Christian Testimony - February 2004

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 Thanks to for making our meeting possible.  

Brenda and Peter facing each other while hugging and smiling

The beautiful couple, beaming together

A Christian couple exchange their vows in front of family and friends

Brenda and Peter, happily married now!

Brenda and Peter's Love Story.

On June 23, 2002, I signed up to and Peter and I started chatting within a day of each of our joining.

After many more chats & later phone calls, we discussed next steps. Both of us had told a few close friends to be in prayer with us. So, I traveled to Australia in September 2002 and had the most amazing 5 weeks of my life.

I stayed with friends of Peter's from his church. God is so Good! I felt a peace from the moment I arrived at the airport & met him for real. We became engaged on September 30, 2002.

Peter came to Canada for Christmas 2002 and met my family & friends. As we reflected on 1) our two trips, 2) his returning to Australia on January 10, 2003, 3) the 15 hour time difference between continents and 4) our being apart again, Peter re-proposed to me and asked me to return to Australia with him as his wife.

We were married on January 7, 2003 at the Hess Village Wedding Chapel in Hamilton, Ontario. We arrived in Australia on January 12, 2003 with our winter gear on to surprise Chasely (Peter's daughter), and his family and friends.

Peter & I recently celebrated our 1st Anniversary and we are both very happy and know in our hearts that God brought us together. Like some other testimonials I have read, my (Brenda) family found it hard to understand my meeting someone over the Internet and I believe that unless you actually experience it for yourself and know God's peace, it is not easy to comprehend.

**To others reading this that may be experiencing similar challenges, let us encourage you to allow your families time to adjust to the idea and pray that God will confirm this in their hearts, too.**

Brenda-talkinghands252 {Canada} and Peter-grimsey828 {Australia} February 2004

 I met my wife through on February 2, 2003.  

Mike and Errin engaged and smiling

Mike and Errin happy to be together!

After a few emails and meeting in person we knew that God wanted us to be together.

We were engaged on July 2, 2003 and we had a beautiful beach wedding on October 12, 2003.

Thank you for and thank you for spreading the word, God knows all ways to bring people together.

God Bless.

Mike and Errin February 2004

 We wanted to take the opportunity to thank those who provided this website to us as a place to meet, in a context of faith and Christian fellowship.  

The whole clan sitting on rocks on a hike

Dirk and Paige tried out and were connected - look at them now!

As we write this now, we have been married for 2 1/2 years. We met in the spring of 2001 on

We went on our first date in June and were married in August of the same year. Neither of us usually acts this way, we both tend to take our time with important decisions. It took our friends and parents a few minutes also to comprehend this, but we explained to them that there are definite examples for God using unusual means to work in people's lives.

The result is a wonderful family with four great kids, and a love for one another that just keeps growing. We hope this can serve as a reassurance to those who worry about whom they'll meet.

We have found that there are just a whole lot of good people here, and everyone surely has their story, just like any other place, at work, at Sunday School, at the gym.

For those who work, or those who might not just talk to anyone, here is a place to be able to share and to learn a whole lot before actually meeting somewhere. Besides hoping to meet that special someone, here is also a chance to connect with other singles who can become friends and support.

Again, thanks, and we have recommended as a great place to come and visit.

Dirk-vandy180 and Paige February 2004

 I really did not think that this was a good way for me to meet people, but thought it would be fun to browse the profiles.  

Ontario Christians look very happy together on their wedding day

Tom and Stacey Married July 12, 2003

Tom and Stacy smile together on their wedding day near a pond

Tom now knows was great: he met Stacey!

I was talking with a friend one night who was looking for a Christian singles site on the web. When searching we came across and we both set up profiles.

I came across a profile which I was interested in. After a few days of looking at other profiles, I just kept coming back to the one I noticed the very first night, Tommy911.

With much prompting from my friend, I finally decided to send an email and see what happened. To my surprise, he responded!

We chatted many nights and he suggested we should meet seeing as we only lived about 45 minutes apart. I was still highly skeptical and told him I would prefer to continue chatting online for awhile.

After almost two months of chatting online, I finally agreed to meet him in person. We met at a coffee shop on July 27th 2001 for the very first time.

