Christian Testimony - February 2006

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  My wife and I met because of your site and we are eternally grateful.  

Amy holds JT while her husband beams with joy

A very proud Andy and Amy with "Cafe Baby" JT!

A great friend of mine told me about your website. I purchased a membership, posted a profile and began to browse the profiles of single ladies in my state. Well one of the ladies happened to be my future bride!

I sent inquiries to a few of the single women who had the same interests and beliefs I did. By the Grace of God I happened upon Amy's profile. We conversed for a few months through email, only friendly chat, with no immediate plans or romantic intentions.

One fateful day close to Christmas, Amy decided to send me a card through traditional mail. At this time we had not even spoken to each other on the phone. After Amy had already put the card in the mailbox to be picked up, she decided to include her phone number in case I wanted to talk to someone at what was going to be a lonely time for me. So she went to the trouble of having to open up the card and changing envelopes just so I might have someone friendly to talk with. Needless to say, we spoke with each other, met and as they say, the rest is history. We were married in February 2002.

On July 25th 2003, Amy and I were blessed with a son, JT!

I have set up a link to on my personal web site because I want the world to know how much we appreciate your site. Thanks again.

Andy & Amy February 2006

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 Ours is another amazing story of two people coming together from different sides of the world.  

Married couple cuddle close together

Jon with Kellie, the One who made his dreams come true!

A man leans in to his beautiful new bride in this outdoor photo

A very happy Jon and Kellie on their wedding day

Jon grew up in the USA and I (Kellie) was in Australia.

After a difficult long distance relationship with many long phone calls and expensive trips across the world, we became engaged in February 2005 and were married September 24 in Australia with my family and friends and then again in October in front of Jon's family and friends here in the USA.

We now live here and are so happy together. Thank you to for uniting two people from very different lifestyles across the waves.

God is so good to have chosen Jon for me, he is more than I dreamed and everything I desired.

Thanks heaps! You helped me find the One who made my dreams come true!

Jon-guitarplayingguy483 {Pennsylvania} & Kellie {Queensland, Australia} February 2006

[Editor's note: See March 2005 testimonial, January 2009 testimonial for "Cafe Baby" Jamie's arrival, October 2012 for "Cafe Baby" Kaden's arrival, April 2017 for the announcement of "Cafe Baby" Arielle Sarai and September 2020 for "Cafe Baby" Eleah Rose!]

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 I had about given up the idea of finding the right woman.  

Dancing together in the living room

Nick persevered and found his true love, Donna!

Nice holds his bride Donna

Nick and Donna's "last shot at romance" worked out very well!

I had knocked around the secular sites for about that long, never realizing that a Christian dating site even existed.

Thanks to God, on one of those sites I saw a link to

Within a few weeks, I met Donna in Turns out, it was sort of the "last shot" either one of us was willing to give to online dating. And there she was!

I had been praying for a long time, asking God what he wanted me to do. He used you to bring Donna to me, and me to her. And we've never been happier. We were married on December 30th, and look forward to a happy life together thanks to God, and

Thanks so much. You are truly an oasis in a desert of disappointment.

Nick-texasgator802 {Texas} & Donna February 2006

 Thank you for helping God lead us together!  

Indiana Christian single looks very pleased as he puts his arm around a pretty woman

Phil and Jamie are overwhelmed with finding each other

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the excitement God has blessed us with thanks to

Phillip traveled a lot and was a member for quite a while, making friends so he would have people to talk to during his travels. The first day I was on he emailed me to say hi. We chatted for about two weeks before meeting and within a month were engaged!

Phil leaves for the Air Force in July and I will follow him, as this is what the Lord has shown us to be His will for our lives. We will be getting married June 3 of this year and are overwhelmed with joy for the adventures God has in store for us!

Phil-philsteffen370 {Indiana} & Jamie-jamiedoll100 February 2006

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 Thank you for another year together.  

Jim and Marilyn with girls at sunset

Jim and Marilyn are so happy to share their successful story!

It is with great pleasure that we write to you again this year, thankful that your service brought us together.

We continue to encourage other singles to use your site and allow God to have His perfect work in them. As we have told you before, allowed us to be very specific as to the type of person, values, and relationship we desired.

The email platform provided a comfortable and "safe" place for us to begin our communication with each other. After writing for five weeks, we had our first date, on February 13, 2001.

We then continued to write and stayed in contact by telephone until our second date in April of that year. By October of 2001 we mutually agreed to cancel our subscriptions and to see each other exclusively. We were engaged in February 2002 and married in June 2002.

For those of you who are in a hurry, we say Take Your Time. Work around each other's schedule and truly get to know each other.

