Christian Testimony - January 2004

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 With the help of I was able to find and meet my true love soulmate.  

A pretty woman smiles excitedly as she hugs a very blessed man

Bart and Sandy have been blessed to find each other!

We have such strong feelings for each other, besides similar interests and even think the same thing at the same time.

We have been blessed, and brought together through prayer, hope, and We look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Thanks again, and for those looking for their other half you'll find her/him in this quality website for quality God-loving Christian people.

Bart-donbart527 & Sandy January 2004

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 We wish to express our profound gratitude and inexplicable appreciation to for making our dream come true.  

A woman holding a beautiful flower smiles outdoors with her new man

Daniel travelled across the globe to meet his dream woman, Audrone

A smartly dressed couple lean in for a cuddle

Date night for Daniel and Audrone!

A man hugs a woman from behind near a waterfall

Love bridged the longest ocean for Daniel and Audrone

I saw Audrone's photo and read her profile. Then I sent a message and she replied.

8 months later I left Nigeria to meet my dream woman in Lithuania and two months after we saw each other face to face we got married.

We are together putting this mail and we want to let the world know that Love is a bridge over the longest ocean. Thank you for being the instrument God used to sweeten our lives.

Daniel {Nigeria} & Audrone-smile694 {Lithuania} January 2004

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 May God Bless your ministry as He has blessed my husband and I through your ministry.  

Beach wedding for this Christian couple who smile together

David and Shanon, truly happy and blessed beyond measure!

I found your site while visiting another Christian site to read an article "Embracing your singleness".

I had decided maybe a husband and children were not what God wanted for me. After reading that article I went to your site and signed up. (I was willing to accept singleness, but was also going to help in any way I could for the "family plan.")

My new husband David (then of Florida) started emailing me on your site in March. After a little over a week we started talking on the phone.

Thank God for unlimited night & weekend plans along with free long distance. We talked for hours on end every day. We did Bible studies and prayed together on the phone.

David flew up here to Indy in April and we drove to Wisconsin together to meet my parents. We were married on Anastasia Island May 17th.

We just built a home here in Indy and move in on December 31st.

We are truly happy and Blessed beyond measure. (No baby, yet, but God's timing is perfect and we decided He is probably waiting for us to move into the new house before we get pregnant.) In His Arms,

David {Florida} and Shanon {Indiana} January 2004

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 I met an amazing Christian guy on in July!  

English Christian singles pose in the garden looking very happy together

Rachel never expected to fall in love but look at that smile after meeting her fiance, Grant!

After many hours chatting on the Internet, phone, and meeting each other face to face, he moved to live in my town in October.

We love each other very much and are feeling sure that God has bought us together. It's awesome how He can work, even through the Internet!

I was on because of a casual comment a friend had made about maybe finding a man on the Internet! I thought I'd check out a couple of Christian dating websites, but never actually expected to find someone whom I'd fall in love with!

Grant and I are so excited about the prospect of being together forever and doing God's work, which is the most important thing to us both.

So, to Grant - I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life. You are sooooo special and I love you more and more each day. Thank you for being my man!

And to God - thank you for your love for me and plan for my life and the way you are working it out. Thank you for blessing me with a gorgeous, caring man who loves you as much as I do.

And thank you to for all you do and making it possible for me to meet Grant! I'll always be grateful to you!

Update!!! We got engaged on Christmas Day and are planning to get married in October. Here is a picture of us on Boxing Day. May God bless you and all who are a part of

Grant {England} & Rachel-Rach586 {England} January 2004

 Owen calls me his "rib" saying that he knows God designed me especially for him, and him especially for me, like Adam and Eve.  

A man gleefully hugs his new Christian fiancee

A very happy Owen hugging his new fiancee, Amber

Man proposes outdoors on one knee

Owen proposes to Amber!

Hi! My name's Amber, and I met Owen on the Cafe, and we're engaged! When we finally met we knew it was God's will.

