Christian Testimony - October 2004

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 What seemed like an awesome new friend turned out to be so much more!  

Canadian Christian man with broken arm recovers and marries his beautiful bride from BC

Ryan with a healed arm and Crystel are happily married now :)

I just wanted to let you know about my recent marriage to an amazing man whom I met on

One day in August 2003, I was looking to meet people from an area I had just moved to. Since I was away from my church and family, I thought I would make some friends and connections with Christians while I attended university.

I bumped into Ryan and sent him a message because he was in the general region where I had moved to. One message turned into another and soon we were on the phone fairly frequently. Neither of us thought anything of it, as we were an 8 hour drive from each other and so busy!

Well, God had to break his arm to get him to visit me! [Editor: Male members can relax, didn't ask God to break Ryan's arm and we don't plan to ever make such requests (smile).]

While recovering from the broken arm, we chatted about him coming out to my birthday bash. Since he was just sitting around and healing, he decided to travel the 8 hours.

So, being the good Christian woman I am, I set him up with a friend I thought he might hit it off with. God had a different plan for Ryan or me.

We started pursuing a relationship long-distance (even while I was in Tanzania doing missions work for 2 months!). We got engaged on Good Friday, and were married August 28th, 2004.

I would have never thought real, deep connections could be started in this way. Praise God for working His way, even when we have other plans.

Crystel-crys535 {British Columbia} & Ryan-wowme412 {Alberta} October 2004

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 I could not have asked God for a better man to send me than Michael.  

Joyful born again Christians embrace on their wedding day

Love at first sight for Audra and Michael!

To new members of I would like to say that this site is awesome. I met my husband Michael here almost 2 years ago.

I had just graduated high school and wasn't looking to date or even be somewhat serious; that is until I Quick Messaged Michael. He was so handsome in his photo I couldn't miss the chance to talk with him. We talked a few times online and then I phoned him.

I drove to California (I lived in Alabama) and for me it was love at first sight!

We got married this year on Valentines Day! It was an amazing day!

I would like to thank & God for putting us together! Here is a picture from our Wedding Day.

Audra {Alabama} & Michael {California} October 2004

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 We are very happy together, seems as if we have been together ages!  

A man looks amused as he tries to take a selfie while his Colombian wife photobombs

Colomba and Philip felt like they'd known each other for ages by the time they met in person

We sent our first testimony in November 2002 when I came to England from Guatemala to meet Philip.

Since we met we haven't stopped emailing, chatting and calling on the phone to each other, I came back to England in February 2003 when we indeed found out that our lives were meant to be together.

The Lord used to join us; we couldn't have met by our own strength, but by the hand of God and His guidance. I went back to my country, Guatemala, and it took me the rest of the year to organize my life with the strength of the Lord, my job and partnership in an enterprise, and sell everything.

We both saw the hand of God. We legally got married through our embassies in November 22, 2003. I came to join my husband to England in January 16th 2004 and we had our blessing in our church on February 14th 2004.

We bless the Lord all the days of our lives, and bless as an instrument of the Lord to put so many lives together. With our best regards and blessings.

Colomba-colomba614 {Colombia} & Philip {England} October 2004

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 God blessed me with the most perfect man He could have put into my life using!  

New Jersey Christian singles Jennifer and Michael smile together after meeting

Jennifer found her perfect man in Michael :)

I met Michael on July 30, 2004. We have the most amazing relationship and I thank God everyday for it.

Yes, our relationship is still very new, but we both love being together. Ever since we met, Michael and I have been inseparable. We can't find enough time in a day to be with the one we've waited so long to find.

I pray it just keeps growing and someday hopefully we'll be sharing our most memorable day ever with you.

So, good luck to you all, I hope everyone finds that special someone.

Jennifer-jennifer237 {New Jersey} & Michael-thehockeyguy495 {New Jersey} October 2004

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 I met my beautiful bride of two months, Joy, on in November 2003  

Very happy Texas Christian singles no longer single as they pose on their wedding day

Keith and Joy are LOVING married life!

It was just after God had showed her to move to Dallas from south Texas (a decision that had nothing to do with me personally :=)

Since's profile system let us know about how compatible we were with each other, we didn't have to waste a lot of time with people who just weren't going to work.

You see, we are both called to be international missionaries making the choice of mates very slim and made us both very cautious about getting involved with anyone without that calling.

We spent a lot of time together, prayed together, went to church together, read God's word together, and talked about what we were looking for in a mate. We went to Brazil in June for a week-long missions trip, and I proposed to her in front of a large old church on June 22nd. She said Yes (actually, she was waiting for me), and we got married on August 20th.

We are LOVING married life, and are preparing to go to the mission field in early 2006.

To those reading this testimonial, we'd like to give a couple of encouraging points:

1. DON'T settle for anything less than God's best. God's plan is not the best plan. It's the ONLY plan.

2. Be careful about getting physically intimate. Sexuality is like fire: a great tool as long as it's kept in the right place, but a disaster when outside its proper boundaries.

