Christ,

Ara {New Jersey} & Alison {New Jersey} April 2002

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 I have met so many God fearing women that are very concerned with bringing God glory.  

I truly appreciate you and your services and am going to see what I can do about staying with this program. thanks again for everything.

Kevin April 2002

 I am a Web Editor and I am in complete awe at the size of your database. is great. It also has one of the best and most unobtrusive navigation systems I've come across. Good for you. (And whilst I got to your site by accident (honest!) I got curious and will probably subscribe for a month or so - your whole set up is so impressive).

Give yourselves a big pat on the back!

Kay April 2002

 I thank God for leading you to set up  

I can say the Lord has used you to bless many lives. I don't know who introduced the site to me but I remember just surfing through the site and stumbled on Christian Cafe. I am normally very skeptical about single sites but I felt in my heart the Holy Spirit leading me to stay on it.

I met so many wonderful guys and girls and some of them are still very good friends, and yes I have met one person that holds a place in my heart. We haven't met in person yet but we have been communicating quite frequently and there is a possibility there.

I plan to fly across the Atlantic to meet him and we would then decide if things are going to be more than mere friendship. I pray that the Lord would continue to use you to be a source of blessing to as many believers that are trusting God for partners in Jesus' name.

Keep up the good work and just know that some of us are praying for you daily as you progress in this ministry.

Olanike April 2002

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 My wife, Debbie, and I have been married a year April 2.  

We met through, and I just wanted to again thank you for the Great Organization you are, and may the LORD Jesus Christ continually bless the fine job your doing.

Russ & Debbie April 2002

 I'm getting married May 11th, praise God!!!  

anonymous April 2002

 I have been dating someone for about a month now that I found on  

We are very involved with one another and can't stand to be away from each other. God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to get to meet this wonderful man.

Without I may have not met him even though he lives in the next town. I met a lot of interesting people and I can only bless this site for those future couples that the Lord leads to this site.

I will keep you informed if and when things progress out of our relationship. Thank you for all you have done!!!! God bless you,

Felicia April 2002

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  I really thought there wasn't much hope when I entered  

But a wonderful lady who I remembered from my Sr. year of college (32 years ago) contacted me Jan. 1st.

We are getting married Dec. 21st. I am a pastor; she is a former pastor's wife.

I cannot thank God -- or you -- enough. Thank you.

anonymous April 2002

 Paul and I are engaged to be married in June. We both met on  

He is a pastor and I suppose I will be a pastor's wife. I had for a few days and no one would talk to me seriously. So I was going to give up.

I never talked to people without pics so when Paul wanted to talk I almost blew him off. But I didn't. Had during the week of Valentine's Day.

Paul came on and I didn't answer right at first. The next day the Lord said maybe someone special is there with no pic so I went back and answered Paul's letter.

We hit it off. He lives in Idaho and I live in Oregon. Went to see him last weekend and man he proposed. Thank you for your service. It changed our whole life.

Funny we even met, because I was never going to go back to after that day because no one would talk to me. So it was a miracle that the time Paul and I had was even there for us. Thank you again.

Sandy & Paul April 2002

 Thanks for the wonderful service that you provide to the Christian community.  

Judy April 2002

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 I am very impressed with how personal you guys are!  

You take very good care of us as members!! Thank you for setting this website up for us.

I have met MANY wonderful people through your ministry, & continue to do so.

anonymous April 2002

 I met a lady I am dating now through  

By God's will, she is the lady I will marry. I thank God for your website, helping single Christians to meet their potential mate. Keep up the GOOD JOB!!!!

Daniel April 2002

 NEVER in my wildest dreams would I imagine meeting my fiancee online.  

But if we trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding, He WILL direct our paths. I guess He directed me to! Thank you so very much for offering a Christian environment to meet people on-line.

I saw Folasade's profile in December, 2001 and I wrote her immediately. We kept in touch only via emails since then and on Sunday, February 3, 2002, I met with the woman God has been preparing me for 25 years.

I have been praying that God would send me a good Christian woman all those years. And years of praying and being patient paid off!!! allowed us to get to introduce ourselves to one another via non-conventional means.

On February 16, 2002, I proposed to her, and asked her to pray about it. She gave me her word on March 16, 2002 and it is with great pleasure that I announce my engagement to Miss Folasade.