We got engaged two weeks after we met in person! After getting to know each other for so long on and then through email, we felt like we'd known each other our whole lives.

Enclosed is a picture of Owen proposing at a Christmas tree farm on the 7th of December in front of my family and about 150 people! It was my dream proposal and he is definitely a gift from God.

We are so in love and we can't wait to get married on June 26 this year!!

Thanks! In His grip, Amber and Owen (soon to be Mr. & Mrs.)

Amber-palominoangel627 {Ontario} & Owen {Ontario} January 2004

 It was through I found the woman that I was destined to marry on 16th August.  

A proud Christian man hugs his wife

Luke and his wife are happily married :)

She is a wonderful woman, who puts God first than me. We are happily married. Keep up your good work.

May God bless

Luke January 2004

 We have such strong feelings for each other, besides similar interests and even think the same thing at the same time.  

Christian couple wed in Valley of Fire state park

Tom and Sandra found their other half :)

Thank you to for giving us the opportunity to meet. Tim and I were married this past week in the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada.

We have been blessed, and brought together through prayer, hope, and We look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Thanks again, and for those looking for their other half you'll find her/him in this quality website for quality God-loving Christian people.

Tim & Sandra-**storyteller632 {New York} January 2004

[Editor's note: The ** in **storyteller632 mean that Sandra moderates a Discussion Group in a Chat Room - thank you Sandra!]

 Look at what the Lord has done.  

A beautiful Christian woman looks very pleased to be sitting on the couch with a handsome man

Don't David and Donna look so happy to be engaged!

Greetings in the Mighty Matchless Name of Jesus. In August 2003 I was contacted by, notifying me of the interest of another member (dnfbda203) to purchase a three month membership for me.

This was after that same member had tried relentlessly to get my attention by sending me mail. All his letters were to no avail.

I accepted the proposal, and that was the start of complete happiness for David and I. We started communicating immediately, and within days the telephones were ringing and ringing and ringing.

We talked and talked to the point where we were confident enough about each other's genuineness. We mutually agreed that the time was right to take things to another level.

David followed his heart and visited me in October and proved that all I was saying to him was 'true to form' and authentic. We had a wonderful time together.

The communication increased even before he got back to his country (Bermuda). He was calling me from the aeroplane, from the hotel room in New York (where he overnighted), and the moment he touched down in Bermuda.

I have in turn visited his country, meeting his family who also wrapped themselves around me and made me feel very much at home, away from home. It seems that every situation and circumstance we have experienced in our lives apart, have prepared us to interact with each other. Everything seems to be flowing, even times of misunderstandings.

On December 11th, and for my 30th Birthday, David proposed to me in the presence of his mother.

This, indeed, is the happiest moment of our lives and we wish to thank God for working through and using them to bring us together, because only He could have done it so well. We also wish that other single Christians step out in Faith and follow their heart. "WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE HIM."

On June 5th, 2004, we will be exchanging our vows in Barbados. Thank You God. Thank you

David-dnfbda203 {Bermuda} & Donna-simplycharming328 {Barbados} January 2004

 We have made the choice to raise the bar to His standards, not compromising to the trends of the world.  

Blended Christian family on a hike in the forest

A happy Jim and Marilyn with their equally happy-for-them daughters!

We wanted to send our thanks once again to you for doing such a wonderful job at bringing God's people together. We began corresponding on in January 2001 and met in February 2001. In October 2001 we began our courtship towards marriage, and the proposal took place in February 2002. We married in June 2002.

As we celebrate Christmas together as a married couple and family, we want to continue to encourage others to wait on God and do things the "right" way. Take your time, pray, wait and seek His will. All things will be beautiful in His time. Blessings come to those who wait.

Our relationship has become a living example to our daughters and others of the proper way a man and woman should begin a relationship with honor and dignity and continue those qualities into a covenant relationship.

Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to meet in a special and unique way. Your ministry is precious and priceless.

Jim-sycamore675 & Marilyn-indi276 January 2004

[Editor's note: See January 2003 testimonial, July 2005 testimonial and Feb 2006 testimonial for their other submissions.]