After a proposal that blew me away (over 300 flowers and candles everywhere), we became engaged on November 23rd, 2002. This past summer on July 12, 2003, I married Tommy911.

We are now enjoying our new life together as husband and wife. It couldn't be better and we just wanted to say thanks to for helping us to find each other.

Tom-tommy911 {Ontario} and Stacey {Ontario} February 2004

 If it weren't for we wouldn't be together!!!  

Bible believing Christians hug

Rick and Shelly are together because of

Shelly and I both joined in the Fall of 2003. After 3 emails to each other we decided to start talking on the phone, and about a month later we started dating.

It didn't take us long to determine that the Lord brought us together for a reason. After 3 months we made a decision to be together forever and plan on getting married in 2005.

Although three months seems like a short amount of time to make such an important commitment, we both knew early that God brought us together to build our lives through Him. The saying really is true that God made somebody for all of us.

Shelly and I encourage all of you to tell others about, and let God (through prayer) bring others together just as we were brought together. We are looking forward to the future God has for us. God bless you.

Rick-corinthian755 {Minnesota} & Shelly-shelly649 {Minnesota} February 2004

 We do intend to sew a seed into the ministry provided through  

A woman hugs her man tightly and both smile

Mario and Dianne look forward to their wedding date in a few months!

My fiancee and I wanted to share this wonderful testimony with The family. Clarence is engaged to be married to Dianne on June 12, 2004 at 12:00 pm. The ceremony will be conducted in South Chicago Heights, Illinois.

Attached is a professional photograph taken on Sunday, January 18, 2004, as we celebrated our engagement with family and friends, to the Glory of God the Father, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Amen! Thank you.

Mario-manofintegrity568 & Dianne-theythatwait302 {Illinois} February 2004

 I wasn't really looking for anyone, just browsing.  

Very happy Christian singles after meeting

They knew immediately they were meant to be together

In December 2003 I signed on to About 3 days before my membership was up, I came across warrenb766's profile. He lives in North Carolina and I live in California. He only wanted to meet Christian friends, so since I wasn't really looking, I decided to write to him as a friend because he sounded like a nice man. He wrote back immediately.

Eventually we moved to regular email, and then we spoke on the phone. We have talked on the phone every day since for 1-2 hours/call.

On January 1, 2004 I flew to North Carolina to meet him. We knew immediately that were meant to be together. After I returned to California, we talked and decided I would move to North Carolina in April 2004.

We truly believe this is GOD's desire that we be together. We are committed to spend the rest of our lives together. HE has blessed us with this gift of a special love relationship, and we have made a promise to HIM to keep HIM as the center focus of our relationship - now and forever! GOD IS GOOD!!

christianlady477 {California} & Warren-warrenb766 {North Carolina} February 2004

 We know for sure that if it was not for The Lord, and this never would have happened as we lived 9500 miles apart.  

Kathy holds on to Steve and won't let go on their wedding day

Steve and Kathy really hit it off - now they're married !

On January 4th, 2002 I sent a note from a member in the Philippines. We met 7 weeks after emailing as I went to meet her there for a week.

We really hit it off great and a month after I visited she came here for 3 weeks. Then we had 9 months apart while she concluded visa stuff, and in May 2003 she came back for good.

We were married on August 8th, 2003.

Thank you and thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior!!!!

Steve & Kathy {Philippines} February 2004

 I could not believe God had made such a perfect match for me.  

Rick happy to have married Alejandra

God made Rich's perfect match: Alejandra!

My beautiful bride and I would just like to praise the Lord for our new life together and thank for being the instrument God used to bring us together. Although I had browsed profiles and even sent a few messages, I had never tried going into Chat (A feature).

Everyone seemed nice and I stumbled my way through learning to chat. Next thing I know, there is this nice, funny woman helping me. God was at work. We spent the next few sessions in Chat getting to know more about each other and having fun meeting people (there are some great friendships made in Chat too), while God just kept drawing us closer and closer.

I am sure the distance worried her (I am from Oregon and she was in El Salvador) and there is a lot to consider with an international relationship. Governments have their way of taking their time on immigration issues. We set a date and I got my plane tickets.