We will be wed in the next few years after her schooling. This came about because when you know God ordained a relationship straight from Heaven, you have no choice but to go and run with it.

We love each other very much and with the Lord's help plan on having a wonderful life together. We feel wonderfully blessed to have been brought together by our Lord. His hand is all over this one!

I have had cause to encourage some people to hook up to Just wanted to let you all know what a blessing and an instrument used of God you all have been to Sade and myself.

Thank you for the opportunity to seek and to find, and to learn of one another in a way that no other medium provides. We look forward to sharing the rest of our lives together. In Christ always,

Oluwabori {Nigeria} & Folasade {Nigeria} April 2002

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 I have met the man God has chosen for me, and he has met the woman God has chosen for him through  

We are many hours apart in distance, but thanks to we are in each other's hearts, and God is continuing to let this love grow as we will be able to see each other for a week while he is on vacation.

I believe that we will marry and live happily ever after. With Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour how else would we live? We have both been through some lonely and difficult times during our journey and search, but found each other and are both ready to have a relationship again.

Pray for us and we will pray for all of y'all on your search as well.

anonymous April 2002

 To be honest with you, I was a little skeptical but decided it would be a great way to meet a variety of culturally diverse people who all share the love of Jesus Christ.  

Back in January I joined and it has changed my life. I met an amazing person, Pastor Dirk.

I was interested in his profile because of the love he displayed for God and the love he had for people. Dirk also mentioned something in his profile about an orphanage, in Zambia, which I just felt I needed to learn more about.

At the time, I was preparing to take a short term missions trip to Kenya but wasn't exactly sure if that is where God was calling me to go. Looking back over the last several months, it is amazing to see the work that God has done in our lives.

Dirk is definitely an answer to my prayers. He is everything I have always hoped for. We have grown so much together even though we are so far apart. We are planning to meet each other within the next couple of months. I am preparing a short term missions trip to Zambia.

During the trip, I will have the wonderful opportunity to meet him and also serve at the orphanage. He is also planning to visit America to meet my family and friends. Being together is going to require many sacrifices which we are willing to take. I am sure there will be a lot of hard times ahead but as long as we trust God and have each other, everything will work out.

We really don't know how or even when God is going to bring us together but we do know our future involves one another. Our prayer is that we will ALWAYS keep God at the center of our relationship and that our faith in Him will continue to grow. Thank you again.

Danielle & Dirk {Zambia} April 2002

 I had always viewed dating or meeting someone on the Internet as "risky" and "questionable" UNTIL I "somehow" came across  

Thank you for being inspired to set up this site for Christian men and women to fellowship. I read your mission statement and purpose first of all and then I chose to write my profile just to see what would happen.

Wow! I never, in my lifetime, thought of God's blessings taking on this type of form. Wow, oh, wow! The profile I wrote had a purpose: to attract ONLY those men who desired what I desire .... to be holy as God is holy.

I found men who love the Lord and passionately desire to serve Him with everything they have been given by the Lord. I certainly have had fun, meaningful discussions, great fellowship, dates and personal growth in my walk with God.

Thank you for using your talents, gifts and concern for all of us singles. May God richly bless you indeed.

Elaine April 2002

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 If you've ever seen "Sleepless in Seattle" then you'll love this match made in Heaven.  

God used as the tool to bring us together. I live in Washington State and Peter lives in New Jersey (from Pacific to the Atlantic).

We met through this wonderful website, began e-mailing, then phone calls, then a wonderful visit for a week, during which time we became engaged! We'll be getting married within the next few months & will be living here in Washington.

We know, without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord brought us together & that all things are possible with Him! You see, Peter is 60 & I'm 58, so when you get to be our age you sometimes wonder if you'll ever meet that special someone....well, we did!

Hopefully this will bring hope & encouragement to others out there who are seeking that precious person that God has designed just for him/her.

Thank you,, but most of all, thank You, Jesus!

Sally {Washington State} & Peter {New Jersey} April 2002

 Christian Cafe has been used by the Lord to bring me together with my soul mate!!!  

God bless you and continue bringing people who love the Lord together....I am very grateful for your services!!! In Christ,

Jake April 2002

 Please cancel my account.  

I am married now thanks to you.

Hubert April 2002

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 I have found my love because of this awesome website!  

I am so happy! We met by the leading and the grace of God Himself here and He has blessed us both beyond any human understanding. We are sitting here side by side right now and we KNOW what God has in store for our future together.