 We are really happy and feel so much that we were led by the Lord to find each other through this venue which might be considered "risky" by some our ages.  

We met on on October 4, 2001. I lived in Burlington, Ontario and Gerald lived in Woodstock - I now live in Woodstock and enjoy it so much. I was a widow and Gerald, a widower, and we were both ready to move on with our own lives.

Today I had the privilege of "plugging" on The John Moore Show on CFRB. He was doing a program on internet dating. I particularly highlighted the two-page profile that you should complete as probably one of the first steps in finding out the genuineness of those who are using this site.

Your membership has definitely increased since we were "on-line" and your testimonials are so encouraging. Thanks for starting a new venture that is bringing joy to many.

By the way, Gerald is the father of Brenda, a friend of Sam's [ President] and he wishes to say congratulations to you, Sam, and to your wife.

Carol {Ontario} & Gerald {Ontario} January 2004

[Editor's note: See November 2003 testimonial to read about Sam's recent marriage to his new bride, Polly. Brenda is the woman Sam met via the Internet who introduced him to Polly.]

 We 'met' on the Cafe almost two years ago, met as friends about 6 months after that (he's in America, I'm in Australia), and had our socks knocked off by each other.  

I am in a very happy, albeit long-distance relationship with a man I met on This friendship has grown into a loving, challenging, maturing, fun, Godly partnership.

We don't know yet what the future holds but the present is certainly interesting!

Dani-dani457 {Australia} January 2004

 I have been on many single websites but I think is just great!  

It's easy and very user friendly. The part I love the most is that it's Christian based.

Whoever designed this website, my hat goes off to you!

Latina-latinaprincess394 {New York} January 2004

 We are so happy and excited.  

I just wanted to share good news. I met a wonderful Christian man on 3 months back. We got engaged one day after Thanksgiving.

We are getting married in spring. Thank you so much for your wonderful web site. It is a blessing to many.

I never dreamed that it would happen this soon. God bless you. I appreciate all your services.

Kathleen-hadasa249 {Maryland} & kc885 {Pennsylvania} January 2004

 I will never forget the day I logged onto  

With certainty I knew I would find what I was looking for on I was right

I am currently very happy dating Conny. We have been dating for several months and things are going very well. Thank you.

Brian-agreatdateforu788 {Ontario} & Conny-angeline798 {Ontario} January 2004

 I have to thank you for your wonderful site which let me meet my fiancee.  

I tell lots of people about your great site. We are to be married in April, so I will not continue with my profile online. We met here on

Then we corresponded for several months getting to know each other very well. We first became firm friends, then held back because it all seemed too good to be true.

God intervened and asked me why I was delaying my blessings. I realized He was referring to Esther, so I courted her and we soon were engaged.

Praise God. We are so much in love. We have discovered our soulmate, each the other. I can't thank you enough!

Neavei-wheels490 {Queensland} & Esther {Australia} January 2004

 God used to fulfill my life.  

My wife and I met on the 17th of Feb last year through and I have been very happily married since the 31st of May 2003.

Rod January 2004

 I find at you are always blessed, whether you are on the site for a day or for a year.  

It is the best social connection for Christian singles on the web, in my opinion.

I have been a member of other Christian Singles sites and I always come back to The people here are great, and if you want features, has everything.

It is also one of the better run sites on the web, and here, you're never at a loss for information.

I'd recommend this site to anyone wanting to make a friend or have a marriage partner. It is truly the best!

Stephanie-keyla575 {Manitoba} January 2004

 I will not need the service anymore.  

I have met a very nice woman. I want to thank you for the excellent service your site has given me. I would recommend your service to every single good Christian I know.

I have been praying to meet a wonderful Christian woman that is equally yoked with me. The Lord Jesus has truly blessed me. The Lord gave us His Son to save us from the sin of the world, and He gave me a wonderful Godly woman. Thank you again.

Kent-jcfirst342 {California} January 2004

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