Alejandra was even more beautiful in person than in her photos, and in her eyes I could see the love we had felt in our hearts.

God continued to confirm the relationship by having her (now our) son accepting and loving me. I asked her father for her hand in marriage later that day. We got married the next day. We are currently waiting for the visa papers. Love is patient and God is in control. Soon and very soon we will be together and begin our happily ever after. Glory to God in the highest.

Thanks again

Rich-falstaff907 {Oregon} & Alejandra-alejandra415 {El Salvador} February 2004

 The more we talked, the closer we grew.  

Dean and Annette snuggling on the couch

Dean and Annette are even closer now :)

My fiancee Annette and I met on in October 2003. She lives in Denmark and I live in Georgia. I had been to Denmark several years ago and was very familiar with the people there.

This was good news to her since very few people that wrote to her knew anything about Denmark. We became very close in a short period of time and were soon emailing or calling each other everyday. We soon agreed that God was directing us to a higher level of commitment to each other, so we entered into a long distance courtship. Since we could not date, this seemed like the best alternative.

We strongly sensed that God was weaving our hearts and minds closer together with every conversation and letter. The subject of marriage was inevitable and we soon began planning our engagement.

Three days after meeting Annette in person, I proposed to her on New Year's Eve in Denmark at the same location as her Christian Cafe profile photo. We will be married in late June or early July of this year at her church in Esbjerg. She will then come to the US with me to begin our new lives together. We are both very grateful to God that we met on

We would also like to encourage others to be patient and trust that God will provide them with the right mate as He has done with us.

Dean-dhv484 {Georgia, USA} & Annette-dkgirl211 {Denmark} February 2004

 We lived within 15 km. We want to express our sincere thanks for the opportunity to meet here at  

Christian bride almost drops flowers when kissed by her new husband!

Even though he lived nearby Louise needed to find Vic

We met in in September 2002. We were married on June 28th 2003. Both of us had resigned ourselves that our selection of a spouse had to be in God's hands. With prayer and God's leading we were matched - literally.

We have a similar familial history, upbringing, and most importantly a love of Christ and vision for the life of our children. Our respective children walked us down the isle and our lives and family began anew with God's blessing.

Our journeys brought us to Christ, and Christ's leading to this site. As grown adults we were thrilled to stay true to God's plan for dating and marriage and to be a future example to our children and others. Our wedding was a celebration of friends and family with knowledge that this marriage is rooted in the values and Love that God mirrored to us.

Thanks The secure communications coupled with meaningful profile design was definitely successful. So in parting we leave our testimonial and kindest thanks. Blessings.

Louise-lanieaj555 {Canada} and Vic February 2004

 God has blessed my life and Chuck's so abundantly.  

Cathi and Chuck at Christmas party laughing together

Cathi takes her best friend and husband, Chuck, to her Christmas party

In June 2003, Chuck414 and I decided to stop meeting just in writing, and meet face to face.

We lived in the same area, so meeting wasn't a problem. We got together for coffee and our brief get acquainted meeting went on for over two hours and we closed down the coffee shop talking.

When we were parting company, he asked if he could see me again, and I said yes. I'm so glad I did!

We dated throughout the summer, and in October, Chuck decided to start attending my church regularly, joined the choir, and began attending Bible Study classes with me. It gave us much more time together (and we were making the most of all of it) and time for us to meet each other's children and families and get better acquainted all around.

Most of my family is far away (across the country) and most of Chuck's family is nearby. We decided to get married, and Chuck proposed on December 30 n and our pastor suggested that two people our age, so much in love and so happy together, did not need a long engagement n so we got married on Valentine's Day, 2004.

All I can say to those on the Cafe is this: write to everyone new, and make friends and both of the same and the opposite sex! is a venue to make friends and and some of the girl friends I've met on this site will remain friends for life (and they were at the wedding).

Be true to God, and yourself; get into the Chat Room and make friends there; don't be afraid to meet the people you talk to n just make sure that you're in an appropriately safe setting.