3. If you're called into missions, this is a great place to find someone with the same calling. Or at least it worked for us!

May God bless you!

Keith-keith804 {Texas} & Joy-multiculturalgirl264 {Texas} October 2004

[Editor's note: See February 2004 testimonial for Joy's original submission!]

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 I am happy to say that I have met someone on  

Senior Bible Believing Christians hold hands while sitting on the couch

Jan feels so blessed to have found Ted. Look at how happy they both are!

We plan to be married on November 20, 2004. I feel so very blessed, and pray that others will find the same happiness we have.

Thank you, and God Bless,

Jan-janet1604 {California} & Ted October 2004

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 God answers prayer.  

A man laughs as he grabs a hold of his new Christian bride

The attraction for Leslie and Rob was very powerful

A man tries to cut the wedding cake by himself but his wife holds his hand to help

Leslie and Rob were married in a wonderful Spirit-filled ceremony :)

I would like to thank you for being the 'tool' by which God brought me and my soulmate together.

I first met Rob in January on Although he thought I was 'interesting', he said we were too far apart to pursue anything. I thanked him and after making a couple friends, didn't bother to pursue any further time on the site.

Then in early May, I decided to try again. I met Rob again and the 'connection' was so strong that we corresponded immediately.

One evening I gave him my phone number after some prayer. Well, after being on the phone for an average of 6 hours a day, we met after a month. We spent 5 days together, and they were full of peace and a quiet 'knowing'.

And it didn't hurt that the attraction was very powerful.

Another month of phone calls, and he flew out again, and we were married that night, in a friend's home in a very wonderful, and Spirit-filled ceremony with very close friends.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that we were made for each other and that God brought us together. God is good, and He is faithful. Honor Him, and He will hear you. Psalm 91, and Psalm 84. God bless you in your search.

Leslie-haftadance973 {Manitoba} & Rob-rj704 {British Columbia} October 2004

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 We are starting new and exciting things together.  

Midwest ex-singles laugh and hug outdoors

Marriage is new and exciting for Angela and pastor Doug

I met my husband on your site in December 2002.

We were friends first for several months via email and the telephone. In June 2004 he moved to Indiana from Chicago so he could see more of my 3 children and me.

On 21st August 2004 we were married. He is the pastor at a church here.

Angela-lucy286 {Indiana} & Doug-doug275 {Illinois} October 2004

 Bob and Kathy's success story.  

Christian singles with same last name show proof of their wedding as they laugh together

Bob and Kathy just loving their lives together!

Bob begins: Kathy and I met on shortly after Valentines Day 2004, just one week before I was to leave from Arizona on a trip to Egypt.

Fortunately, I was able to get online from various Internet cafes in Egypt so we could continue communicating during my trip. While I was there, I felt very strongly that I should meet Kathy in person, so before leaving Cairo, I changed my return flight so that I could stop in New Jersey.

Kathy continues: I knew that there was something very special about this man, but wasn't sure he would actually make such a detour just to visit me.

But he did! He arrived in New Jersey on March 5, 2004, on a very rainy and dreary day. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a very bright and sunny future.

Both continue: We spent 8 days getting to know each other. During that time, we attended a family birthday party where Bob was able to meet Kathy's entire family. We were also able to visit Bob's son, who happens to live in New Jersey. From the moment we met, we knew God's hand was guiding us.

We made several trips back and forth between New Jersey and Arizona. In spite of the distance between us, we knew God had a plan for our lives together.

Almost immediately, we knew we couldn't live without each other and started planning our future. On July 16, 2004, Bob married Kathy (Funny thing, we had the same surnames before our marriage!) , and we began our lives together. On July 19, since God had closed the door for us to be in Arizona, we loaded up the truck and moved Bob to New Jersey.

We are just loving our lives together and are very thankful that God used to bring us together. I don't think I ever truly believed in happy endings other than in the movies, or in books, but this is truly the happiest ending we could have imagined (or rather, beginning).

We hope our testimonial helps others find their soul mate.

Bob-lpcholeinone354 {Arizona} & Kathy-katmatter484 {New Jersey} October 2004

 I was the first person that popped up when Daniel pressed the QuickMatch button  

Cute Christian couple giggle together on the grass in the sunshine

A very happy Deborah and Daniel are engaged!

I met my now fiance Daniel on back in February and we're getting married in March 2005! We had each just found out about

It's so amazing to see how God worked out everything for the two of us. It turned out that not only were we both from Germany, but we only live about 50 miles apart and we share the same taste for music and most importantly we've got the same kind of humor.

We started exchanging messages daily and one week later we had our first conversation on the phone. Both of us felt like we had known each other for years. We became best friends and in April Daniel asked me if I could imagine to be more than friends.