We are so happy to share our success with you. Our relationship continues to be an example to our daughters as well as to other adults. This year we celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

Thank you,, for being His match maker.

Jim-sycamore675 & Marilyn-indi276 February 2006

[Editor's note: See January 2003 testimonial, January 2004 testimonial and July 2005 testimonial for their other posts.]

 The Lord has used to bring us together.  

Steve with his success, Rebecca

Steve thanks God for his great gift, Rebecca

Rebecca and I met on in December 2004. I immediately knew that something was different about this woman.

She was a woman after God's own heart and was seeking what I was seeking, a Godly relationship. We both struggled in the past doing things our way instead of God's way. When we finally let go and let God, we were united miraculously through your site. When I finally gave up, there she was.

I had been on the Cafe previously, like Rebecca, with little success. I felt a nudging by God to take advantage of coming back for one week. I didn't even make day two when I met Rebecca. We started out with long emails and chatting with each other to all night phone calls. These eventually became trips back and forth from Florida to Iowa. Rebecca and I both know that our relationship is God breathed and God centered. Our relationship is built on the solid rock, Jesus Christ. That is why it is so easy and great!

We were married by my father October 15, 2005 in Minnesota. I can honestly say that that was the happiest day of my life! Thanks for allowing us to meet through Christian Cafe.

We are currently commuting back and forth from Florida and Iowa. Eventually, we plan on settling down together in Florida.

My advice to you is this, be patient, God might not be finished working on your future husband or wife yet. I learned that when Steve works, it is just work. When God works through Steve, good things happen. Thanks be to God for giving me this great gift! I will end with this, keep your eyes on Jesus, he will do more than you can imagine.

Steve-TallSteve989 {Iowa} & Rebecca-Luvsgod815 {Florida} February 2006

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 No one can believe we met on the Internet because we are a "match made in heaven."  

Akilah holds tightly to her Christian match who hugs her from behind

Akilah and Rahsaan are a match made in heaven

Rahsaan and I met on in July 2003. I lived on the west coast and Rahsaan lived on the east coast. We met up in California 2 months after our meeting on the site.

Everyone thought we were crazy for meeting on the Internet and I have to admit it was a risk, but we only live once and why not go for it! For me, it was love at first sight.

We were married exactly 2 years later, reside in Atlanta, Georgia and have a baby on the way. The baby is due around the same time of year we met and married. has been a blessing! I recommend this Christian site to mostly all of my Christian friends.

Akilah-sabah497 (California) & Rahsaan February 2006

 Another marriage in God's Will.  

Beautiful water in background for these lucky newlyweds

Victorita was the woman made for Jim

Dear friends, we would like to share a wonderful testimonial concerning my wife and I and how helped us meet each other and get married, with God's help of course.

We met in the Cafe in January 2005 and every day wrote each other, until I finally flew to Romania to marry my Christian honey on April 10, 2006.

I want to thank God who used to help me find the woman that was meant for me. I thank God every day for His grace helping me find my helpmeet, my true love. God has shown He can truly use to make His will be done, as we are a testimony for our family, friends and to those at the Cafe.

Jim-mouse437 {Illinois} & Victorita-agape322 {Romania} February 2006

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 Getting married because of!  

Kristi jumps on Dave

Kristi never thought she would find a love like Dave

My fiance, Dave, and I met because of it and we are both eternally grateful. I cannot imagine life without him. He is my very breath, my every heartbeat. I know he feels the same, he expresses it all the time. =)

We met on July 15th, 2005 and are getting married this July 15th, 2006. We hit it off right away and we both knew we were supposed to be together within a month or so. We feel that God really worked through your site to cause us to meet and marry.

I never thought I would find a love like this one. Just weeks before I met Dave, I thought I was going to be single forever. I thought I would give one more try before giving up, and that's when I met Dave.

I was actually writing him on this site for a couple weeks in April of 2005, but he was planning to move to North Carolina (we are from California) and I just did not want to go that far. We lost touch and then in late June, early July, I saw him back online on your site and we started up again. He ended up not moving (God had a hand in that one!) and we ended up meeting.

Thank you so much for your site! It has made all this love possible. We owe ya big!

Dave {California} & Kristi-callie932 {California} February 2006

 This experience of meeting my wife through has reinforced the fact that God is Sovereign and in control of everything in His creation.  

A new bride and groom look very comfortable together. American single meets woman in Malaysia

Each day since Tim met Sue has been more incredible than the last

Summary: A church member recommends to me in early 2004 after he finds his wife through the site. I try the Cafe out in mid-2004, meet Sue here in October 2004. We have email and phone correspondence through April 2005, at which time we have our first face-to-face meeting.

God can and will use the Internet to bring about His purposes perfectly. I do hope that my experience of how God used this Internet service to reveal my wife to me will be of some encouragement to you. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you!