I've met my best friend, my soul mate, my dearest love, and the other part of myself. The photo is us on 12/21/03 at an open house a church friend had. We're dressed for Christmas parties! Blessings!

Cathi-catcaravan432 {New Hampshire} & Chuck-chuck414 {New Hampshire} February 2004

 Jeff and I met on Dec. 2002 and clicked right away.  

Attractive Christian couple hold hands on a bench

Jackie and Jeff clicked right away

I was kinda seeing someone and he was interested in someone at the time. We just wanted to be friends and chill cause we had similar interests.

Well, when I first laid eyes on him in person I felt a huge spark. We hung out every single day for a few weeks and I already felt like I loved him. I prayed and prayed cause these feelings were coming on tooo fast.

And I just felt God telling me "he is the one". So I said to God, let Matthew (my son) fall in love with him, and at that point I will know this is what You want; and He did. Jeff and I got married July 4th 2003 and now have a new baby boy Liam. We are so happy and so blessed.

Be careful because the Internet can be scary meeting place. Pray hard before you make any move and know that God will give you the desires of your heart and if you desire to be married, God will fulfill it in His timing.

Jackie {Canada} & Jeff February 2004

 Thank you again,, for helping bring us together.  

Aaron and Debbie together smiling

Could Aaron and Debbie's smiles be any bigger :)

Aaron and Debbie hugging

A very happily engaged Aaron and Debbie

Aaron mentioned to me that this week was about the same time last year that we began talking online and on the phone - so, he said he wanted to take me somewhere special. He took me to the place we had our first "real" date.

We pull into the parking lot and he comes around to my side of the car with an umbrella to open my door. I start getting out, and he says, "No wait, I have something for you - sit back down."

He reached into the glovebox and pulled out a baby bib, which he then tied around my neck - "Now, just in case the waitress would spill on you," he says, "I made this for you." I pulled it off and read the words that Aaron had CROSSTICHED onto the bib - "Baby - I love you - Will you marry me?"

Yeah, I was pretty stunned! I looked at him and he repeated those words - I was still pretty much in shock as I was hugging him and saying yes.

So we're now in the midst of planning our wedding which will take place on October 30 of this year. Here are a couple of our engagement photos.

Aaron-Aaron612 {Illinois} & Debbie-keeper457 {New Jersey} February 2004

[Editor's note: See February 2003, April 2003, May 2003 and September 2003 testimonial for their earlier posts]

 Met and married - Thank You  

Peter holds Jana's hand as both laugh joyfully on their wedding day

Pete and Jana are each other's True Love for Life

On 6 March 2003 we exchanged emails for the first time and God brought us together as each other's True Love for Life. Both of us had reached our early thirties, single but trusting God for the 'right one'.

God has opened every door, bringing us to the same country and now the same city and home.

We were married on 28 December and are looking forward to God's gift of new life to our family around the end of September. Here's a big Thank you for the gift of your kind thoughts and prayers for us on our wedding day!

Jesus, all for Jesus, all I am and have and ever hope to be
All of my ambitions hopes and plans, I surrender these into Your hands
For it's only in Your Will that I am free!

Pete-petie260 {United Kingdom} & Jana February 2004

 My husband and I were talking the other night about the miracle of how we found each other.  

enea and Larry hold hands and look very happy together

Renea's miracle: Larry

Cute dog with children

Their 4 children (plus the dog!)

I met my husband in July 2002 on, and we were married May 2, 2003.

I was a single parent raising three small children and working full time to support them. He was also a single parent raising an eight year old little boy by himself and working full time.

I had basically given up hope that I would ever meet anyone who would measure up to my "laundry list" of criteria. After all, I had more than just myself to consider.

Now here is where the miracle happens:

Larry lived in Long Beach, California and I lived in Fresno, California so for us to meet seemed like a long shot. Larry said he raced his motorcycle up my way sometimes and the next time he comes through, he'd give me a call.

He also mentioned he was going to be out of town for a few months working. One day, out of the blue, I get an email from Larry. He apparently had lost my e-mail address and had been looking for it for about two weeks.

He gave me his phone number asking me to call him. We talked for quite awhile that first day and everything just clicked. Larry drove up to Fresno the next weekend with his son and he drove up to Fresno every weekend after that for 10 months until we were married.