We prayed about it and several people in both our churches joined us in prayer and all of us felt that God was saying: "This is My Plan for you." So we started our relationship under God's blessing and on August 11 Daniel proposed to me. It was like a dream come true, because everything was just so perfect.

Daniel is exactly the man I always dreamed of finding one day and I know that it was God's guidance that brought us to Now we're in the midst of planning our wedding and each day we feel our love towards each other grow. God is so good and faithful, He truly knows our hearts' desires.

Thank you so much for helping God out in letting us meet, hehe! Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you abundantly. Thank you!

Deborah-deborah219 {Germany} & Daniel-hermanthegerman770 {Germany} October 2004

 Thank God for allowing to exist and to bring lives together.  

Blossom and I met on site in July. We have talked everyday and met once in person.

After our phone conversations and meeting in person we shared more about our prayers for each other, and how they had brought us together and we realized that we are designed perfect for each other. We praise Jesus name everyday for this blessed union.

We are planning on marriage soon and are making plans as we speak.

We will keep you posted on the wedding!

Nathan-hedieusd779 {Tennessee} & Blossom October 2004

 I met the most wonderful girl in the world on  

I live in Los Angeles and she was in New Zealand. When she read my first Cafe message, she was so moved that she cried. Her reply was very touching and exciting. We started corresponding in early September and began to speak by telephone.

We probably spoke for some 60 hours and on September 21 I met her in San Francisco. That very day I proposed to her on the top of Mt. Tamalpais and she accepted!

On Tuesday we are going to be married in Beverly Hills. We are both extremely happy and have a few nice pictures we could share with you.

Needless to say I should like to cancel my membership. It was the best money I ever spent. God bless you!

Scott-norsesaxon459 {California} & Natanaelle-faithful485 {New Zealand} October 2004

 We have a huge praise report!  

My fiance and I will be marrying later this year after having met on

We appreciate the opportunity to have been a part of this quality online community. Please take my picture and profile off the site, as I am obviously no longer looking!

Jan-mezmorizd312 {Texas} October 2004

 We couldn't be happier!  

Bill and I (Onda) were married September 24th! We met through on February 8th.

I had spent six months as a member, to no avail, and Bill's membership was due to expire. Both of us had given up hope of finding THE ONE through this format. Bill had prayed, "Lord, if it is Your Will that I spend the rest of my life alone, so be it; but if You have someone to send into my life, that will be welcome also."

When invited me back for a few days in celebration of Valentine's Day, I thought I might as well look through the profiles again, just in case. I sent Bill a short note, asking him if he'd like to correspond. The rest is now history.

From the profiles, as well as our initial emails, we knew we were both interested in finding out more about each other. Many emails and phone calls later, we met in person in March at a restaurant, then continued our first evening together by attending a study on 'The Passion of The Christ' at my church. We've had a whirlwind romance ever since!

Due to my impending back surgery, perhaps Bill and I married a bit quicker than 'wisdom' dictates. However, on Friday, September 24th, a little over seven months of becoming aware of each other's existence on earth we each married our 'best friends'! We honeymooned by touring the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and now are setting about living out the rest of our lives in love and in service to our Father in heaven.

A very sincere thank you for providing the service that you do. Many Christian singles in our country need the opportunity to meet others who are 'life-minded'.

Onda-seekinggentleman743 {Michigan} & Bill-bogie336 {Michigan} October 2004

 A Wonderful Testimonial!  

I would like to share with you how our amazing God works even through the Internet! Sorry it took so long for us to write.

Lucy and I met through in early December 2001. We hit it off right away and after many hours of emails, phone calls and prayers (about 50 hours), we finally met on December 18th, 2001.

We were both anxious to meet and yet a little nervous. Ok, I was very nervous. We met at a mall near where I lived and walked and talked for hours. We had our first cup of coffee in the mall and our first dinner later that day.

I had always heard of love at first sight, but until I met Lucy, I never thought it could happen to me!

We were married 6 months later on June 8, 2002. We are so very happy together and live in south central Pennsylvania. Lucy is an Emergency Veterinarian and an author of children's books. I sing Bass for the well known Southern Gospel Quartet March Forth.

We love to share with others how God worked in our lives to bring us together and orchestrated this wonderful match made in Heaven through! It is a true testimony of how God works in the lives of those that trust Him and obey His calling!

To anyone who may think that so called "Internet dating services" don't work, try! It DOES work, IF you have faith in what God can do and trust Him to find the right match for you!

God Bless you for your ministry!

Don {Maryland} & Lucy {Pennsylvania} October 2004

 We're getting married!  

In August 2004, Robert was allowed by a friend who has a membership to browse the profiles to see if he could find someone that caught his attention. I was just trying the Cafe and didn't expect anything to happen.

Robert liked my profile and wrote to me. I wrote him back and as they say, the rest is history!

We are convinced that God made the way for us to be together and that the call of ministry for us is alive and well. We've set the date for March 2005 and will let you know how God continues to move through us.

Thank you!

Anonymous October 2004

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