Each day since I met my wife through this service has been more INCREDIBLE than the last. I can heartily recommend

I encourage folks who try to be realistic in their expectations, honest/true/prudent in their correspondence, and courteous most of all. Thanks, once again.

Tim-twill667 {Ohio} & Sue-daffodil697 {Malaysia} February 2006

[Editor's note: See December 2020 to read their update 14 years later!]

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 Married a year now!  

So happy together. Newlywed Christians cuddle

Don't Sarah and Jeremy look happy on their wedding day!

I know the Lord led me to, because I met the man God intended for me. God is so good!

I'm thankful to God for using to introduce me to Jeremy in November 2003. We married in February 2005 and we celebrate our first anniversary this month!

Sarah-oath506 & Jeremy February 2006

 Please unsubscribe, we found Love on your site!  

Tower Bridge vacation for Christian couple

Tina and her husband by the Thames in London

A man looks very pleased and proud to hold his bride's arm

Don't they make a great couple!

Thank you so much for My husband and I were both members on your site. We married in August 2005, and we celebrate 6 months of marriage this month!

We could not have asked for a better site to bring us together. Thank you so much. God has really blessed our lives.

Tina-t455 {California} February 2006

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 With God in your life everything is possible.  

I met my wife to be, Pat, on this website. We first emailed each other May 10, 2004 and subsequently met June 12, 2004. It has been God's heaven for both of us since. We're getting married March 4, 2006.

I have to admit, I had tried [another dating site] and [another dating site] with no luck. I finally prayed about what "I" was trying to do and realized I needed to turn this over to God. It was the only thing to do. It just goes to show, if God knows who you're to be with than it makes logical sense to seek, find and have God in your life. I did this and wow, God is so awesome.

On top of this we live close to 400 miles apart. Pat's near Tampa, Florida and I'm across the bay from Mobile, Alabama. I want to thank for being God's instrument in bringing Pat and I together.

A note to all, 1 + 1 = 3, you might ask how this can be, well the plus sign is actually a cross!

Have a God kissed day and again, "THANK YOU"!

Randy-malbisdad720 {Alabama} & Pat-browneyedgirl {Florida} February 2006

 I would just like to thank for their fantastic website. I met my NOW Boyfriend here April 2004.  

We met April 30th, and have been together ever since. We have talked about Marriage, we are both very keen to bring our lives together as Husband and Wife, but I told Ian I wouldn't marry him till I lose 20 kilos hehe. He said he loves me the way I am, he fell in love with my heart.

I do love him for his heart and his unconditional love and caring, he has supported me 100% through some tough times I have had in my life and I love him deeply. I have five children of my own and he accepts them too unconditionally.

My prayer was that the Lord give me the man HE wants me to have, not the man I desire, but please allow me to desire the man HE gives to me! Plain and simple and it worked.

Ian is a wonderful man, he has one little boy 4 years old whom I love too with all my heart. My kids think that Ian is a great man and they can see he loves me too. It's a huge task we are undertaking but I know in my heart that this is what Our Lord wants for us, so with His support and guidance, we will succeed and triumph in His name.

Once again, thank you. We will endeavour to keep you all up to date with photos of our wedding in the future (no date is set).

Karen-kazzplusfive627 {Australia} & Ian {Australia} February 2006

  I was just really looking for friends to chat to and that was it. Well so I thought!  

I checked out in early 2005. I was curious and thought it would be neat to chat to other Christians around the world.

In May 2005 I met a wonderful Christian man on your site, and we struck up a friendship. We were both in our 40's and seemed to have a fair bit in common.

Anthony was in another State of Australia, so we caught up via email, sms and phone calls. The calls became many times a week and after 3 1/2 months he asked could he fly over to meet me. We had a lovely weekend. We were both sooooo nervous, but enjoyed each other's company.

Anthony went away overseas for 2 months and we kept in contact all over the world! We spent Christmas together in 2005 and time in both States, meeting each other's family. I have 3 sons and a daughter. Anthony has 3 daughters and a son. 6 are adults.

On New Years Eve Anthony proposed to me in a very special and romantic setting . He said take as long as I wanted to answer. The next morning I said yes!

We still live in different States for now. We visit each other as often as possible. We have been together for the last 5 weekends! Anthony is planning on relocating to Adelaide in God's perfect timing and we will be married in 2 to 3 years. God has a plan and He is able to make that plan come to pass.

We are very much in love and excited about our future. Neither one of us was "looking" for a partner when God brought us together.

Thank you to for enabling God to use modern technology to connect people to see their destiny fulfilled together.

Sharon {South Australia} & Anthony {Australia} February 2006

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