Yes I said every weekend!

Today, we are in our first year of marriage. We have four beautiful children (ages 12, 9, 9, 7) and we have never been happier.

We both credit your website for how we met, and we thank God for being the awesome matchmaker that He is.

We have recommended to our single friends and we just wanted to let you know

Renea {California} & Larry {California} February 2004

 Just wanted to share that I have met and have been getting to know a wonderful man of God.  

I am praying for God's will to be done in this relationship. I've never before this found anyone whom I'd ever consider getting close to.

I'm excited and very hopeful that this will progress and that Keith and I will be able to go further and further as God lead and lights the path for us both. God bless all who are still in the search mode.

God will truly lead you to the right person at the right time when both persons are ready and where God wants you to be in your relationship with the Him.

Joy-multiculturalgirl264 February 2004

[Editor's note: See October 2004 testimonial for the wedding post!]

 I worked pretty hard at it to make the site work for me, but it was worth it! I'm so glad I persevered!  

A friend of mine convinced me to give a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Christian women on the site who seemed to be serious about their relationship with the Lord.

However I found some who did not write back, which was a little disappointing. After several months I was ready to give up, however I persevered and I connected with a lady from Austin, Texas. Laurie and I are now engaged and planning our wedding for February 21st 2004.

Thanks to staff for running the site; we would have never met without

We are finding each other to be an extremely good match in every area of our life, from our spiritual walk to our interest in the outdoors, music and dogs. It is such a pleasure to be reading the Word together, singing together, praying together and enjoying all the stuff we already enjoyed, but more so as a couple.

Karle-samsonten232 {British Columbia} & Laurie {Texas} February 2004

 Thank You! Thank You! Our God is awesome! I am so very grateful for  

I had signed up for a trial membership and after corresponding with a few men and also meeting two, I got discouraged and decided that I would stick to meeting people the old fashioned way.

After a few days the Lord put it on my heart to support the site financially and not to give up just yet. In early December 2003 I took out a paid membership and sent out about 5 or 6 emails to men that I previously would not have contacted because of their height (I am under 5 ft).

I received an email back from Doug who is 6'3" and we had a bit of a chuckle over our height difference. We hit it off almost right away and I knew there was something special about him, and could sense the presence of the Lord through him.

Just after Christmas he came to my town and we met for dinner. The next evening I received another email from him requesting that he accompany me and my son to a New Years Eve get-together that some folks from my church were having.

I was so happy that he asked, and we had another wonderful evening. We spend a couple of hours chatting on the Internet each night and also on the phone.

The more I get to know him, the more I know he is the one for me. I know it hasn't been long, and I believe that God allowed both of us to be single for a few years after our spouses left so that He could better prepare us for the person He has chosen for us to spend the rest of our lives with. God does not create confusion but rather a straight and narrow path.

God Bless you in your search, and your prayers for us are welcomed.

Suzanne-susanne945 {Canada} & Doug February 2004

 I have located what I was seeking.  

Just let you know how happy that you offered your service. There was no other avenue to help me as a Christian. You have solved my problem.

Joseph-jayjayv511 {Ohio} February 2004

 I had all but given up hope on meeting the man of my dreams.  

After all he only existed in fairytales and I was a 45 year female and had given up on that dream, but has provided me with the most wonderful prince on earth.

We met on over 3 months ago, saw each other in person, and knew that we were destined to be together!

Thank you for providing us with the site to realize that fairy tales do come true.

Kim February 2004

 Thanks for a great web site. God gave me His best.  

We met on, and were married on Dec 13, 2003, after writing for 9 months.

God Bless You Bunches.

Sherry-nothernlight162 {Alaska} & Steve February 2004

 I met my husband on  

We started emailing each other in Dec. 2001, met Dec. 28th, started dating, got engaged in Jan., and were married by May 2002. Thanks for your site!

Amy February 2004

 Please cancel my account because we are no longer interested in finding anyone else since we have found each other.  

I just wanted to thank your wonderful web site,, for introducing me to lookingup822. I went to her home town last week after emailing and phone calling.