To hold the one that you know God has not only given to you but CREATED for you is so mind blowing and awesome! Our love for each other is only surpassed by our thriving and growing love for Jesus Himself. He is the reason for our lives and our lives together.

I love my Megs more than I can ever explain to you in words; you have to see it to know how God moved in both our lives in such a short span of time. But when God moves the whole world shakes! He has blessed us with this relationship that we KNOW will be forever-IS forever, and He has done this in a scant two weeks!!

He has never been more prevalent in our lives than before and all the glory goes to Him in His awesome power for revolutionizing our lives in such a radical way.

Once He made it clear to us - separately - that all He wanted was for us to submit to Him and His will, and that by doing this His blessings would be poured out upon us like never before, we were both ready to do His will instead of our own.

And the end result is a union that will be consummated in just over a year and has already begun to shape our lives together. We have never been so content in our lives and we know that this is just the beginning!

Glory to God! He is so good! God bless and if we can say one thing to give hope to the ones who have lost faith in God's activity in their lives it is to submit and THEN God will fill your cup to overflowing, just like us!!!

Russell & Megan April 2002

 I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how amazing your service is.  

In the fall of 2000, I was a member of your service. In a very short time I met someone very interesting. Neither one of us were looking to get married; we were just looking for fun people to be friends with.

After our introduction at Christian Cafe, we began to talk on the phone and write snail mail. A year ago I flew to Europe to meet my new friend.

Last Thanksgiving she flew here and stayed 2 months with my parents. We will be married on Sept 14, 2002 in Oradea, Romania and plan to live here in Oklahoma. I was so surprised at the calibre of people that chatted in Christian Cafe. I made several nice friends from all over the world and God has used you to give me a special blessing of a wonderful love.

I'm truly grateful and thought you'd like to know.

Kent April 2002

 I've been wanting to write to you guys to let you know what has transpired since I joined  

I was living in a small community and would have had to drive an hour and a half in any direction to go to a movie, a larger church or even just shop, much less meet a Christian man.

I joined Christian Cafe to give God something to work with and stretched out my faith that way. Little did I know that Al958 did the same thing at the same time.

We were married on Feb 23 and are serving God together. Both our lives have been transformed because God chose to meet us and bring us together through Christian Cafe. We wanted you to know that is a place that God has chosen to use to bring His people together, as in our case, and we pray that you all be blessed in that knowledge.

Thank you for being obedient to His calling.

anonymous April 2002

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 One month ago I logged onto not really sure what to expect, and quite honestly a little nervous.  

After just a few days I received a number of e-mails all from very nice, interesting, Christian men; however, there was one e-mail in particular that really caught my eye.

I started corresponding daily with this man and after about a week we agreed to finally meet. Well, this is where the THANK YOU comes in...the truth is that I already thank God for him every day; is the vessel through which God worked this time.

I am not sure where this relationship will go. Many people experience the "love at first sight" or "this is the one" feelings...and YES, I have those with this man. However, I am not looking for those feelings right now, I am looking for a man that I can get to know and trust as a friend, companion, and most importantly a spiritual leader.

I think that I have found that, with the help of although only time will matter what, I wanted to say thank you!

Terra April 2002

 I wanted to thank everyone at for being a vessel for the Lord to use to help me meet my wonderful husband!  

Greg and I met on your website back in December of 2000 and on December 1, 2001 we were married!

This service you provide is wonderful; it allows God to work in ways unimaginable to a lot of people. As many weird looks as I got when I told people I met the man of my dreams on the internet, I knew it was ordained by God and everything leading up to that moment Greg and I signed up for your service was led by Him.

So thank you again and may you be blessed 70x7!!! In Christ,

Sarah & Greg April 2002

 I met some interesting people, but I met a very special man :)  

We are now in a serious committed relationship and we feel truly blessed to have found each other. I actually found him in the first 7 day trial period of being on Christian Cafe.

I stayed on for one extra month just to satisfy my curiosity, but all the while had the man I was looking for. I also met a nice girl that goes to my own church and we are now good friends, she met jars of clay first, and so did my other friend Yvonne.

We have a whole circle of friends now! So I will let you know if there are any wedding plans in the future.Carollynne529 and Jarsofclay160 thank you very much for the opportunity that was given us.

Thank You and God bless you!

Carollynne-Carollynne529 & Jarsofclay160 April 2002

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