She is my soul mate and I really believe that by our one year anniversary or a short time after we will be married.

pastorjoe356 & lookingup822 February 2004

 Thank you,, for providing a place for Christian singles to make friends and possibly find the one God has for them.  

We met on on December 12, 2002. After emailing and talking on the phone a few times, we met in person.

We both knew immediately that we were meant to share the rest of our lives together. We were married May 17, 2003.

We have recommended this site to several of our single friends. God bless!

Jonathan & Lisa {Florida} February 2004

 I met the lady of my dreams and we are getting married this April.  

Joey-joey602 February 2004

 I have met someone on  

We have only spoken on the phone daily, however our first face to face meeting will be this weekend. I know he was sent to me by God.

Regardless of the outcome in our relationship I can see him leading me closer in my walk with Christ, so the way I look at it, it's a win-win situation!

Thank you!

Melissa-smwhite499 {Texas} February 2004

 Thanks to you I have met the man I will spend forever with.  

I just rejoined on January 30th for a three month membership and this incredible man popped up the first day I was back on

He is the man of every dream I've ever had. Thanks to you, our two worlds have collided and with the Lord right in the middle of this love triangle - THIS WILL BE AN INCREDIBLE FOREVER!

We aren't jumping into anything other than COURTING. He is an old fashioned guy and asked my son's permission to COURT ME. San Andreas and Santa Cruz were brought together by and I will be eternally grateful - GOD BLESS YOU!! Thanks again and God bless you all really big!

We will be forever indebted to you and your staff!


Bonnie-bnstrmnstr686 {California} February 2004

 I met a lot of interesting people and it's an excellent prayer site.  

We met in May 2002. We stopped talking for awhile, then we started back talking and I decided that she was the person for me. We married in January 2004 and we now reside in Gulfport Mississippi, where I pastor.

Married January 18, 2004. Thanks for connecting me to my partner for life.

**elderdad241 {Mississippi} & labelle837 February 2004

 We met on, and feel the Lord has blessed us abundantly through your site.  

We fell in love, and will be married on June 5, 2004. We are seniors aged 70 and 71 and never thought we would find this kind of love again. We both feel like a couple of teenagers, and thank the Lord daily for bringing us together, and want to thank you too for your help. God Bless you for the wonderful work you do, in bringing Christians together.

Arlene-troysnana678 & Charles-cuddle699 {Florida} February 2004

 I am so happy about this site. On March 26, 2003, I received an email from the love of my life only I didn't know it at the time.  

I was in a hurry when I read the email and quickly and briefly responded. I don't like to ignore people. He wrote me back and the rest is history.

We had a courtship from afar and flew back and forth to see each other. Then on October 24th he proposed. We were married on January 17th and I now live here in Canada.

My life and my husband's was changed irrevocably due to and I recommend this site to everyone seeking their one true love. God Bless.

Leatha-leatha280 {California} & trucks729 {Canada} February 2004

[Editor's note: See December 2003 testimonial for trucks729's original post.]

 Mr. and Mrs. Jason R.  

Jason and I first met about 2 years ago on and now we are getting ready to celebrate our first anniversary.

I would never have thought that a man like him actually existed until he started writing to me. The first time that I saw my sweetheart's face was when he stepped of the airplane in his Navy Uniform. He took my breath away.

I never thought that I could find someone like him. He's so perfect for me in every way. I moved out to Virginia to be with him and a month later he proposed.

This first year has been tough on us due to the war and everything that that means for us Military couples. I've been able to see my husband only 3 months out of the 12 that we've been married, but we are so in love and we owe it all to and to God for bringing us together to the same place at the same time.

Erin & Jason {Virginia} February 2004

 Justin is the most amazing person, and I believe that our meeting on your site was purely a God incidence.  

Justin and I met on about 2 years ago and in a few weeks we'll be married!

Our Lord has blessed our relationship from day one and we are looking forward to being husband and wife on the 27th March 2004. Every moment I spend with him is a blessing and the love we share is certainly a gift from God.

Justin proposed to me in a hot air balloon, drifting over Brisbane city at 7 a.m. on a crisp winter morning while the sun was rising. It was perfect; the words were perfect, the moment was perfect and the ring was perfect. It all finished with a Champagne breakfast at a hotel.

**Our God is perfect and He too can send you someone to share the rest of your life with; be patient and trust in Him.** Sharon-shara523 {Queensland, Australia} & Justin {Queensland, Australia} February 2004 is a great way to meet other Christian singles. Your methodology works well.  

I was a member of for almost a year before I eventually met and have since married my wife of 9 months.

Some tips for eventually meeting:

Girls.... get him to give you his number and call him collect before you go giving out addresses and phone numbers.

Guys.... spend a lot of time asking questions about what they like and what they want out of life. It will go a long way later if you intend to marry them.

When you do decide to meet, select a neutral place and have a few friends come along.

Jody and I have a wonderful marriage and praise God for His blessings and love for us.

Robert & Jody February 2004

 I must admit I was a little skeptical about meeting someone on the Internet.  

I met my fiance at We arranged to meet after writing for 2 months.

We met in person in November 2003 and we hit it off. Ever since that day we have spent all the time together, and now we are getting married on February 28, 2004. I never imagined I would find the wish of my heart so far from where I was living.

I thank God because His ways are not ours, and He has His own ways to fulfill His purposes.

Thank you, in Christ.

Elizabeth-lizzie766 & Eric February 2004

 Thank you, The Lord laid the burden of this Site on your hearts, you listened and obeyed.  

Today, by that singular act of obedience, a countless number of Christians have been brought together in holy union. May the Good Lord reward you with all the riches of obedience according to His Word, Amen!!

Through your wonderful Christian Site, I have come into contact with this wonderful man who loves the Lord just as much as I do. We have been corresponding for just a little over three weeks now, but both of us are convinced we're destined for each other. We cannot thank you adequately for this wonderful resource which has brought us together, and without which, doubtless to say, we would never have met.

May the Good Lord bless the work of your hands, your families and all that is dear to you for this distinguished service, Amen.

Eugina-godislove389 {Ghana} February 2004

[Editor's note: See October 2003 testimonial for her first post]

 Yet another success story!  

I joined towards the end of 2003. After I posted my picture I started corresponding with Steve.

Eventually we talked on the phone for about a week and decided to meet a couple of days later. Steve lived eight hours away from me. When he walked in my door almost a week later, it just felt like God had answered all my prayers about putting a man in my life that I would get to know, and that he would accept my 19 month daughter as well as me.

We spent a couple of days together getting to know each other better, and it felt so right. He left on a Friday and on that Sunday, he came back and met my parents.

I knew that God had totally answered all my prayers, when I was with Steve, it was right. We have continued to talk on the phone and see as much of each other as we can, and on Valentines Day this year, Steve got down on his knee, and proposed to me and my daughter.

We are getting married on August 28th of this year.

We just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to be able to meet Christians online.

Meredith-prism811 {Manitoba} & Steve February 2004

 I met the most amazing man at  


I had just met with seven women and we prayed God would bring down any obstacles to our husbands' finding us. Several days after I joined, Tom emailed me.

We are discovering all the wonderful ways we are a match. We both love the nations and are entrepreneurs. We want to generate resources to help the poor and send the gospel to the nations. Things are moving very fast and we're confident that we're a match made by God Himself.


I became a member here approximately 1.5 years ago. During that time I have chatted with a lot of women around the world. I have met 3 of them. Recently I met the 3rd woman of those three and she is the most amazing woman I have ever met.

The match between us is so profound that it transcends the English language. We continue to regularly astonish each other by who we are. I am so grateful to God for the blessing that he has given me in godsgirl664 (Jana).

I am so wonderfully blessed by her each day. The first time we met we were so richly blessed by each other that long-awaited healing flowed into each of our hearts.

Each day we rejoice and pray and share and discover each other. Each day we learn about more ways that we complement each other and strengthen each other. She is sweet, Godly, patient, caring, kind, feminine and loving.

Thank you again for playing such an important role in bringing us together.

Jana-godsgirl664 {Virginia} and Tom-tesh570 {Massachusetts} February 2004

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